Thursday, June 25, 2009

Got a math problem that can’t solve? Try looking for answer online at Mathway.

Honestly I’m quite surprise on how the internet can solve our problems and provide variety of answers nowadays. The cyber space is just like a giant big encyclopedia with lots of answer and information. There is one very interesting website that I stumble on today and I just wish that this website existed when I’m still in school. Mathway is the website and it’s basically a site that solved math’s problem. How does this works? Well, basically you enter the math problem in the given space, choose a subject and press the answer button. The subjects available are basic math, Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Trigonometry, Pre-calculus and calculus. I know there are some other programs that you can install to solve math problem and alternative you can also use a scientific calculator, but this is something that you can do it online. Perhaps kids might love this Mathway. Besides if you use it wisely, you might have a tool that can teach your children math. Instead of using the traditional way, using this online math’s solving website might just help getting your kids to be interested in working on math’s problem. According to the website, over 11130402 math problems have been solved. I’m not sure about that but I think many people already try out the website. The good thing about this site is that it shows both the answer and the step by step solution. Plus, you can graph the solution too. That makes it easy for self learning. Perhaps you might want to go through the help section to fully utilize this website.

P/S: This site is meant to help in learning math. Please don’t use it as a tool to do your homework.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Free E Book form Taiwan University Library

At the beginning, we wrote on bricks, animal skin or tress. We also make it into books with pieces of bricks, bamboos or animal skins. As time goes by books are now made of papers and are beautifully created. Perhaps this is the most common material for books right now. Later on in the future we might not use any material for books at all. Yes, you don’t need any material at for writing an ebook. The first thing that you helped by doing that is prevent a tree from becoming papers and then to a book.

Reading from a solid book that made from papers and hard cover definitely feels better then reading from ebook. It feels like you own the reading material and you can just hold it in your arm. As for an ebook, you’ll feel a sense of emptiness even if you pay hundred over dollars for it. Anyway knowledge is knowledge no matter how you obtain it. For sure there will be lot more stories, thoughts and study material made into ebook rather than paper books. That’s the effects of more people using computers and internet. Plus it’s a way to reduce the cut down of trees.

As more and more books are converted into ebooks, we can find lots of them online now. Here’s a site that I found which provides free ebooks. It’s a site from National Taiwan University Library. As for now, there are currently 68858 of free ebooks available. As it’s from Taiwan, the site is written in Chinese language. That doesn’t mean all the ebooks are in Chinese language. It’s still a library that keeps lots of different books including English books too. So feel free to check it out. All you need to do is type in the keywords of the books that you desire and press the button on the right. The search column works the same even if in Chinese language.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Free PowerPoint Templates and Backgrounds from Templates Wise

I think most of you that works in the office with a computer on your table definitely get to do presentation. Power Point, projector, pointer and of cause the audiences are the things that you’ll need to deal with when it comes to presentation. Among all the above, the one thing that I hate most is preparing the presentation draft using Power Point. Why? Lot of work and it always consume a lot of time. Few days of preparation will end up just few minutes of presentation. I know, I know, it’s important to convey the information to others correctly and effectively. That’s why we need so much time to prepare it. Just that I’m not that kind of person. Oh well, enough for my rumbling and complains. Here’s a site call Templates Wise that gives out free Power Point templates and backgrounds for presentation. I should have come to this site early. Any way luck for you guys as you now have more choices to prepare your presentation. Templates Wise categorize the Power Point Templates into abstract, general, business, nature, finance and travel. So just look around and see if any of these templates suit you.

Monday, June 15, 2009

How to make a Greek frappe coffee

This animation shows us how to make a Greek frappe coffee. It’s simple, clean and best of all makes you wonder if the coffee tastes good. That’s one thing about using animated style as it creates a lot of imagination space. You might even wonder if it’s that easy to make a Greek frappe coffee. At the end you might just go ahead and try to make the coffee yourself. Feels like have a cup of coffee now? Why not Greek frappe coffee?

