Friday, April 30, 2010

Interested in finding out the historical development of the vacuum coffee pot?

I found a webpage title The Historical Development of the Vacuum Coffee Pot. The site has detail explanation about coffee especially the vacuum coffee pot. There are also some pictures or drawings of the early design of vacuum coffee pot. Examples of vacuum coffee pot are Palmer’s 1786 patented coffee urn with spirit lamp, hot water jacket, and dual spigots, Petsch and Buynitzky’s 1868 coffee making apparatus, 1934 Silex patent drawing for an electric stove for vacuum coffee brewer and many more. There are lots of readings if you’re really interested in the topic of vacuum coffee pot. As for me, the drawings of the vacuum coffee pot are good enough for me. I’ll leave the reading part for you.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Car loves coffee too, I think

I stumbled upon an interesting picture where the car is powered by coffee. I’m not sure if this design works or not, but I doubt it. What if we are able to replace car petrol with coffee? What will happen? If this happens, it will be interesting. But then I for sure will not let it happen. That’s because when car is having coffee just like us, the price of coffee will shoots up. We might need to pay hundred dollars just for a cup of black coffee. Not to mention, when cars start to consume coffee, all other transportation will starts consuming it. When that day comes, cars will be having more coffee than we do. That I suppose that is a nightmare for coffee lovers.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Adding Calories to Coffee

This is for those coffee lovers who take calories a big deal. I suppose a cup of coffee per day won’t be much but than if you have lots of little calories here and there, it really does add up to a big number.

Friday, April 23, 2010

I seriously need a drink RIGHT NOW… Syphon coffee of cause

I want to try Syphon coffee. Judging from the way Syphon coffee brew, I think it’s going to be an expensive cup of coffee. This video clips looks more like a science lab than a coffee counter. I suppose the art of making a fine cup of coffee is science. Having thoughts of getting a set of that Syphon coffee science lab? Mmm… I think I’ll skip the brewing part and buy myself the drinking part.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Update yourself by learning New Words

New words are created from time to time. Do you study those new words? Or do you stop learning new words right after you left school? Well, if you’re worried about not able to keep up with the new words, here’s a website that you can check out. Word Spy keeps in touch with all the new words and posts it on their website. Once in a while you may check out Word Spy to learn all those new words. You may even subscribe to their RSS feed or just follow their twitter. As for the website, I just feel like reading an encyclopedia or a dictionary. Honestly, I couldn’t look at it for more than 5 minutes. I suppose Word Spy should consider include images to make the website looks interesting and easy to understand. Still I think the citations are the best part of the website. There is just one thing that I’m concern about. Will there be any conflict between Word Spy and Wikipedia as it seems both website might be showing the same thing. As far as blogger’s concern, which ever that makes the website interesting deserve checking again and again.

Friday, April 02, 2010

High Heels High Heels…

High heels, perhaps it’s one of the greatest design for women. High heels are design to make women look beautiful as they walk. It makes the legs look longer and pushes the hips and chest out. The higher the heels, the better looking it gets. Most women start to wear high heels after graduate from schools and enter the society working life. I suppose it has become a necessary to wear high heels to work for women.

    I did try to walk on it by wearing my mom’s high heels. I have to say, it’s not as comfortable as it seen and it’s difficult to walk. Not to mention some can even run a long distance wearing high heels. I suppose either these women are very talented in wearing high heels or they just happen to have a very good pair of high heels. Check out these girls that participate in the Stiletto Run, or the so call high heel run.

    High heel is part of a very important fashion for woman but the price of wearing it is expensive. It’s not just the money that you need to pay for a good pair of high heel, but also the price of your health. Take a look at the picture above. Wearing high heels over time can cause lots of problems to the legs. It can leads to pain and numbness in the toes, osteoarthritis, heel pain, bony growth, toes bent, Haglund’s deformity, join pain in the ball of the foot and sprained or broken ankle. So does it worth wearing high heels to look beautiful and sexy? You decide.

P/S: I think you don’t have to put on high heels all the time. You just need to find time and places where you can take it off and gives the legs some rest. I suppose you can take it off when you’re sitting in the office. Just puts them back on when you walk. A smart way to wear high heels can preserve your beauty.