Thursday, January 31, 2008

My 8 tips on learning second language

  1. Search for computer games in languages that you want to learn. The best game to choose is Role Playing Game (RPG). This type of game need player to read, listen and understand the story in order to move on and complete the game.
  2. Search for songs in languages that you want to learn. There are definitely some nice songs that you can look for. It doesn’t matter if you can’t understand it. As long as it is nice to listen then it’s good. Look for the lyrics too. Here’s a plugin that you can use to get the lyrics. Play it in the car or when you’re studied. Just play the songs when ever you like it. You don’t have to listen to is carefully. This is to get you familiar with the language.
  3. Search for interesting movies or cartoons in languages you want to learn. This is almost the same as above just that you get to watch it. Some movies have subtitles that you can read along when watch the movies. That gives you an opportunity to match what was said in the movies.
  4. Using internet as learning and practicing tool. You can look for websites or blogs in that particular language. You might not understand it fully but at least you can have a look. Sign up Skype, Yahoo messenger or MSN messenger and look for friends that communicate using the language that you studied. Make friends with them and try to use the languages more often. Make sure you tell them that you’re still at learning stage to avoid misunderstanding.
  5. Exchange diary with you friend. This works well if you find an opposite sex of friend that have the same interest in learning the language. Get a notebook that both of you can write on. You’ll write for the first day, and then pass the notebook to your friend the next day. He/she will then write something on it and pass back to you the nest day. Both of you can write anything. You can even start a conversation using the notebook. Just that both of you need to use the language that you’re learning. This works well if you find a partner that willing to cooperate with you.
  6. Write letters or get a pen pal that uses the language you’re learning. Having the old fashion way of writing on a piece of paper is fun. Waiting for the letters to arrive and keeping a whole bunch of the letters can be an interesting hobby. If you still prefer the modern way of writing emails also works well. The point is you get to communicate by writing using the language that you learn.
  7. Subscribe magazines that use the language you’re learning. Pick a magazine that you like best but must be in the languages that you’re learning. If you’re worrying about not having any time to read it, then get an expensive magazine. I’m sure you won’t make it a waste for not reading it after paying for that much. If you prefer to get newspaper in stead of the magazine, that’s fine too. Either way it works just the same.
  8. Learning is not a process of hard working. It’s a way of having fun. So make it so. Having to make the language interesting to learn is more effective then having to memorize or practice it without reasons.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Protect your ipod with invisibleSHIELD

Got an ipod? If so then you should protect your ipod case with invisibleSHIELD. It’s a clear, ultra thin film that protects your ipod from scratch. It was designed to protect the leading edges of helicopter blades from getting scratched by rocks and debris. Imagine what it can do for your ipod as a protecting cover. Plus, it is only 0.2 millimeters thick. Your ipod will not look bulky after using it. The best part about this product is the lifetime guarantee. You get to replace it for free if the case ever gets wear or scratch. Nice to have a protection case that last for a lifetime.

Cheat sheets for programmers

I was never good at programming, and I’m still not good now. My brain stop functions when the programming gets complicated. I rely a lot on simple cheat sheets to modify my blogs. That is why I bookmark a lot of sites and blogs that provide this information. It sure comes in handy when you try to change things around your blog. Here’s a blog that I found with a long list of cheat sheets on Ajax, CSS, HTML, Action Script, .NET, PHP, APACHE, MySQL, JAVA, Python and many more. Just like to share it with you.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Having an online surveys on your blog

Having an online survey on your blog is a way to understand who your readers are. You may also survey on what your readers like to read on your blog. That may give you an idea of what to blog for your readers. You may try out if you decided to do some online surveys. It’s a free service with simple sign-up procedure. It’s easy to use with lots of patterns and colors selection for the poll. You don’t have to prepare your own database or install any software for the polls. Everything is done by The best part is that the surveys and polls work in many free blog services like Myspace, Blogger, Xanga and Typepad. Remember to keep your survey short and simple. That way your readers will feel comfortable and easy to complete the survey. Thus you’ll get a fast result.

