Thursday, September 30, 2010

Coffee House Used in the Scene of Japan Drama

I love to watch Japan Drama. One of my favorite Japan dramas is “Yasashii Jikan”. The scene was taken in couple of small coffee shop located in Hokkaido. That’s a location where you’ll experience summer, winter, autumn and spring. Take a look at the video and imagine if you’re able to have coffee in this coffee house from autumn to winter. The best part of this coffee house is the location where it situated in the forest. The windows of the coffee shop are extremely large as you can enjoy the scenery outside. Especially during autumn and winter, the brown color leaves and the white snow are the best scenes you get. These beautiful scenes are best enjoyed with a nice cup of coffee. If you have a chance to go Japan and Hokkaido, find the coffee house. You won’t regret it.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Coffee Prince is not about Coffee

This Coffee Prince is not about coffee. It's about the love story, the cute girls and handsome boys. 

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Write and prepare Resume with Emurse

Emurse is a website that I found which enable users to built and create resume. The website allows users to create, share and store resume free online. Users can built an online identity and send out resume by just a click. Emurse also acts as a job seeker that helps users to identify suitable open position. It’s a simple website that basically helps users to find a better job. Please check out the resources section as there is lots of valuable information available especially for fresh graduate who just started looking for job.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Save Money using Free Printable Retail Stores Coupons

One way to reduce the money you spend on groceries is to use discounts coupons. Here’s a website call Wow Coupons which provides free printable retails stores coupons. You may print out the coupons of your favorite major retail stores and go shopping. You don’t have to sign up or wait for the coupons arrive at your mailbox. You can just print these free coupons right at your home using your printer and bring it to the shops. Some of the popular stores are Wal-Mart, Kohls, Verizon Wireless, Macys, Sears, Toys R Us and many more. Check out the FREE coupons that you can use before going shopping or grocery and you might save few hundred dollars a month.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

What is your favorite type of Coffee?

According to an article “Your choice in coffee says much about you”, it seems the choice of you coffee can explain some of your personality. True or not, you decide. Below are the types of coffee the article uses.

  • Espresso
  • Black Coffee
  • Latte
  • Cappuccino
  • Instant Coffee
  • Frappuccino
  • Decaf soy milk
  • Non coffee drinker

P/S: I’m a black coffee drinker. How about you?

Friday, September 24, 2010

McAfee on Secure URL Shortener

Recognized this logo? That’s one of the popular antivirus programs McAfee. It seems that McAfee has a service call Secure URL Shortener. The website is still in Beta progress but you are still able to create a short URL from the website. I think the purpose of this website is to create URL shortener which is safe to use. Perhaps there are just too many people using URL shortener to promote website that contains virus. Although Secure URL Shortener is a free service, all URL crated will carry a frame which display McAfee. Given that this is a free service which gives safety URL, a small advertisement display in the frame is a fair trade.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Free Blogger Templates from Deluxe Templates

You can find lots of FREE Blogger templates at Deluxe Templates from one column layout to three column layout. Although the designs are simple but each of the templates is unique. You can try the live demo to see the actually effects of the templates before downloading them. If you have no idea on which templates to select, check out the most downloaded templates section. The most popular downloaded templates should be the best looking templates available. If you decided to use these FREE templates, it’s better to edit the design a bit so that it won’t look alike as many people are using them too. Check out the blogger tutorials and FAQs section if you have trouble installing the FREE Blogger template. There are also lots of tips and guides available too on making your Blogger blog better. Some of the tips and guides are how to install forum, favicon and contact form.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Less Than 24 hours to Download Streaming Video Recorder for FREE

You have less than 24 hours to download Aiseesoft Streaming Video Recorder for FREE. Actually you have only 18 hours and 30 minutes left to download this software for FREE right after this post is release. Basically this software is able to capture videos from YouTube, Google Video, Yahoo Video and many other online video streaming website and convert them into formats like MP4, AVI, FLAC, VOB and many more. This software also has a build in video player which enable user to watch video online or downloaded video. User may also capture snapshots and save it as JPEG, BMP or GIF. If you’re always working and dealing with online streaming video, perhaps this is the time for you to get this software for FREE. By the way Aiseesoft Streaming Video Recorder cost $28.00 after 24 hours.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Extra Double Shot Strong Coffee for the Night

