Thursday, December 30, 2010

The End of 2010 and The Beginning of 2011

A lot of things have been going on in 2010 and lots of changes throughout the last 12 month. Still the only thing that is not changing is my coffee. I’m still having my favorite coffee every morning. Each year when it comes to the last day of the year, it’s review time. It’s a time to look back of what we did and what improvement we should do. At most we should prepare ourselves to do better next year. This year I promise myself to work hard on blogging. I manage to write at least 2 posts a day and I hope to write at least 3 blog posts per day in 2011. My online income has improved and stable at the moment, but still haven’t reach my minimum target amount. I hope that my online earning will increase drastically next year so that I can get on with my other plans. There are lots of things that I’m hoping to achieve next year, but I have to do it one at a time step by step.

This year I manage to bring at least 3 of my blogs in the first two pages of Google search results for some keywords. I suppose next year will be focus more on making use of the traffic to make money. Frankly speaking, I will need some income to invest on my blogs and make it better. If I really want to make blogging as my full time job, I need to make enough money to survive so that I can continue blogging. The main goal is not about making a lot of money, it’s about making enough money to do what I like. In my case, it’s simply just blogging.

Monday, December 27, 2010

The one that preparing our favorite coffee

As a coffee lover, we tend to be the one standing in front of the coffee bar or cash counter paying for our cup of favorite coffee. We enjoy watching our coffee being prepare and smell the flavor before tasting it. I suppose that’s the most enjoyable period in the early morning before working.

Have you ever wonder what it’s like taking the opposite side of receiving the coffee? Yes, the one who needs to wake up much earlier having the job of preparing the coffee for thousands of people who are on their way to work. I have been writing from my point of view as a coffee drinker, coffee taster, coffee buyer and coffee evaluator. Now let us hear the voice from the one that serving our favorite coffee.

This is a letter especially for coffee House customers.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Free up Computer Resources with Appsmake AppBooster

When it comes to playing game like World of Warcraft online, you need an updated computer with high performance. Especially with the latest release of Cataclysm expansion version, you’ll also need a good video card and updated software driver. If you’re trying to run the game in your 2 years old computer, you might need to tune your computer setting to free as many resources as possible for the game. One way to do this is to use AppBooster from Appsmaker.

AppBooster is able to boots up your memory, CPU performance and internet connection speed by disabling unnecessary programs and hardware support temporally. Some of the programs and hardware that you’re able to disable includes Bluetooth, printer, mobile devices, scanner, help support programs and many more. The basic edition is FREE to download and it’s more than enough to free up lots of resources.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Coffee with Alcohol

I never try much on coffee with alcohol but for some of the coffee alcohol that my friend introduce, it taste good. Especially during Christmas season when the weather is cold, a hot cup of coffee with alcohol can warm you up. Coffee with alcohol is suitable when friends and family getting together for a drink. It’s definitely not when I’m trying to stay awake trying to complete my work. Plain simple black coffee is still the only one for me during working hour. Here a post about “Coffee Drinks and Coffee Drink Recipes with Alcohol” which you can try to make on this holiday season. Enjoy it with your friends and family. Merry Christmas.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Does the flavor of the coffee affected by the altitude of the location grown?

Although the geography location of coffee grown is in the tropical, but the altitude of the location might affect the flavors. According to the post “The Effect of Altitude on Coffee Flavor”, the altitude of which coffee is grown contributes significantly to a coffee’s taste profile. I never did included altitude as a factor of the flavors until I read the post. I do believe the soil and water of the location grown affects the flavor. Well, there’s only one way to find out if it’s true or not. We just have to go ahead and taste the coffee with different altitude. It will be better to make sure that the soil and water is the same so that we only have altitude as variable to really confirm that altitude affects the flavor. There is a chart in the post above which explains the flavors with different altitude. It seems that the flavor of the coffee taste better in a higher altitude.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Having creamer for your Coffee

I’m not a fan of coffee creamer because most of the time I just enjoy having plain simple black coffee. A simple black coffee without sugar or creamer allows me to taste the original flavor of the coffee. For some of you coffee lovers, who like to include sugar and creamer, make sure that you’re consuming them right and in a small range. Having too much sugar or creamer might not be good to our health. Especially when you’re purchasing creamer from the stores, you might want to check out the ingredients of the creamer before using them.