Apply Public Bank Debit card online to withdraw money from PayPal

Last year I blog about PayPal regarding 26 countries that allowed funds transferring to Visa/Master credit, debit or prepaid cards. For Malaysia, a lot of bloggers are looking for the right card for this purpose. After 3 months of testing and researching, it seems that Public Bank Debit card is the winner. Application just took about 2 weeks and you can have the card send to your house or the nearest Public Bank branch. You can even apply the card online through Public Bank website. You don’t have to line up for few hours just to apply a debit card. You need to bank in RM25.00 to activate the card after receiving it. You also need to maintain a minimum of RM25.00 in the card at all time. The first year annual fee of RM24 is waved. If you spend more then RM1200 in a year then you get to wave the fee again. That means if you spend more on the Public Bank debit card then you get to use it free every year. That includes cashing out using the card. I’m sure if you use the card to withdraw money from PayPal, then most likely you’ll cash out more then RM1200. The maximum withdraw amount for PayPal is $500 per day. This condition is more then enough for the moment. In future, we should be allowed to link directly our local bank account to PayPal. I hope this can happened within couple of years.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

The key to make her feel romantic

Is the story of snow white, Cinderella or sleeping beauty romantic? How about the romantic movies like Pretty Woman, Love Letters, Pride and Prejudice or Sleepless in Seattle? Have you ever imagine or hope for similar kind of love experience? If you happened to let you imagination run wild and put yourself in the position of a romantic fairy tales then you might just able to experience a similar romantic love. The concept is simple. The definition of romantic is different for each person. Making breakfast for you girl friend can be romantic only if she feels romantic about it. Getting your girl friend flowers might not be romantic any more when she feels that it is the basic things to do. The question is how do you find out what really makes her feel romantic. That means getting into her mind and check out how she thinks. It may seem impossible but there’s a trick that you can try out. First, bring her for few romantic movies and monitor her reaction along and after the movies. Find out which movies that she likes best. If she tears out emotionally after watching a movie, then you have to do a detail check on that movie. Discuss and talk about the movie after watching it and find out which part that she likes most. Remember to check on her reaction when she talks about it. You can notice that she will be very exciting and happy whenever she talks about it. That’s the part that you need to capture. After you have gathered the information on her favorite romantic movie and her favorite scene, try to recreate the same scene as close as possible. You just have to hit the bull’s eye once. One similar romantic scene is enough to kick off the romantic feelings. The rest of the parts just need you to talk about it and let the imagination run. You can even repeat the same speech on the movie. It may looks embarrassing but if you really get her favorite scene and romantic movie right, then I’m sure she will fall in love with you madly.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Australia Tennis Open 2008

I was watching Australian Open 2008 where Maria Sharapova won the women’s singles championship. Some of the things that she said during the interview really make sense.

“when you're putting the work in it just seems so, so hard, and you never know when that work's gonna pay off”

That’s just the same as what most bloggers trying to do - making money online or making a living online. Hard work comes first and you’ll new know what you’ll get until the very last moment. Being a full time blogger is almost the same as being a world class tennis professional. When Maria Sharapova was ask what will she do before the finals after she defeted Jelena Jankovic, it’s not going shopping or relaxing but still doing all the stuff that is related to tennis to keep up the momentum. She also said the life of a world class tennis professional is not easy, lots of practice and work out need to do to stay on top. If you do not like what you do then it will be hard for you. That is just the same as being a full time blogger. Most of your time will be sitting in front of the monitor and blog 24 hours, 7 days, 4 weeks, and 12 months with no holidays. You really need to love what you do to be the best in what you do. Keep up the momentum and the passion and you’ll get what you want just as what Maria Sharapova gets – The Championship Title of The Australian Tennis Open 2008.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Get discounts on office supplies

No matter if you’re students or businessman, office supplies like papers, pens, erasers, printer cartridges, furniture, computers, desks, chairs and paper folders are among the expenditure that you need to control carefully. One of the methods to make sure that you’ll always below budget is to get discounts for the office supplies. Never forget, you need to compare all the discounts, coupons and promotions from all the office supply stores. Stores like Office Depot, Staples, Vistaprint, Dell, Best Buy, Circuit City, Target, and many more provides discount coupons to customers from time to time. The question is how we gather all these information. You can check out as the site gathers all the above information. You can find coupon codes, offer description and the promotion expiration date for all kinds of office supplies. Be sure to check it out online before you go to the store. Sometimes these stores are having clearance sales and they will put their promotional keycodes online. You might save a lot of money if you purchase it online. Shopping online also save you a lot of trouble going to the shop personally. The office supplies that you purchase online can be delivered directly to your house or office. You’ll save money and time shopping online.