When I’m rushing for my work later at night, coffee is all I want for company. It helps me awake and focus on my work. No doubt extra strong coffee will be good. Whenever I’m going through this situation, my parents will start calling me an owl, an owl with lots of coffee.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Vacuum Coffee Maker and the Coffee

According to Wikipedia the free encyclopedia online, “A vacuum coffee maker brews coffee using two chambers where vapor pressure and vacuum produce coffee which is clean, crisp, rich and smooth compared to other brewing method.” Is this really true? I love coffee. I search for a good cup of coffee where ever I go. A $10 cup of coffee or a $2 cup of coffee, it doesn’t matter as long as it tastes good. Honestly I don’t think a good cup of coffee is determined by the price. Some coffee can taste as bad even at a high price. A good cup of coffee can also be found right at any coffee house as long as all the condition of brewing good coffee met. So what’s so special about coffee that brews from a vacuum coffee maker? I think it also call Siphon coffee. I never try it before and I’m hoping to find a coffee shop that makes Siphon coffee. If you’re a coffee lover and have tried Siphon coffee, please suggest your favorite coffee shop so that I can pay a visit. It will be nice if such a coffee shop is available in Singapore.

P/S: Once I’ve experience and get a taste of Siphon coffee, I’ll let you know if it’s worth all the effort or not. As a coffee lover, definitely have to try our Siphon coffee.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Protect yourself when going for a job interview

When we go for a job interview, we tend to have a mindset to do whatever it takes to get the job interview success. Especially when we desperately need the job to cover debts and feed the family, we’ll say yes and take up any challenge. If you’re looking for a job and it’s the first time that you’re going for a job interview, you need to read this. According to an article from Yahoo Finance title “8 things employers aren’t allowed to ask you”, there are questions that consider personal and have nothing to do with the job. Below is the list of 8 questions.

  1. How old are you?
  2. Are you married?
  3. Are you a US citizen?
  4. Do you have any disabilities?
  5. Do you take drugs, smoke or drink?
  6. What religion do you practice?
  7. What is your race?
  8. Are you pregnant?

We know that employers want to know if our personal life affected our work performance or has a negative impact to our work. But still that’s not the reason to reject employment. We have to know our rights as an employee. Discrimination often took place all around us. Sadly not all cases are reported.

P/S: Although those are question that employers shouldn’t ask, you’ll find that many of them still ask. If they do, it’s better to find out why the question is asked. Sometimes it might just for the good intention for the employees’ health and benefits. At the end of the day, you’re not just trying to get a job but a working environment that suits you. It’s for your own sake.

Monday, September 13, 2010

The coffee looks just like beer...Nice

Coffee looks just like beer. That's just like mixing work with entertainment. I suppose that's the most enjoyable drinks that we can have. Mmmm...maybe somebody should create coffee beer.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Free Activate PDF to Word until 16th September

PDF to Word 3.0 was launched lately. For those of you that constantly converting PDF file to Word file, this is your chance to get a free activation code for this software. PDF to Word 3.0 application supports graphic objects such as line, curve and rectangle. It also preserves tables in PDF documents. Best of all it works fast in converting the files. This application is very useful for those trying to convert PDF file to word file for work. Nowadays lots of information are store and kept in PDF format so that users can’t make any changes or edit. Once you’re able to convert PDF file to word file, you can make any changes as you like. Please note that the FREE activation promotion expired on Sept 16th 2010. All you have to do is submit your email. The keycode and registration information will be sent to you along with the download URL.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

How Much Salary Should You get for your Job?

Economic is down, market is unpredictable and companies are tighten budget. For most people, it is considered to be good or lucky to be able to keep their current job. No doubt there is a big fluctuation of jobs around the world. Some jobs that used to be hot and highly demanded might not be as attractive as it used to be. Lots of new jobs and positions are on the rise depending on the location and market. There are lots of changes took place currently. One thing for sure, we learn that there is no absolute stable or safe jobs that we can work forever. Depending on the situation and market change, certain jobs can be outdated or lost in just a short period of time. In order to counter for the changes, we as an employee must keep on learning and update ourselves to cater for the change of work tasks. Relaying on just one single skill might just be too risky. The most common example that we experience is that careers we used to dream of when we were kids might not be as demanded as it used to be right after we graduated. Some jobs are just good and demanded only for a certain period of time.

