Friday, April 10, 2009

Expensive Coffee from Cat Poo

I post about this special kind of coffee about 2 years ago and it seems that this coffee is still hot. Cat poo coffee still tastes as good as before and the price still at the top of it, seems like it. An article that I stumble at features Cat poo coffee reminds me again that I must not miss out this special coffee. As a coffee addict, one of the enjoyable moments is to able to taste different kind of coffee from all over the world. That includes the expensive cat poo coffee. No doubt it might feel strange or perhaps may give it a second thoughts weather to drink coffee made of cat poo, but if the coffee smells good and looks good then why not give it a try. When you look into this cat poo coffee seriously, the coffee is made from coffee beans that go through the digest system of a cat call Luwak or civet. That means the cat eats the coffee bean, go through its stomach, comes out from its behind and people collects them and blend it for a fine expensive coffee. It’s still the coffee bean that is used, just that it goes through a cat body. The coffee is so expensive because of the amount of coffee able to produce using this process is limited. Perhaps the only way to increase the production of cat poo coffee is to breed more civet.

P/S : Even Jack Nickelson loves it. ( Check out the movie Bucket List )


Lolitasays said...

To each his own, but ew!

TopBanana said...

It's not the process of passing through the civet's body (or coming out in its poo) that gives the coffee its taste.

Rather, it is the ability of the civet to choose the "right" coffee beans to eat.

So what comes out in its poo is the "quality" beans.


kumowai said...

Thanks for sharing. Miss out that one, good point.

ms monster said...

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Preston said...

There have been many strange things I have put in my mouth, but trust me, it will never be coffee made from cat pooh. I love coffee. Love-love-love it. But cat pooh? No love there, sorry.

Altaso said...

All scientific analysis confirm that Kopi Luwak is not dangerous for health. Dr. Marcone said that as a scientist, he doubted about the safety of a product which has been in contact with excrement but his final tests show that due to the thorough washing process the quantity of pathogen organisms in the beans is insignificant. Whatever the washing process misses the roasting and brewing process will make up for.

In colonial times in Indonesia, the Dutchmen don't allow local farmers to consume the coffee harvested in "their" plantations so, they collect the beans found in the floor (the civet pooh) and finally realize that the coffee made with them taste better than the normal one.

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