Anybody wants to exchange feed, please.

Would you like to exchange feed?
Exchange feed please.
Do you want to exchange feed?
Come and exchange feed.
You subscribe my feed, I subscribe your feed.
Please exchange feed with me.
I hope to exchange feed with you.
Can you please subscribe to my feed?
Feel free to subscribe to my feed.
Subscribe to my feed if you like the post.
Let us exchange feed.
end up the result below.
cartoon from

Cartoon by Dave Walker. Find more cartoons you can freely re-use on your blog at We Blog Cartoons.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Shopping with Save Buckets

Save Buckets is an online shop where you can buy almost anything from electronics appliances, video games, clothing, computer hardware, household kitchen, gardening, sports equipment and many more. The site is determined to fine the best price for the products that you wanted to buy. If the price is not right for you, then let them know your budget and they will email you when the products is available at the right price. You can try out their simple guide on how to choose and buy. Either you’re getting MP3 players or a pair of shoes, just use the search box provided. You may find the products with the price just right for you. Save Buckets is a registered company in England. Thus the site is best served if you’re staying in England.

10 methods of Brewing Coffee

There are many ways that you can brew your coffee. Whichever method is used, the coffee must be fresh and the equipment must be clean. Here are some of the methods that I found people are using it.

  1. Brewing coffee in an earthenware jug. I think this is the most common used method. Just put the coffee into the jug and then pour the boiling water into it. Served the coffee after pouring through a strainer.
  2. Brewing coffee in a Percolator. Place the coffee in the perforated basket then pour the water into the base of percolator. Boil it and allowed the water to percolate through the coffee. After that remove the coffee basket and served.
  3. Brewing coffee in a Saucepan. Place the coffee and water in a saucepan and place it over the heat. Stir the pan until it is almost boiled. Remove the pan and strain the coffee into a jug.
  4. Brewing coffee using a coffee filter machine. This is the machine that almost every office has. You place the coffee into the paper filter then place the paper into the machine. Put the required amount of water into the machine and let it boiled. The hot water will then drip through the paper filter with coffee on it and into the coffee container.
  5. Brewing coffee using a Cona machine. I never tried this before. Place some water in the lower bowl and boiled it. Place the filter on the neck of the upper bowl and place the coffee into it. Place the upper bowl on to the lower bowl when the water started to boil. The water will then rises to the upper bowl through a tube. Move the machine from the heat and allowed the coffee to run back to the lower bowl. Once the coffee flows back to the lower bowl then the coffee is ready to be served.
  6. Brewing coffee instantly. Yes, this is the fastest and easiest way of all. Purchase the instant package with coffee, milk powder and sugar in it. Put the package into your cup and just pour hot water on to it. Stir and it is ready.
  7. Brewing coffee using French press. Place the coffee and hot water into a glass carafe. Place the plunger into the glass and press it all the way down. The coffee ground will be pressed to the bottom and coffee can be served.
  8. Brewing coffee using Espresso machine. This is the machine that you can find in almost every café. Place the coffee into a small special scoop. Hook it into the machine and a high pressure hot water will press thru the coffee into the cup. After that you can steam the milk and add it to the coffee.
  9. Brewing coffee using room temperature water. I haven’t tried this before but it sounds interesting. Place the coffee grounds into a bowl and pour water with room temperature into it until all the coffee grounds are soaked in water. You don’t need to pour that much water if you’re making a concentrated coffee. Covered the bowl and leave it for about 1 day. After that strained the coffee and served.
  10. Brewing coffee using laser. Place coffee and cold water into cups. Place it under the laser emitter. Shot the later into the cups. The coffee is then ready to serve. If you don’t believe, then watch the video below…
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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Getting help to choose your web hosting services