If you’re a coffee lover that goes with coffee creamer, perhaps you might want to make your own coffee creamer. Homemade coffee creamer will definitely taste better and healthier. Check out the post title “Homemade Coffee Creamer” from Deliciously Organic and you’ll find some recipe for homemade coffee creamer. I think this is just a basic recipe. But for a start it’s good enough to get you create your own coffee creamer. You may use this recipe as a basic to start create your own flavors of coffee creamer. Having a list of homemade coffee creamer to serve your guest and yourself will be nice.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Get $3 Free in MP3 Downloads from Amazon

Amazon is giving out $3 Free for MPS downloads. It might be a bit rush because by the time that I find out this offer, you have less than a day to clam the credit. The promotion actually offered for a limited time from November 22nd 2010 12AM PST until November 29 2010 11:59PM PST. You must redeem the credit right before the given time. You can use the money to purchase MP3s sold at Unfortunately this promotion is offered for US citizens with billing addresses in the 50 United States. That’s too bad for those who stay outside of US, but I’m sure most of you have other ways to get your favorite songs for FREE. By the way for those who are able to redeem the promotion, you need to enter the given code to get the FREE $3.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Norton Safe Web for Facebook

It’s a surprise to see that Norton appears in Facebook too. There are two things that went through my mind when I discover this. Either Norton is using this method to advertise in Facebook or it’s just not safe to play around Facebook without any protection. Honestly I think there is a little bit of both mention above. No doubt Facebook is not a safe place to click around. If you’re a frequent user of Facebook, I’m sure you’ve seen or even experience the auto post of pages that you can’t delete. Although that’s not a treat to your own PC but it really does disturb the usage of Facebook. As Norton Safe Web is FREE to use, so it’s no harm trying it out. One thing that I’m concern is that we need to grant access for Norton to go through our profile and information. Once you’ve install the application, you can see that Norton Safe Web will go through all the feeds and links posted in your Facebook.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Online Checklist to get things done

Have you ever used a checklist to complete your tasks? I still remember I used to do this using the old fashion way. That is to write out all the things I need to do on a piece of paper. It more like a reminder paper than a checklist. But still I think that’s the best method I can think of back then.

    Now I don’t have to write my own checklist as I’ve found one website that has the checklist that I needed. It might not be perfect but at least it’s better than the checklist that I used. The checklist website has a lot of categories. The categories include automotive checklists, business checklists, computer checklists, employment checklists, event checklists, family checklists, finance checklists, health checklists, home checklists, personal checklists, recreation checklists, safety checklists, sports checklists and travel checklists. Those are just the general checklists. You’ll get a more detail checklist if you click on those categories.

    Although the checklist website is a simple tool, it still works the same as the old fashion way. The checklist website is free but you are required to sign up for an account.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Get a Free Blog at Weblog

Weblog is another free blog hosting service just like Wordpress. I think you’ll find lots of similar features and display just like Wordpress. Everything is free unless you want to use your own domain name or upgrade your hosting services. Some of the attractive key features at Weblog are as below:

  • 2 Gigabytes of file storage
  • Lots of Custom Theme
  • Integrated stats
  • Built in SEO
  • Spam protection
  • Easy importing
  • Link management
  • Cross blog communication support
  • Comments
  • Premium service
  • Pages
  • Plugins and widgets
  • Ping support
  • Multiple authors
  • Privacy
  • Full user registration

If you have experience working at Wordpress, I suppose you have no problem using Weblog. It save you lots of time learning to blog at Weblog as everything is almost the same as Wordpress. You may check out Weblog Alexa ranking and traffic data. Although Weblog might not as popular as Wordpress and Blogger but still Weblog attracts a lot of traffic under the keyword free blog.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Coffee School for those interested in opening own coffee shop

Are you interested in opening your own coffee shop? If you have no idea on how and where to start, perhaps you may attend a coffee school to learn all about it. The coffee school that you can consider attending is The American Barista & Coffee School.