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The thing about working or studying late at night

Working late at night, especially between 12am to 3am early in the morning might not be what we plan of but sometimes it just can’t be avoided. This post is meant for those that have to work late at night. Honestly I’m the type of guy that works better during this period of time. I don’t know why but my mind works great and I can focus well without feeling sleepy. Instead if I have to drag myself wake up early in the morning and start work at 8am, my action will be taking over my mind. Even couple of black coffee won’t be able to keep my eyes open. Anyhow, some of us are night crawlers rather than the morning birds.

Let’s go back to working late at night. When it’s time for Cinderella to return home, most of the activities stop too. You can walk on the streets that use to fill with transportation, enjoying the cool fresh air without anybody around sharing it. Best of all you have the whole world as everybody is asleep. That means no disturbance or distraction from others. Instead you might find some company other than human. Problem is not all are good company. The no good company that you’ll get is the one that almost everybody hates, cockroaches. Yes, that’s right. If you ever stay up late at night, you’ll definitely see them. So it’s better to get yourself loaded with bug spray if you plan to work over night.

There are few things that I enjoy working late. First is sky, especially when the sky is clear. Either the moon will be around or the stars will take the spots. The quiet dark night just seems to be a big gigantic cinema and I’m the only one in it. The sky that fills with stars is the screen and sometimes the moon took the stage by itself. Either way it’s a visual sensation to me. During that time, instead of man made noise, we have tiny little sound that we might not be aware off. The little sound made by crickets. Although we might have some other sound for example frog but let’s just focus on the enjoyable sound. If I’m lucky I might find myself some good company too. Good company that try to light up the surrounding. Yes, fire flies. Perhaps they have what we call soft and gentle light.

Just like normal cinema, each enjoyable time last about 2~3 hours. No exceptional for the big gigantic cinema of mine. After 3am, the things around me might still be the same but the feeling might not be the same. That’s because we start feeling tired. When we feel tired, everything will turn out annoying and the only thing that we hope for is sleep. Besides the best of everything always come short, and I think that’s what makes it special.

Monday, June 08, 2009

Making Your Own Widget for Your blog with WOWZIO

WOWZIO has some widgets that you can customize and create for your blog. Best of all it’s free. No registration required and it can be done quickly. Almost all blog with JavaScript enabled can install Wowzio’s widget. As far as I know, only free accounts from are not allowed to install Wowzio’s widget.

There are several types of widget available that you can install to your blog. You have the option to choose gallery widget, panoramic slideshow widget, live activity widget, tag cloud widget and feed content widget. Depends on how your blog is, you might want to choose carefully which widget to use. Space is limited and valuable, so choose wisely.

Gallery widget and panoramic slideshow widget capture photos in your blog post and display the latest 50 photos you upload. All the photos display will link back to the corresponding post. This type of widget is best use when photos are one of the main attraction or discussion for your blog. Examples of blogs that suitable for using this widget are travel, food, celebrities and product reviews.

Live activity widget shows a list of your latest visitors. It shows visitors’ location and the post they are reading. This type of widget actually let your visitors know what’s hot in your blog. It’s a human nature of curiosity to check out why this post is view by others. So your viewers might just read more post after this widget is install.

As for the tag cloud widget and feed content widget, there’s nothing new about it as one is to create a tag cloud and another is to display the content of your blog. Good thing is that you get to use these features if your blog doesn’t have it.

Currently, I’m more interested in the gallery widget or panoramic slideshow widget. I’m planning to test it out on my other blog. Let’s just see how it goes.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

The Black Hole within us

After long hours of work or having too much coffee, most of us might dream of having “The Black Hole” thing. The truth is we just need a break. A break from all these repeated same old fashion work load and the same old coffee taste. What will you do if you’re getting a piece of “Black Hole” as seen above? Perhaps put it on the floor and jump into it and see how deep it goes? Or perhaps change your job as a “Breaking an entry” profession? No matter what it is that you going to, this piece of “Black Hole” are going to change your life. Changes in life might be good or bad, depends on how you see it. At the end of the day you just need to feel happy about it and able to sleep well at night. The last thing that you ever wanted is getting caught or trap inside the changes or decision you made, unless you’re fine with it.