Choosing the right hosting services for your web is not easy, especially for first timer. You may try to test it out by subscribing for just one month but that might cost you time and money. Try searching for free guides and advices from the net before you make the decision. Web hosting choice is one of the sites that provides free guide on choosing the right services. The site even has a learning area about the basics of web hosting, domains, bandwidth and server. It’s a simple site but the information provided is just nice for a first timer. Not too much and not too less, just enough to help a person to decide which web hosting service to go for.

Reference for Stumbleupon

Stumbleupon is a very useful tools either you’re looking for quality information or getting traffic to your sites. I still remember the first time I was introduced to Stumbleupon and it took me a day to figure out how to use it. That’s the first step but if you really want to make use of it for your benefits then that’s another big topic. I happened to stumble upon a post by Newest on the Net where 65 must read articles were compiled. You can get almost all the info regarding the usage of Stumbleupon. Check it out.

Get a date for this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is almost near. Couples should have several plans in mind already. Those of you that are still single should get yourself a date on that special night. If you’re trying to have a special romantic night, why not try out the online dating sites or matchmaking services. It maybe something new to you but it does creates the exciting adventure feeling. There are so many online dating or matchmaking services out there, having to go through them one by one is really troublesome. Check out Prime Dating Sites as they list out 10 online dating sties with reviews. Their top 3 rated sites include Perfect Match, and Yahoo Personals. Yes, even Yahoo gets a piece of this online dating industry. Before internet becomes popular, matchmaking services is a walk-in basis. That might be a little embarrassing if your friends spotted you going into a matchmaking office. Now you can just do it online without anybody knowing it and it just seems like a normal social gathering event.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Lost your passwords?

How many passwords have you used or created from the first day you touches computer? I’m sure you have passwords to login to your PC, email account, server, modem, router, Wifi, bios and many more. Many of those computer devices have default user names and passwords install. Before you gain access you need to get through their passwords first. Did you ever encounter devices that you never used for many years and suddenly needed to access it due to some other installation that requires new setting? It’s understandable that you don’t remember the password and user name but still you have to figure out a way to access it. There are few ways that you can recover them. The most direct way is to call up the product company. You may also check the user manual that is if you still have it. Check online and see if the product has an official homepage that offers help.

I think for this reason, a site that listed out all the default usernames and passwords were created. Well, most of the default usernames and passwords. Most of the time you don’t need it but once you do, finding the user names and passwords might be a pain in the neck.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Review on top USA online casino

Top USA Online Casinos is a site to help US players looks for online casino. The site provides free guide on their top 10 online casinos that considered fun and safe. The top 10 casinos are rank according to bonus, payout % and their own reviews. From the reviews, you’ll find that each online casino is rated by their software, trust factor and promotions. You can check if the online casino is licensed and have secured deposit transactions or not. It’s a simple site that provides the necessary information to backup their rating regarding the 10 online casinos. US viewers that are interested can follow the links to the designated online casino and received bonuses upon playing the games. The site updated last on 18th January 2008 when this post is written.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Getting all the discounts you can get

I still remember when I was young I used to help my mother collecting all those discount coupons from newspapers and magazines. We used to cut down all the coupons and keep it between the pages of phone book. We were able to save about 20~30% of our grocery expenses every month. That’s how I get my extra pocket money too.

More and more people start to purchase online and I can see that the use of coupons online also increases. The difference is that coupons start to move from paper to digital form. We still able to get our discounts but we need to know where to find it and how to use it. Well, I’m able to solve the first problem for you but you need to learn how to use it yourself. Here’s where you can find tons of coupons, rebate and promotional codes for your favorite online stores – dealcoupon.