    Does it necessary to go for a coffee school to start and run a small coffee shop? Well, in my opinion if you can spare the time, effort and investment, why not? Honestly you can learn all the necessary skills and methods from anybody who has experience in opening up a coffee shop. That’s not a difficult thing to achieve. The most important part is gaining the connection and continues supports from every party throughout your coffee serving career. There are lots of benefits in attending The American Barista & Coffee School which you can find listed in the website. I believe it’s very difficult or impossible if you’re planning to open a coffee shop just by yourself. Most coffee shops are franchised which makes them very hard to compete. It’s like taking up a platoon of army alone. In order to compete with these coffee giants and survive, you’ll need all the help that you can get. That means other than learning all the skills, formulas and methods from the school. You need to setup your own connection. Especially if you want to start your own unique style of coffee shop, you need all the help you can get from the school, schoolmates or maybe people who has the same dream which opens up same style of coffee shop just like you.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Syphon Coffee Site Seeing

Before having a taste of Syphon coffee, watching the preparation process is an enjoyment. It's like having coffee with your eyes. At the beginning we enjoy watching the cup of coffee making in process. We see the coffee. During the process of preparing the cup of coffee using Syphon method, we can smell the coffee right after the coffee powder is pour into the hot water. As we prepare ourselves for the taste of the cup of coffee, our coffee addiction and desire are well stir up by the smell of the coffee and interesting preparation. I suppose the taste of Syphon coffee will taste as good as we think... eventually.

The Syphon Project from Jacob Forrest on Vimeo

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Beer 101 Class Education

Beer is one of my favorite drinks other than coffee. Beer is for fun, coffee is for work. Both drinks have their own purpose and needs. Although I learn to drink beer during my university life but I did not take any course about beer. I honestly think that university should include beer as a course in the study. We should treat beer the same like sex education. Having too much beer or drinking beer the wrong way can be dangerous. It’s all about learning the necessary knowledge to face the world that fills with beer. This website Beer 101 might not be what we expected but still we can learn something about Beer.

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Coffee and the Cup

It’s a nice lovely cup, but what matters most is the coffee. I prefer to have a good delicious coffee with a great smell in a simple pain white coffee cup. I suppose I just cannot take it when the cup looks good but the coffee taste bad. Of cause it will be best to have a nice brew coffee in a nice looking cup. If I cannot have both, I’ll go for the taste of coffee instead of the looks of the cup.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Coffee House Used in the Scene of Japan Drama

I love to watch Japan Drama. One of my favorite Japan dramas is “Yasashii Jikan”. The scene was taken in couple of small coffee shop located in Hokkaido. That’s a location where you’ll experience summer, winter, autumn and spring. Take a look at the video and imagine if you’re able to have coffee in this coffee house from autumn to winter. The best part of this coffee house is the location where it situated in the forest. The windows of the coffee shop are extremely large as you can enjoy the scenery outside. Especially during autumn and winter, the brown color leaves and the white snow are the best scenes you get. These beautiful scenes are best enjoyed with a nice cup of coffee. If you have a chance to go Japan and Hokkaido, find the coffee house. You won’t regret it.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Coffee Prince is not about Coffee

This Coffee Prince is not about coffee. It's about the love story, the cute girls and handsome boys. 

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Write and prepare Resume with Emurse

Emurse is a website that I found which enable users to built and create resume. The website allows users to create, share and store resume free online. Users can built an online identity and send out resume by just a click. Emurse also acts as a job seeker that helps users to identify suitable open position. It’s a simple website that basically helps users to find a better job. Please check out the resources section as there is lots of valuable information available especially for fresh graduate who just started looking for job.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Save Money using Free Printable Retail Stores Coupons

One way to reduce the money you spend on groceries is to use discounts coupons. Here’s a website call Wow Coupons which provides free printable retails stores coupons. You may print out the coupons of your favorite major retail stores and go shopping. You don’t have to sign up or wait for the coupons arrive at your mailbox. You can just print these free coupons right at your home using your printer and bring it to the shops. Some of the popular stores are Wal-Mart, Kohls, Verizon Wireless, Macys, Sears, Toys R Us and many more. Check out the FREE coupons that you can use before going shopping or grocery and you might save few hundred dollars a month.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

What is your favorite type of Coffee?

According to an article “Your choice in coffee says much about you”, it seems the choice of you coffee can explain some of your personality. True or not, you decide. Below are the types of coffee the article uses.

  • Espresso
  • Black Coffee
  • Latte
  • Cappuccino
  • Instant Coffee
  • Frappuccino
  • Decaf soy milk
  • Non coffee drinker

P/S: I’m a black coffee drinker. How about you?

