Tuesday, June 29, 2010

More studies that show Coffee is Good for you

    According to an article Coffee's Mysterious Benefits Mount from Yahoo news, it seems that coffee has lot more that we expected. If you're a constant regular coffee drinker that needs at least 2~3 cups of coffee per day, then you should check out the article. Well, I'm not encouraging you to drink more coffee but just like to share this article with you so that you can enjoy your favorite coffee comfortably. First of all you have a 39% decreased risk of head and neck cancer. Coffee can help to prevent the neural degeneration associated with brain disorders and aging. Coffee also reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and lower the risk of stroke. As far as most studies and research shown, drinking coffee might just help prevent some diseases.

    Well, let's just say nothing is perfect. When there is a good side, there is a bad side. We have to know the bad side of drinking coffee so that we can manage it. The one thing that we all worries about drinking too much coffee is the amount of caffeine consume. Having too much caffeine can lead to headaches, jitters and a racing heartbeat. So no matter how much we love our coffee, it's wise to control between 2~3 cups per day.

P/S: I prefer to have a cup of coffee in the morning during breakfast. If the kick is not enough, I might have another cup after lunch and that's it. I won't try to get another cup of coffee after sun down. That's my way of having my cup of favorite coffee without over dose.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Protect your Smartphone During World Cup Event FREE

The group matches for the World Cup 2010 event almost at the end. Next will be the play off and that’s where the real excitement of World Cup begins. During this period, those of you that are in South Africa watching and having fun with the World Cup event for the entire month, here’s a FREE security protection for your Smartphone from Kaspersky Mobile Security. You may download Kaspersky Mobile Security 9 and get your FREE supporter’s code for FREE.

    It’s not just a simple mobile antivirus program. Kaspersky Mobile Security helps to protect and recover your Smartphone if it’s stolen. One of the functions is remotely block your phone if it is stolen or lost. All you have to do is just send a SMS to your phone and the software will block your device to stop others from accessing the content. You can even locate your Smartphone using GPS Find. Finally if the thief tries to replace the SIM card within, a function call SIM Watch will immediately block the device and send you and email with the new number. Once you have the new phone number, it will be easy for you to track down the phone.

    I think it’s very important to have an antivirus program install in a Smartphone. In fact antivirus program is very much needed for a Smartphone then a notebook. Other than worry about your Smartphone stolen and having programs that can help you recover it, you should be worry about the potential of having the content of your Smartphone stolen. The reason is that information can be easily stolen when it is using WIFI connection without setting any password. In other words if you’re connecting online using WIFI without any password protection, all the activities and information that you carry out are expose. Others can easily obtain all the information by using a simple hacking program. That includes your account number, user login id, password that you use to access your bank account online. Sounds dangerous? Yes, it is. Here are a few simple actions that you can do to prevent your information stolen online with your Smartphone.

  • Disable all your wireless connection when not in use. That includes WIFI and Bluetooth.
  • Try not to use any WIFI connection without any password protection. Still if you have to use it, don’t perform any activities involve banking, credit card, money and other important information. Make sure there’s nothing important in your Smartphone too.
  • Always update your Smartphone application, browsers and security programs.

P/S: That goes the same when accessing internet using your notebook WIFI.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

A simple, easy, safe way to become wealthy holding a low pay job

Yes, you can be wealthy even holding a low paying job. Anything is possible. You just have to know the right method to do it. I saw the article title A Simple Way to Become Wealthy at Yahoo Finance and actually agreed with the method explained. According to the article we just have to treat saving and investing like a bill and setup an automatic allotment from out paycheck. I think it’s basically a simple trick to change your mind set to make it a must instead of “do it when have extra money”. Once you’re committed to make certain percentage of your paycheck for investment, you’ll do it no matter what. It might be difficult at the beginning but once you get use to it after a few months, it just feels like taking a lower pay. If you set your salary to transfer a percentage of funds for investing automatically right after you get pay, you might not even realize the difference. All you have to sacrifice is just a couple of party beers and drive a less expensive car that’s all. If you’re able to maintain and keep on the habit of investing for more than 10 years, you’ll be rewarded.