P/S: Please remember to check the expired date and the terms of usage.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Get your own customize banner or sign

If you’re running a business, then getting your own customizes banners or signs is a must. If you get a designer to prepare it for you, it might cost you some money. That is not a good way to go if you’re just starting your own business or running a small business. Every penny and investment counts when you’re small or at the beginning stage. You can try design those banners and signs with They provide variety of custom banners, car magnets, real estate signs and many more that are convenience to use at low price. Having to design your own banners and signs is unique, and that makes you stand out differently from others.

Forgot where you put your user manual?

Did you keep your entire user manual when you bought your electrical appliances? We never really needed them much after we know how to use them. When we really need to refer back those user manual, they just seems no where to be found or lost. If you lost the hard copy of your user manual then try to check it here. This site have lots of user manual uploaded for many equipments like camera, monitor, software, television, DVD player, mobile phones, printer, camcorder and many more.

There is lots of information that you can get from the user manuals. Most of the common failure or trouble shooting guides are available. Some of the simple failure can be fixed without sending it back to the factory. When you’re trying to connect few types of equipment together then you definitely need the user manual to confirm the connection and settings. Especially when you’re setting up your home theater system that requires combination of DVD player, amplifier, speakers and LCD TV, having wrong connection might causes damages on the equipment.

User Manual is just like an encyclopedia. They really come in handy when you desperately needed help.

Cover my boat online

Most of us are very familiar with car insurance. That’s because almost every one of us owns a car. What about boat insurance? Well, that’s for those that loves boats and able to afford it. Not many of us are capable of having it ourselves. I happened to come by a site that provides online boat insurance quotes and here’s the review of the site.

First of all the site gets right to the point that it is all about boat insurance quotes. A yellow button that stands out from the blue encourages people to click on it. Most of the pages on the site are very short. You don’t have to scroll down much to read all of the content. Lots of information regarding different type of boats insurance can be found. You can easily access to all the pages by just checking out the categories. The special part about the site is that it has a step by step option that can offer you an instant online quote.

I would suggest that a nice beautiful boat or yacht on the first page will make site more attractive.

Free computer programming courses online

Lately I’ve been studying CSS programming by myself. That’s no tuition, no teacher, no books and don’t know where to start at all. The only reference that I can get is form the net. Blogs and sties that offer free tips about CSS is what I depend on. After that, it’s just lots of trying, testing and practice. Honestly I don’t really like programming at all back in college time. The best grades that I can get from programming classes are C. It’s not that I don’t study at all, I just can’t think like a programmer. At much as I don’t like it but here I am again studying CSS. I never imagine that I need to learn programming again until I start blogging. It’s not that I want to but I need to learn some of it to edit my blog. It is more convenience and easy if you understand a bit of programming. Giving you the opportunity to make your blog unique without paying others to modified your blog.

That is the whole story for the reason that I keep on searching for free programming courses. There are lots of free courses and tools for programming purposes. Finding those sites is the problem. Here’s a site that I found that provides 10 sources of free computer programming courses online. Some of the sources are from universities and the information provided is very much sufficient to keep you busy for few months. If you’re a university student that needs some programming references, then this is just the site for you.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Make yourself look nice from top to bottom

Valentine’s Day is near and less then a month to go. Have you thought about how to celebrate with your love? Well, I suggest you plan it early as more and more people are celebrating it now and it’s not going to be easy to celebrate on that day. Restaurants going to be full, traffic jam all around on that night and flowers going to be expensive on that day. Here’s one good idea for you to celebrate your Valentine’s Day. Pick a day before 14th Feb., get a resort house only for the two of you, cook together for dinner and try to look nice and sexy. That’s nothing better to spend quality time with your love on that day.

