Thursday, July 30, 2009

Coffee commercial targeted for women

This commercial really is funny and good. It is good in persuades women customers to buy coffee but there is just one small problem. Who needs coffee after they found their loves one? I suppose any coffee can do the trick. It doesn't matter how good or bad the coffee taste. Finally, she can ask if he wants an alternative drinks like tea, beer, orange juice, coke, lemonade, apple juice, coco, milk, wine, Vodka, VSOP, Whisky, XO or even just a cup of plain water. I'm sure he'll say yes to anything she offers.

P/S: Just that this is not a coffee commercial.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Decaf coffee?

I really don’t understand why they even have decaf for coffee. I have to say, the only place that I ever have a decaf coffee is in US. After coming back to my hometown country, I never had seen any coffee shop selling decaf coffee. This is one question that I still don’t get an answer. I did try out decaf coffee during my stay in US and I have to tell it really doesn’t taste like coffee. Perhaps that is the reason why some places just don’t sell it. It might sound strange but having a decaf coffee is just like having a non alcohol beer.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Nciku Online English Chinese Dictionary with Great tools to learn Chinese Mandarin

Most of the online English Chinese dictionaries that you find online just give you the basic translation. Take for example Google Translate. It gives you variety of translation between lots of languages. It’s simple and fast but it doesn’t help much if you try to learn the language. If you’re trying to learn a language, perhaps you’ll have to search for a better website. Nciku is an online English Chinese dictionary that includes several online features that helps you to learn Chinese Mandarin. There are lots of sections created in this site just for the purpose of easy learning Chinese Mandarin, for example Chinese Conversation of the Day, Learn Chinese Characters and Learn Chinese from Pictures. Among those sections, I find that Learn Chinese Characters is the best part of all. It shows you exactly how the Chinese characters are written. The animation of the stroke order is perfect for those trying to learn how to write Chinese character. Each character written also comes along with pronunciation and definition. There is also a section that you can use your mouse to write the Chinese character in the given block section. Once you start writing, the dictionary will try to compare it and list out the character that you’re trying to write. Click on the Chinese character and it will be transfer to the search box on the left. This is actually a great tool as it can also act as a tool for you insert a Chinese Character without typing it. You can just write it directly. If you’re trying to skype with your friends that use Chinese Character to chat, this can be very handy. It will be a lot faster if you’re not familiar with using keyboard to type Chinese characters.

Nciku can be considered a good site to learn Chinese mandarin as it uses every available resources. You can write, listen to the pronunciation and watch videos and pictures to give you a better understanding and easy learning. I’m sure this site is good for anybody that trying to learn Chinese Mandarin. Especially for kids, learning a language online should be very interesting. Parents can use it as a tool to learn the language together with their kids.

Monday, July 06, 2009

Michael Jackson Memorial Set for Tuesday 7th July 2009

11000 tickets for Michael Jackson Memorial situated inside Staples Center in LA will be free. That is definitely not enough for MJ fans. I suppose Tuesday will not be a normal day. It’s going to be a special day for MJ’s fan around the world. Many of his fans might fly themselves to LA for one last MJ event. For those that are not MJ fan but staying and working in LA, Tuesday 7th July 2009 might just be the busiest day, especially for the LA police, fireman and the officials that will be on duty that day. There will be many people and traffic is going to be congested. I just hope that everything will be running smooth as plan.

As for the fans around the world, you might want to check out your local news channel if they have live coverage of MJ Memorial on Tuesday. Some of you might have to stay awake as it might be late at night at your time zone. Anyway, I think your boss might excuse you for attending the MJ memorial in front of the TV.

The question that I found a lot of people are debating is “Do we have to do so much and spend so much for MJ memorial?” Well, in my opinion MJ brings us a lot of joy and entertainment for so many years. No doubt that he earns a lot of money and become the king of pop, but sadly he did not get to enjoy the life of a simple normal person. I suppose compare to what MJ gives us, giving a respectful goodbye is undeniable. If MJ is just a normal person just like you and me, he too deserves a simple funeral ceremony. Not to mention he is a popular super pop star, fans will be attending his funeral at the same time but in different location around the world. “Goodbye and rest in peace” from all around the world will reach MJ on Tuesday 7th July 2009.

P/S: If I’m living in LA, I might just take leave from work or school on Tuesday 7th July 2009 and stay home. I suppose it is better to sit on my couch with all the food and drink that I can have and watch MJ Memorial. I’m thinking every TV channel, radios and even the internet will be all about MJ on that day. Think twice before you decided to walk out of the door as you might just get wash away by the crowds of people.