Monday, March 29, 2010

Can’t afford to buy Microsoft Office, try Open Office instead as an Alternative

If you cannot afford to purchase a copy of Microsoft Office, perhaps you might consider getting a free copy of Open Office. Especially if you’re a student and trying to find alternative software that is similar with Microsoft office, than you should try and take a look at Open Office. As for today, there are more than 100,000,000 downloads since version 3.0 of the software releases. Open Office is actually an open source office software suite for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, graphics, databases and many more. Open Office also available in many languages and works on all common computers. Basically it’s user friendly. The reason that I get to know about Open Office is that I was actually looking for software that enable me to read and write .pdf file. I’m actually searching for alternative software other than Adobe Acrobat. I’m trying to make my own eBook and that’s how I found Open Office. I suppose Open Office works for most people as the software performs similar to both Microsoft Office and Adobe Acrobat. Take a look at Open Office and I think you'll like it.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Secret’s Safe, really?

I happened to stumble upon a site call Secret’s Safe. It’s kind of interesting because it’s about secrets. Well, kind of. What you do at Secret’s Safe is that you enter your secret and in return you’ll see someone else secret. Sounds interesting? This is actually a simple game that plays around with the desire to know other’s secret. Everybody has secrets. Sometimes it might be good to just let it out. It’s like the story of a man shouting at the tree hole in the woods, remember the story?

P/S: Try not to reveal too much when you try this game. Keep it anonymous and don’t put in any personal identification. Who knows your secret might be reveal to the one person that you don’t want to share.

Friday, March 19, 2010

The world of caffeine

I think most of us started to consume caffeine right when we were young. When we were young, we drink coke or other soft drinks. Those already give us the kick to keep on consuming it. When we get older and started to work, coffee comes into our life. Some of us even get to know coffee earlier when being a book worm in order to get a better job, better life. No matter what, caffeine has becomes part of our life anywhere, any time. At some point caffeine helps get through life. Coffee helps to complete our work and soft drinks help to keep kids happy and sit still.

    Still caffeine is considered as a stimulant drug. Over consuming is not a good idea. Here’s a chart that I stumble upon that might help you to control coffee or soft drink consumption.

P/S: I never knew that September 29th is National Coffee day. I suppose we could celebrate that day by having 1 extra cup of coffee. It should be fine doing it once a year.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Old Wooden House in the middle of a City

When you walk down the streets of a city, any city… Did you ever encounter an old wooden house that situated right between the buildings? Something like the picture above? Perhaps that is what we call a historical property. Sounds cool? Maybe so for tourists or people that walks by. It’s more like a discovery of an ancient treasure in the modern area.

    Still a house is still a house. The only thing that matters is the people who used to stay in it, especially an old house. Don’t be surprise that some of the old house used to be a place where famous people are born. Each house has a story to tell. A story related to people, the surrounding or should I say a witness or evidence of things that happen before. We used to hear people mention “I used to play around that house when I was young…” and some might even say “I built that house 30 years ago…”

    If you’re staying in an old house like that, there comes a time that you need to fix it or even abandon it because of safety purposes. The decision normally depends on how life turns out. If you have kids and they have grown up having their own job, they might not be staying in the same old house. They might have their own new house. The question is do the old parents continue to stay in the old house or do they move to stay with their children in the new house. In most cases, the old folks will move to stay with their children and sell the old house. No doubt new house is nice to stay and more comfortable with air conditioner and other new living features. Still I think most old folks are more comfortable staying in the old house where they spend half of their life there. Perhaps this is what we call the sense of belonging.


Monday, March 15, 2010

Watch Internet TV and Live Online Television at Embed TV Web 360 player

Here’s an online television that you can take a look. There are more than thousand of channels from all over the world available for you to have a watch at Embed TV Web 360 player. No installation required. You can just watch is direct from your browser. You can choose your channel by country, language or even by category listed. Depending in which country that you stay, some of the channels might not be available. Still that’s more than enough channels for you to take a watch. Just remember that you might need a high speed internet line to watch a smooth display.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Turn off your lights at 830pm Saturday 27 March 2010 for Earth Hour 2010

Earth hour started back in 2007 Sydney, Australia and this is the 4th time that we turn off the lights for the sake of earth. Is this a difficult thing to do? I don’t think so. Is this worth doing it? Yes, definitely. All we have to do is just stand up from the comfort of our sofa and walk to the switch and turn off the lights.

    The purpose of Earth Hour is to raise the awareness of climate change among people. Lately I’m sure everybody knows about the snow and the earth quake that strikes several countries around the world. You might say that these natural disasters won’t get to you as you’re staying in a country that free from snow and earth quake, but still there are certain things that you might notice. The changes are small but still we are able to notice the difference. For those that are staying in hot tropical area. Do you sense that it’s getting hotter every year? For those that are staying in cold winter area. Do you sense that it’s getting colder every year?

    For me I’m very sure that the weather is getting hotter. I used to be able walk under the sun without feeling much heat, but lately the sun is just burning my skin. The hot air that blows towards my body is just unbearable. For those particular hot days, all I can do is just stay in my house. Honestly I really do not enjoy it.

    I don’t know much about how to stop this climate change, but I can definitely spread the words about this. Hopefully those that knows what to do, that is if they really know what they are doing, can take action. I suppose this goes to everybody that lives in this planet.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Translate the words into nightingale or R2D2

Here’s a couple of site that we can have some fun. The first site is Nightingale Songs and the second site is R2D2 Translator. Both sites can translate words into the so call nightingale or R2D2 language and play it out. You can try type some words into it and see if you can recognize what is being play out. If you like it, you can even download it and make it as ringtone for your hand phone. You may even try it out using different language and listen to how it sounds.

    Don’t ask me if this is for real or not as I honestly have no idea. The only thing that I know is that this seems fun. You can send it to your friends or your loves one. There are some other sites that you can try out for example compose Kako birds MIDI tunes or Send a singing telegram with a duck.

    You can try type in your name and see what it sounds like. You may even type “I love you” and send the translated nightingale song or R2D2 voice to your loves one and see if they understand. You may even try having a conversation with your friends using the translate songs or voice. That is if either of you can figure out what is said. I think the site should consider having a reverse translation tool so that people who receive it can translate back to normal words. That can surely make it more fun.