Speaking of looking nice and sexy, I’m not saying you need to dress up for a party or wedding dinner. I’m basically talking about being healthy. That means not too fat or too skinny, great looks in facial, nice hair cut, clean teeth, fresh breath, no bad smell and no tired eyes. Sound simple? If you really have problems with one of the above then it’s going to take a lot more effort to solve it. The good news is that there are many professionals out there that can help you on fitness, hair transplant, teeth cleaning, facial cleaning and so on. All you need to do is get the right price and the right service. This is not just for your looks and health but also your confidence. Plus having to stay healthy and look nice will attract opposite sex other then your partner. That makes your boy/girl friend keep on working hard to stay with you. It’s one way to keep the relationship going.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Other use of old coffee grounds

What do you do with your old coffee grounds? Just throw it away? Imagine how much garbage of coffee grounds you created if you have 1~2 cups of coffee each day. You can recycle the coffee container that you bought to store some of your stuff, but I bet you have not much idea what to do with the coffee grounds. You might have heard some info regarding the use of coffee grounds on gardening. The coffee ground does help to prevent pesticides if you mix it into garden soil. The problem with this idea is that you can’t use this method all year long as it will change the soil PH and alter the nutrient soil.

Another usage of coffee grounds is on the skin care. You can use coffee grounds to remove cellulite. This seems to be an effective way because I found lots of sites mentioning about this.

Check out the link below for more detail instruction on how to get rid of cellulite and 21 ways to use old coffee grounds.

P/S: If your company or office having a lot of coffee daily then you can get lots of free old coffee grounds for gardening or skin care purposes. It’s green and you’re saving the world.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Free consumer resources for bad credits

A lot of people fell into the category of “bad credit consumers” these days. In stead of just discussing on how to avoid getting into that category, why not just think of how get out from it. Here’s a site that provides resources to help consumers get back on their feet financially. Getting your bad credit loans is easy. Making payments on time is difficult. It doesn’t matter if you’re applying for home loan, auto loan or personal loan. Think about how you going to pay back before applying them.

Another Java Tool for METAR viewing

I found another interactive view surface data that is operated by the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research. This one is mainly on the US states. You can adjust few overlays like countries, highways, rivers, TAFs and ARTCC boundaries. Much more METAR data options available compare to the previous site that I post previously. This is really a very good site for geography study purposes.

RAP Real Time Weather Data

Monday, January 14, 2008

Time to fill up your tax form

It’s almost time to fill out those tax forms again after a one whole year of work. It doesn’t matter if you’re part time worker, self employed, full timer or shareholder employees, you still have to pay your tax. The key is how much you need to pay and how can you minimize your tax payment. Remember to check with the experts so that you can reduce your tax to a minimum level. Having to declare yourself single, married or the number of children you have also changes the figure in your tax form. Small S corporation can also try to deduct health insurance for shareholder employees. Check out S corporation FAQ for more information.

Let your jeans have your coffee

I was surfing around YouTube and found this interesting video showing another usage of coffee. Those guys are using coffee to color their jeans. I never did thought about that before. I only know that if you spill your coffee on your clothes then the stain will be difficult to remove. Well, I guess if you spill coffee on your jeans then you can try this method. In stead of try removing the stain, mind as well dyed with coffee. You can even pick your favorite coffee or the flavor that you like most. Having a pair of jeans that has the smell of your favorite coffee is…cool, I think.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Save your money and our planet through printing

When it comes to choosing a printer, what kind of printer will you choose? Famous brands are among Xerox, Dell, Epson, HP, Apple, Cannon, IBM, Pitney Bowes and Lexmark. Next you need to choose between a laser printer and an inkjet printer. Did you know that the name Epson is actually a short form of “Electrical Printer Son”, meaning Mr. Electrical Printer?

No matter how you choose, you still have 2 questions that need to be answered. The first question is how to save money on these accessories? The most obvious accessories that you can save money are the inkjet printer cartridge and laser printer toner that you used everyday. You can find discount, coupon or promotion up to 80% off retail price online and is one of the sites. If you add up the free shipping provided by and 4Inkjets then you’ll save lot more. Just remember to check out their discount expiry date before placing your order.

The second question is how do you dispose the cartridges? Never fear, some of these sites offered to pay for the postage to collect empty inkjet and laser toner cartridges. These cartridges can be recycled for few rounds before disposal. Thus the cost of the cartridges can be reduce and producing less garbage. This is truly saving you money and saving our planet.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Check your weather online Live

Now you can check the weather around you online live. The problem is you need to know how to read the map captured by the satellite. There is even an animated film that let you see how the clouds are moving. That way you can predict if it’s going to rain at your place judging by the movement of the clouds. Check it out.