    Given the situation job market right now, is it possible for us to ask for high salary? I suppose it depends on facts like your education level, company size, experience, location and the job market. If you’re trying to get the best deal of salary offered by company, perhaps you might want to check out this article call “Salary Secrets Your Employer Doesn’t Want You to Know”.  According to the article, there are certain points that you need to take note if you want to get a higher salary.

Employers don’t always offer a fair salary.
Well, I don’t think the word fair existed in employee’s dictionary when it comes to the issue of salary. There are 3 words that employees categorize the amount of salary given. They are “low”, “High” and “Enough to survive”. Obviously employees will only choose “High” or “Enough to survive”. Besides only employers mention the word fair salary, didn’t you realize?

You can negotiate your salary in a tight job market.
This depends on your boss and the company. As long as the company can afford it and you’re good in your job, there’s no reason why you can’t negotiate your salary. Besides the worst thing that you’ll get is just the word “Sorry” or “No”. After that just get back to work and wait for another right time to bring out the same topic again.

New hires sometimes earn more than long term employees.
I think this is the reason why employees are advice not to discuss their salary among each other.

Your performance doesn’t decide your pay
Well, I think employers will make you think it does but it’s not. As for all other reasons and factors which employers give to justified your salary, it’s still considering an excuse. The only way a company can maximize profits is minimize salary payout. So the only thing or shall I say the only person that decide your pay is your boss or the company. It’s just the matter of willingness.

    At the end of the day everything is business even between employer and employee. Employee is selling service and their time. Employer is buying services and work force. You need to be a good negotiator if you want a higher salary. Strictly speaking we are not working for company. We are actually working for ourselves.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Healthy Beverage other then Coffee

Coffee is my favorite, especially black coffee. As we all need to drink lots of water every day, coffee might not always my only choice. Having 1~2 cups of coffee per day is just nice. 6~7 cups of coffee per day is just too much. As we need to drink at least 6~7 cups of water per day, we can try other beverage besides coffee or just plain water. According to an article from Yahoo Health Title: Tired of Water? Read This!, 7 healthy beverages are introduce other then coffee.

  • Orange Juice – guards against heart disease.
  • Chamomile tea – keeps you calm.
  • Cranberry juice – prevent gum disease and urinary tract infections.
  • Chocolate milk – keeps abs flat.
  • Green tea – keeps weight steady.
  • Tomato Juice – lower cancer risk.
  • Black tea – helps fend off skin cancer.

Although I’m not so convincing with the results claim but those are definitely healthy beverages. Besides having just coffee and plain water, we could try to include the above beverages into our daily life. Take me as an example, I drink a cup of plain water immediately right after wake up. That’s to flush off things and cleans up my internals. My second cup of drinks will definitely coffee. That’s to wake me up and starts my engine for work. Once I finish my coffee, I’ll go for a cup of green tea right before lunch. I like the smooth and comfortable feeling of green tea because it keeps me away from coughing. During lunch I will either go for orange juice or another cup of coffee depending on my condition. Well, most of the time I’ll go for coffee if I have lots of work and I’m feeling a bit sleepy or tired. Afternoon tea time definitely will go for a cup of black tea. That’s suitable to prepare myself for any food for dinner. As for dinner, a cup of plain water is always my choice. Right before bed time I might consider a cup of chocolate milk. It helps fill up the gap when I’m having too little during dinner time.

    That’s basically how I enjoy my 7 cups of beverages. Although I did not cover all 7 healthy beverages listed above, but I coved 4 and that’s good enough. Once I’m getting bored with the drinks, I can switch to chamomile tea, cranberry juice and tomato juice. Perhaps not tomato juice as I don’t quite like tomato. What’s your 7 cups of drinks daily like?