Friday, September 24, 2010

McAfee on Secure URL Shortener

Recognized this logo? That’s one of the popular antivirus programs McAfee. It seems that McAfee has a service call Secure URL Shortener. The website is still in Beta progress but you are still able to create a short URL from the website. I think the purpose of this website is to create URL shortener which is safe to use. Perhaps there are just too many people using URL shortener to promote website that contains virus. Although Secure URL Shortener is a free service, all URL crated will carry a frame which display McAfee. Given that this is a free service which gives safety URL, a small advertisement display in the frame is a fair trade.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Free Blogger Templates from Deluxe Templates

You can find lots of FREE Blogger templates at Deluxe Templates from one column layout to three column layout. Although the designs are simple but each of the templates is unique. You can try the live demo to see the actually effects of the templates before downloading them. If you have no idea on which templates to select, check out the most downloaded templates section. The most popular downloaded templates should be the best looking templates available. If you decided to use these FREE templates, it’s better to edit the design a bit so that it won’t look alike as many people are using them too. Check out the blogger tutorials and FAQs section if you have trouble installing the FREE Blogger template. There are also lots of tips and guides available too on making your Blogger blog better. Some of the tips and guides are how to install forum, favicon and contact form.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Less Than 24 hours to Download Streaming Video Recorder for FREE

You have less than 24 hours to download Aiseesoft Streaming Video Recorder for FREE. Actually you have only 18 hours and 30 minutes left to download this software for FREE right after this post is release. Basically this software is able to capture videos from YouTube, Google Video, Yahoo Video and many other online video streaming website and convert them into formats like MP4, AVI, FLAC, VOB and many more. This software also has a build in video player which enable user to watch video online or downloaded video. User may also capture snapshots and save it as JPEG, BMP or GIF. If you’re always working and dealing with online streaming video, perhaps this is the time for you to get this software for FREE. By the way Aiseesoft Streaming Video Recorder cost $28.00 after 24 hours.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Extra Double Shot Strong Coffee for the Night

When I’m rushing for my work later at night, coffee is all I want for company. It helps me awake and focus on my work. No doubt extra strong coffee will be good. Whenever I’m going through this situation, my parents will start calling me an owl, an owl with lots of coffee.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Vacuum Coffee Maker and the Coffee

According to Wikipedia the free encyclopedia online, “A vacuum coffee maker brews coffee using two chambers where vapor pressure and vacuum produce coffee which is clean, crisp, rich and smooth compared to other brewing method.” Is this really true? I love coffee. I search for a good cup of coffee where ever I go. A $10 cup of coffee or a $2 cup of coffee, it doesn’t matter as long as it tastes good. Honestly I don’t think a good cup of coffee is determined by the price. Some coffee can taste as bad even at a high price. A good cup of coffee can also be found right at any coffee house as long as all the condition of brewing good coffee met. So what’s so special about coffee that brews from a vacuum coffee maker? I think it also call Siphon coffee. I never try it before and I’m hoping to find a coffee shop that makes Siphon coffee. If you’re a coffee lover and have tried Siphon coffee, please suggest your favorite coffee shop so that I can pay a visit. It will be nice if such a coffee shop is available in Singapore.

P/S: Once I’ve experience and get a taste of Siphon coffee, I’ll let you know if it’s worth all the effort or not. As a coffee lover, definitely have to try our Siphon coffee.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Protect yourself when going for a job interview

When we go for a job interview, we tend to have a mindset to do whatever it takes to get the job interview success. Especially when we desperately need the job to cover debts and feed the family, we’ll say yes and take up any challenge. If you’re looking for a job and it’s the first time that you’re going for a job interview, you need to read this. According to an article from Yahoo Finance title “8 things employers aren’t allowed to ask you”, there are questions that consider personal and have nothing to do with the job. Below is the list of 8 questions.

  1. How old are you?
  2. Are you married?
  3. Are you a US citizen?
  4. Do you have any disabilities?
  5. Do you take drugs, smoke or drink?
  6. What religion do you practice?
  7. What is your race?
  8. Are you pregnant?