Live Weather Map Online

Winning the game for money or something else?

What are the criteria to determine which online casino is the best?

  1. Customers win money on the first play.
  2. Customers win money on the second play.
  3. Customers win money on the third play.
  4. Customers able to cash out money.

That is the best method to keep customers coming again and again. It doesn’t matter if it is online casino or offline casino. The concept is still the same. People will return if they are presented the above sensation. Does that mean that you’ll continue to win if you keep on playing? Well, I think not. If you do the probability then you’ll know that casino is always the winner. That is if you calculated for long term. If that is the case then what keeps the customers in the game? It’s the feeling of winning, the feeling of luck and the feeling of beating the system. As you can see money is not people trying to earn or get from the casino but it’s the feeling they are looking for.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

A link to help you study programming

I happened to stumble upon a site or shall I say an ftp that enables you to download reference book related to programming. The books up loaded seems to be the older version but still I think it can still be a good reference for beginners. Use it for your learning purposes and don’t sell it on ebay.

Computer Books
Books Python
Books and Help
Knowledge is useful when you share it with others.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

One Special Kind of Plastic Surgery

When we’re talking about plastic surgery, things that come to our mind that we intend to improve is face, breast, leg and arm. Ever heard of laser vaginal reconstructive surgery? Women that having children naturally tend to lead to an increase incidence of vaginal relaxation. After that happens having sex is never the same as before. These women are saying that they don’t feel anything during sex because their vagina is too loose. Well, the purpose of this plastic surgery is trying to fix this by tightening things again. Basically this is a kind of surgery to make you feel better instead of look better. It’s not a new thing just that we never heard of it often.

Take the ride and relax

This video always makes me feel relax and motivated. I just can’t stop watching it. This is how you let you imagination run free. This is best to view when you’re stuck in you office in front of your pc with lots of work waiting for you.

Earn money with online casino affiliate

C-Planet is an online casino affiliate program that partners with the highest converting brands like Rushmore casino. All you need to do is refer new real players to Rushmore Casino and you will be received a certain amount of commission. You will receive a revenue sharing from 25%~45% depending on the numbers of depositors. Meaning the more people you referred and places their deposits the more money you’ll earn. That’s not all, you’ll even earn another 5% of sub-affiliates earning if your network grows. Payments are through check or wire transfer when you earn more then US$50. Beside Rushmore Casino, there are other brands of C-planet that you can promote to maximize your profits. C-planet provides additional tools such as stand alone games, flash tutorial and many more that you can use on your site. They also has an accurate and in-depth statistics that tracks your traffic in real-time.

This is what my desk looks like

I have been blogging for quite some time now. I’ve sign up lots of sites and lost count of how many that I joined. I’m using lots of user names and passwords for different sites that I sign up. I even have more then one account for a particular site. I’ve been signing up again and again at the same site just because I can’t recall my user name or password. Some of the sites earn money and some of them don’t. Some of the sites still earn money but takes about 6 month to accumulate only $10. I even received money from a money earning site that I joined months ago but did not login because can not remember the password. Despite all the above I still continue to sign up for new sites. This time I’ll record down everything on my desk. Just like this…

cartoon from

Cartoon by Dave Walker. Find more cartoons you can freely re-use on your blog at We Blog Cartoons.

Monday, January 07, 2008

Feeling lucky online?

Did you ever try your luck at online casino before? Well, I’m sure a lot of you did. Online casino can be considered as a form of entertainment. Having fun with it is fine but avoid getting addicted. Casino is a multi billion industry that creates lots of jobs opportunity. As internet started to boom and the security online transaction increases, casino starts to take on digital form. Instead of heading to Las Vegas, Reno or Macau customers can enjoy the entertainment from their comfort of their home. All you need is a personal computer that can get you online and your credit cards. As lots of money involved in this entertainment, you need to take extra cautious before having fun. The first thing that you need to do before login into the online casino is to make sure that your personal computer is safe from spyware and virus. That means getting a good anti spyware and virus software install. This is to avoid your credit cards details stolen. Second is to choose a good reputation online casino site that can be trusted. This can be done by going through reviews and forums about online casino. Check and surf around, listen to how other people grade the online casino site. Do your homework before jumping into it and you’ll have fun instead of losing your money for nothing.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Listen to your favourite songs with lyrics displayed

