Friday, January 21, 2011

Butterfly Black Coffee

It’s the beginning of the New Year 2011. Having a nice cup of black coffee is still the most enjoyable moment for me in the morning. Once in a while I’ll go to my favorite coffee house and order my favorite cup of black coffee. Especially when it’s a cold windy morning, the smell of the coffee can really ease my chill. Sometimes my laptop will not follow me to the coffee house because I consider a distraction for keeping me from enjoying my coffee. A cold wooden table with only a cup of my favorite black coffee is the image that I always picture. Paper cup is nice but still I prefer a clear glass of coffee cup. With both hands holding on to the warm cup of coffee, it really feels comfortable. While waiting for the cup of coffee to cool down a little bit, I usually check out the surroundings and the people around. It’s one of the ways to kill some time while enjoying my favorite cup of coffee. Sometimes I just stare at the surface of the coffee cup and check out the shape of the bubbles form. The shape can be anything with the help of my imagination. This is how we should enjoy a cup of our favorite coffee.

Sunday, January 02, 2011

The perfect cup of Coffee

I always wanted a perfect cup of coffee. Especially early in the morning right before I start my work, a nice perfect cup of coffee will boost my energy to deal with any work for the day. I’m not really good in making my own cup of coffee. The best that I can do is going for the instant coffee pack. Honestly, coffee that I purchase from Starbuck or MacDonald taste far better from coffee that I make. I could take the time to learn to make my perfect cup of coffee but that’s just too much time consuming. Check out the post title “A perfect cup of coffee?” and you’ll understand how much work and effort you need to do in order to make a perfect cup of coffee.