    As for investment, you may choose mutual funds or other automatic investment. Some people even treat purchasing insurance, property or transport as a way of investment. From one point of view, it is said purchasing the above items makes you trap in a rat race of being slave by the bank. That means you borrow lots of money from the bank and the bank owns you. For some people, they just think of it as owning stuff now rather than 10 years later. Well, it’s not own by them but able to use it right now. I did ask the question why and this is what I get in return. “I’m just paying more for the banks to take care of my investment. If I don’t make it as I must pay up or I’ll risk losing everything, then I might spend all the money I earn.” I suppose this is call taking up a pressure or a risk to make a person hold on to the responsibility effectively.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Free Premium PSD High Resolution Downloads from Premium PSD

Honestly I never know what PSD stands for until I did an online check. PSD actually stands for Photoshop Document. According to Wikipedia it’s a Photoshop’s native format which stores an image with support for most imaging options available. What I found here is a website call Premium PSD that gives FREE downloads of PSD together with website template.

    I browse through the website and it seems the templates are very nicely design. Some of the PSD template examples are Scrap cars web template, yoga web template, industrial web template, interior decoration web template, business solution web template, new day company web template and many more. If you’re looking for high quality free PSD templates, I suppose you can check out Premium PSD. Once you’ve downloaded the PSD template that you like to use, be sure to give it some tune and modification so that it becomes different from the original version. I suppose you’re not the only one that makes use of this free PSD web template. A little bit of modification can make the web template unique and at least visitors won’t find another similar website.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

South Africa 2010 World Cup Event Prediction

This month is going to be soccer fever all over the world. South Africa 2010 World Cup Event already started. There are about 64 matches available and the world is currently focusing on South Africa. The matches already started but still I think the excitement still not as much as I predicted. Not to mention the boring open ceremony and couple of boring matches, still I’m hoping to see some excitement later on. It is very clear to me that most potential World Cup teams are trying to preserve their energy and strength before entering the play off. That is why we can see some low performance matches at the beginning. I suppose that’s the strategy use for some teams to pursuit champion in this World Cup event. People often said the ball is round sphere and it can go any way without any hints. Anything can happen within a soccer match including an upset. I suppose that’s makes this event interesting and exciting. 

    I know that lots of people are betting each other just to make the game exciting. I’m not encouraging you all to bet on a game as it’s not a healthy activity, but still just don’t overdo it. Instead of putting money on bets, here’s a website that you can check out to increase your game excitement. FIFA 2010 Soccer World Cup Prediction Manager enables users to place their prediction on the soccer game results. You just have to login and predict the results of each match to win points. The points you gain can then be use to win yourself an Xbox 360 Elite game console. By the way, it’s FREE to sign up. I think this is much better then placing your money on the matches.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Having Coffee or Green Tea when Blogging

No doubt every morning having a cup of coffee is a must for me. That’s the first thing that I need to kick start my work. But a cup of coffee is not going to last long for a day. I’ll finish the cup of coffee within an hour or less. If I’m still feeling sleepy after my lunch break then I might consider having another cup of coffee. Still that’s only two cup of coffee for a day. If you’re looking for extra beverages other then coffee to company with your work, it will be best to choose green tea. That’s what I’m having right after my cup of favorite coffee. It really eases the taste after and before any meals. Best of all green tea has lots of stuff that are good for human body.

Check out this article that I found from Yahoo title – Nine reasons to drink green tea daily on shine. The nine reasons to drink green tea basically can be summarize as superb fat fighter, burn belly fat, stabilize energy, helps against lung cancer, halt colorectal cancer, causes prostate cancer cells to commit suicide, prevent skin damage and wrinkling, kill free radicals and taste good. Well, I’m not sure if the above mention true or not but there is couple of things that I’m sure about green tea. First of all green tea really helps in reducing my belly fat and control my weight. I was gaining weight when I started blogging full time. Right after I start having green tea daily my weight seems to be under control, especially the size of my belly fat as I can feel that my jeans are getting loose. Second it helps comfort my lung and throat. Due to the structure of my nose, I’m always experiencing running nose and caught issues. I have to say, a cup of green tea helps reduce the itchiness more effectively compare to the medicine sold in the drugs store. I have been consuming green tea daily for years and I still love it as I’m writing this post.