This is something that I found interesting and I’m sure music lovers will like this very much. provides 2 plugins that enable lyrics to be view while listen to your favorites music. The plugins are for Winamp and Windows Media Player. This really helps save us a lot of trouble surfing around the net for the lyrics. I got friends that always asking for lyrics right after I send them my favorite MP3 songs. Now I can just send them this plugin to stop them from getting back to me. Try it out and let me know if it is that good. My only concern is that does it works for other languages? Well, I just need to try it out and see.

P/S: I just try it out and it seems to have more on alphabetical lyrics. That means if you're playing japanese songs, then the lyrics will be in ABC instead of katagana or hiragana.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Windows XP or Windows Vista

From the first day Windows Vista launches I still haven’t get a thumb up from my friends that are using it. All of my friends that purchase notebook that comes with Windows Vista eventually switch back to Windows XP after using it for 1~2 month. I did check with one of my friends and have a look at his Windows Vista before format the whole thing. It seems that with the basic specification given by the computer dealer is not enough to run for Windows Vista. That’s because it takes a long time to start up the operating system. Even when you have more then 3 application running at the same time, you’ll see that things will start to slow down. So if you’re using Windows XP right now and thinking of updating it to Vista, better think twice before doing it. At least you need to up grade you memory before switching to Vista. Here’s some of the info that I found regarding Windows Vista and XP.

Vista - Arrogance & Stupidity

The video below compare Vista and XP using 2 identical laptops.

Friday, January 04, 2008

Get the best out of the freeware

How many of you have the experience of wanted to get the software but unable to afford it? Take for example if you’re getting yourself a laptop or desktop, the most that you’ll get is Microsoft Windows. There will be some free software that comes along but most of them are not much of help. The best is the 1 year free trial of some antivirus and spyware products. For a normal usage the least you need to get yourself Microsoft Office and that cost more then hundred dollars. If you’re a student then you might have to go to your parents asking for more money. I think these softwares should be sold at different price to individual, student and company.

Thanks to some of the programmers’ world wide, they wrote some alternative freeware for us to use and download. The question is there are so many freeware out there and it’s going to be difficult to go through them one by one. Here’s a site that has a collection of 46 best freeware. You will find some of the freeware that you must have in order to surf around the net safely and freely. I happened to have some of the freeware that I currently use right now in the list, for example web browser, anti virus, spyware, bit torrent, registry cleaner and digital image viewer. Check it out as you might find something you need.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Get your coffee roast from the sun

Solar Roast Coffee is said to use only clean abundant solar energy. They are not using fossil fuels and no electric connection to the fans and motors. They also use 100% organic grown, chemical free coffee. This is one kind of coffee that will not affected by the increase of the oil price. Plus this sure is an environmental free coffee if I say so myself. Sounds like drinking this coffee helps in saving the world from getting heat up. Judging from the method that they use to produce the coffee, it should be more healthy to have this coffee when compare to other coffee in the market.

P/S: I wonder how the coffee tastes like.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Looking for interesting SMS messages?

Busy sending SMS to your friends for this holiday? Many of you should at least have 100 SMS send out for this Christmas and New Year even, right. Especially 30 minutes before New Year countdown, the line was so busy until I couldn’t send out a single message. What do you actually type in your message? Do you just copy some cool special text from some books or just think of the content yourself? Well, if you’re looking for something special to write, then you should check out this SMSGuide. The site has lots of messages collection submitted by many people. The messages have been categorized into festivals greetings, good luck, bless, get well soon, funny, break up, best wishes and many more. If you’re running out of ideas on what to send to your friends, then you should check out this site.

You can even share your SMS messages and submit it to the site if you wrote some good messages. You will be given credit by showing your signature below the message you submitted. Have fun.

P/S: You should start to prepare your SMS message for the coming Valentine’s Day.