Friday, August 27, 2010

A Good Taste of Coffee at The Beach Hospital

Lately I have been running The Beach Hospital in Ipoh frequently because of my parents. Although it's not a big deal as it's just some simple check up and regular observation, but still it really does takes up a lot of time. Sometimes we have to wait for one whole day or more then 8 hours. As there are basically nothing that I can do but wait, I often did my waiting at a small cafe located somewhere around The Beach Hospital.

    The cafe is just a small scale of stall which only sells some coffee and desserts. As you can see in the picture, that's just about everything the cafe have. There aren't many customers because mostly these people did not come for the coffee. Most customers, just like me are here because of other reason. We all have a common goal, just that we are taking a break from waiting. We try to relax and have a cup of coffee. I ordered a regular cup of coffee and a small slice of cheese cake to go along with it. Well, to my surprise the price is a lot lower then I expected. It's definitely a lot cheaper then having coffee from those famous franchise coffee shop. I was served with a cup of black coffee, couple pack of sugar, a small cup of creamer and of cause the small slice of cheese cake. My second surprise starts here. The coffee actually taste good. It's not local Malaysia brew coffee where you have the strong taste and kick. It taste more like foreign coffee similar with those that you get from Starbucks, Coffee Bean or MacDonald. After mixing the black coffee with sugar and creamer, it taste much better. I happened to enjoy the cup of coffee for about half an hour. Although I have a lot of time to enjoy the coffee, unfortunately coffee taste good only when it's hot. I have no choice but to finish the coffee while it still taste good.

    I suppose coffee taste better when you have time to enjoy it. Well, in my situation my intention was to kill time rather then spare my time particularly for the coffee. Perhaps one other ingredient that makes coffee taste better is the waiting.

P/S: Hospitals are well known about bad taste of food. I'm glad that I still manage to find some good coffee while waiting. I don't suppose I can convince you to take a trip specially to The Beach Hospital in Ipoh just to try out the coffee. But if you really need to stop by there, try out the coffee. It might helps to make you feel better.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Google Adsense in Your City Location Boston

Some of the things that come to my mind when I read the word Boston are Larry Bird, Boston legal, The Celtics and Etc. I've been to Boston once during my collage time. Hopefully I get to go back again in future. I'll have to wait until I make enough money with Google Adsense. It's kind of sad that the program Adsense in Your City is only available in US. I hope that one day Google can launch a program call Adsense in Your country. I'll definitely do my best to participate even if it's going to take 4~5 hours of traveling. Just like what is mention at the Boston Adsense In Your City event, the best part of the event is the meet up. It's great to share the experience with people who have the same interest with Google Adsense. Stories of how publishers obtain the life of their choice through the money they make from Google Adsense really give motivation and inspiring. I suppose the one goal that most of us have in common when decided to make a living with money earn from Google Adsene is to spend more time with family. Still I have to say it's not easy to achieve success in this field, especially if you're not staying in the US. It takes a lot more time and effort to actually get to where you wanted. Before you arrive at the position mention by those publishers at the cocktail reception and individual optimization sessions, there is a huge mountain that you need to go over. Never the less the rewards received are far greater than most of the jobs available. And it's not just money that we are referring but also time and freedom of choice.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Free Website Templates at OpenDesign

I just like to introduce a website call OpenDesigns where you can download thousands of free website templates. OpenDesigns basically is a community oriented website where people can share their free website templates design, discuss about the design and promote their services. You may stop by and download free website templates or sign up to participate in the forum. There are lots of free website templates from ecommerce, blog, portal, artistic, business, personal, education, gallery and many more. You may use the search tool provided to look for the free website template of your choice. By the way the free website templates are design using XHTML 1.0 traditional, Strict and XHTML 1.1. If you’re a freelancer who design website template, perhaps you can check out the forum. It’s a good place to promote your design and services. Plus it’s a place to share and get to know other website template designers too.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Cleaning Windows Registry with FREE WinASO RegDefrag Program

There is couple of things that we have to do always in order to keep our computer running smooth and fast. This couple of things is Registry cleaning and Defragment. We can easily perform defragment as there is tool available for free which comes together with Windows operation program. Registry cleaning is the one tool that users don’t get for free. We actually have to purchase the registry cleaning program to do the work. Currently there are lots of free registry cleaning program online but still you have to know how to find them. Here is one FREE program call WinASO RegDefrag which enables users to clean up registry as well as performing defragment.

    WinASO RegDefrag is a FREE program which can compact and defragment your registry by removing the registry holes and optimize the registry structure. It’s a small program with the size about 1.5 MB. The program supports Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7. If you are using your computer for more than a year and haven’t been performing registry cleaning, I strongly suggest that you download the program and do the cleaning. It’s not just you’ll find your computer runs faster after the cleaning. You will also reduce the possibility of operation system crashing.

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Public DNS Server Tool for changing DNS server in your computer fast

Lately there are 3 popular DNS that offers faster, safer and reliable connection. The 3 popular DNS are Norton DNS Public Beta, Google Public DNS and OpenDNS. DNS or global Domain Name System is an important part of the web’s infrastructure. It acts like a phone book. That means if you’re using a good phone book, it will make your search easier. The 3 popular DNS listed above are good but sometimes you just have to switch between those 3 DNS. That’s because due to some other reasons like your online location, some DNS might not work as good as they claim. Thus there is a need to change DNS from time to time. Now here’s the problem with changing DNS. You have to remember the IP address and fill the numbers. It’s an annoying process if you always changing it. Here’s a small utility tool that might make your life easier. Public DNS Server Tool is a small utility design for changing DNS server fast and easy. Currently there is seven preset pair of DNS servers ready for you to choose once install. The seven preset pair of DNS servers is Google Public DNS, OpenDNS, OpenDNS Family Shield, Norton DNS, Comodo Secure DNS, Scrub DNS and DNS Advantage. Yan can also manually set your own group of DNS servers. Once you’ve set the DNS servers all you need to do is choose from the option listed and click on it. All the changes will be done by just a click. By the way Public DNS server tool is compatible with Windows XP, Vista and 7.

Monday, August 02, 2010

FREE SpyDLLRemover to help remove DLL spywares

SpyDLLRemover is a standalone tool that effectively detects and deletes DLL spywares from your computer. You can use this tool even at Microsoft latest operating system Windows 7. The best thing about this tool is that it’s free. Run the tool and check if you have any DLL spywares install in your computer. You might be surprise with the results. Don’t be so sure that your computer is safe as long as you have antivirus installed. Honestly I think that only gives you 50% protection. You need to install an addition spyware removal program just like SpyDLLRemover to give you the other 50% of protection.