What will you answer when you’re asked “Coffee or Tea?” I probably will say “Coffee first and follow up with Green Tea.”

P/S: There are lots of different green tea brands on the market. If you’re looking for a good quality tasty green tea, be sure to spend little bit extra money to get those green tea that are produce and import from Japan. Just try it out and you won’t regret it.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Free Installation Program and Online Application to convert PDF file to Word file

Lately, a lot of my friends keep on asking me if there is a way to convert pdf file format to Microsoft word format. I did a little research online and found out some free online tools that we can use and a program that we can use for free. I think most of you will be interested in this information so I decide to make a post about it. First are the free online tools that enable users to convert pdf file format to Microsoft word format for free.

Second is the free program that you’re able to install and make full use of it.

The program support encrypted pdf files conversion and does not require Mirosoft word and Adobe Acrobat. The program is worth about $30 but you can get the keycode for free by just becomes a Fan at Facebook. You’ll have to click on like to enable the free keycode download.

Monday, June 07, 2010

Free Premium Wordpress Themes from RichWP

RichWP is currently giving out their premium Wordpress themes for FREE before they release the next generation RichWP themes on Mid-June. All the Wordpress themes are free to download but you have to sign up by providing your first name and email. You may check out their feature Wordpress themes and live demo before downloading. Some of the features Wordpress themse are Affiliate theme, Superblogger theme, BigNews theme, Daily News theme, Magazine theme, Personal Agency theme, photo theme, Rich blog theme, Rich Corp theme, RichBiz theme, ShowCase theme, BlogBeast theme and many more. The themes are worth between $69.90 ~ $127.00. So don’t miss out these FREE valuable Wordpress themes.

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Brad Pitt, Coffee and the Photostat Machine

I love coffee. I like Brad Pitt too. I might hate the photostat machine sometimes. I actually did think of doing what Brad Pitt did in this commercial. But still dare not do it. Perhaps the only time that I might try that is when I'm fired. Lucky that it's coffee we're having. It might be worst if it's beer that we're having.

Thursday, June 03, 2010

IPad Magic? IPad is more than just magic

It’s fun to watch this video clip of IPad magic. I suppose many people can do that. It’s the question of who did it first which makes the different. By the way, I think the magic is simple. What makes it interesting is the IPad. You can be very popular if you can think of a new way to use IPad. In this case it’s call IPad for magic. Anybody wanna try out IPad for cooking, IPad for fortune telling, IPad for training, IPad for running or any other ideas? The one that can come out with the most unique way of using IPad can be the next online sensation. That’s for sure.

P/S: Before that you have to get yourself an IPad.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Check if your blog or website is working properly

Do you know if your blog or website is working properly? Your blog or website might be looking good and functioning properly from your monitor, but are you sure your blog or website can be seen properly from the other side of the world? Well, if you’re not sure or convinced, you should try using Is My Blog Working? There is lots of information that you can gather regarding your blog or website using this website. Some of the information that you’ll gather are web server IP, RSS availability, robot.txt, pages indexed by Google search engine, pages indexed by Bing search engine and some other technical information. By the way you can even find out the loading speed of your blog or website. Well, if you’re not sure what you’ll looking at. Just check if you have more green right tick then Red Cross or orange triangle. A properly function blog or website is supposed to have lots of green right tick.

    There is one interesting part that you should check out. When you try to run this tool with your blog or website, try checking it out with and without WWW. You might get a different result.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Free Online Web Templates Generator From doTemplate

doTemplate is a free online web template generator created by a company that based in Paris. There are lots of free web templates available and best of all you can design and customize the templates any way you like. The free online web template generator is very easy to use. You don’t have to learn about programming language. All you have to do is click, select, cut, paste and arrange. You can change the title, slogan, fonts and even upload your own images. Just remember to host your images somewhere else like Picasa as images store in doTemplate is just temporally. All the templates available in doTempate are compliant with XHTML and CSS standards. That means your website will be search engine friendly. By the way, you can use the templates for your blogger account. Just check out the BloggerHelp link from doTemplate for detail instructions. The process is fairly easy. Just that you need to host you images at Picasa. Check out the video demo on how the templates are created and customize using the free online web template generator. I’m sure you’ll like it too.