We know that employers want to know if our personal life affected our work performance or has a negative impact to our work. But still that’s not the reason to reject employment. We have to know our rights as an employee. Discrimination often took place all around us. Sadly not all cases are reported.

P/S: Although those are question that employers shouldn’t ask, you’ll find that many of them still ask. If they do, it’s better to find out why the question is asked. Sometimes it might just for the good intention for the employees’ health and benefits. At the end of the day, you’re not just trying to get a job but a working environment that suits you. It’s for your own sake.

Monday, September 13, 2010

The coffee looks just like beer...Nice

Coffee looks just like beer. That's just like mixing work with entertainment. I suppose that's the most enjoyable drinks that we can have. Mmmm...maybe somebody should create coffee beer.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Free Activate PDF to Word until 16th September

PDF to Word 3.0 was launched lately. For those of you that constantly converting PDF file to Word file, this is your chance to get a free activation code for this software. PDF to Word 3.0 application supports graphic objects such as line, curve and rectangle. It also preserves tables in PDF documents. Best of all it works fast in converting the files. This application is very useful for those trying to convert PDF file to word file for work. Nowadays lots of information are store and kept in PDF format so that users can’t make any changes or edit. Once you’re able to convert PDF file to word file, you can make any changes as you like. Please note that the FREE activation promotion expired on Sept 16th 2010. All you have to do is submit your email. The keycode and registration information will be sent to you along with the download URL.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

How Much Salary Should You get for your Job?

Economic is down, market is unpredictable and companies are tighten budget. For most people, it is considered to be good or lucky to be able to keep their current job. No doubt there is a big fluctuation of jobs around the world. Some jobs that used to be hot and highly demanded might not be as attractive as it used to be. Lots of new jobs and positions are on the rise depending on the location and market. There are lots of changes took place currently. One thing for sure, we learn that there is no absolute stable or safe jobs that we can work forever. Depending on the situation and market change, certain jobs can be outdated or lost in just a short period of time. In order to counter for the changes, we as an employee must keep on learning and update ourselves to cater for the change of work tasks. Relaying on just one single skill might just be too risky. The most common example that we experience is that careers we used to dream of when we were kids might not be as demanded as it used to be right after we graduated. Some jobs are just good and demanded only for a certain period of time.

    Given the situation job market right now, is it possible for us to ask for high salary? I suppose it depends on facts like your education level, company size, experience, location and the job market. If you’re trying to get the best deal of salary offered by company, perhaps you might want to check out this article call “Salary Secrets Your Employer Doesn’t Want You to Know”.  According to the article, there are certain points that you need to take note if you want to get a higher salary.

Employers don’t always offer a fair salary.
Well, I don’t think the word fair existed in employee’s dictionary when it comes to the issue of salary. There are 3 words that employees categorize the amount of salary given. They are “low”, “High” and “Enough to survive”. Obviously employees will only choose “High” or “Enough to survive”. Besides only employers mention the word fair salary, didn’t you realize?

You can negotiate your salary in a tight job market.
This depends on your boss and the company. As long as the company can afford it and you’re good in your job, there’s no reason why you can’t negotiate your salary. Besides the worst thing that you’ll get is just the word “Sorry” or “No”. After that just get back to work and wait for another right time to bring out the same topic again.

New hires sometimes earn more than long term employees.
I think this is the reason why employees are advice not to discuss their salary among each other.

Your performance doesn’t decide your pay
Well, I think employers will make you think it does but it’s not. As for all other reasons and factors which employers give to justified your salary, it’s still considering an excuse. The only way a company can maximize profits is minimize salary payout. So the only thing or shall I say the only person that decide your pay is your boss or the company. It’s just the matter of willingness.

    At the end of the day everything is business even between employer and employee. Employee is selling service and their time. Employer is buying services and work force. You need to be a good negotiator if you want a higher salary. Strictly speaking we are not working for company. We are actually working for ourselves.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Healthy Beverage other then Coffee

Coffee is my favorite, especially black coffee. As we all need to drink lots of water every day, coffee might not always my only choice. Having 1~2 cups of coffee per day is just nice. 6~7 cups of coffee per day is just too much. As we need to drink at least 6~7 cups of water per day, we can try other beverage besides coffee or just plain water. According to an article from Yahoo Health Title: Tired of Water? Read This!, 7 healthy beverages are introduce other then coffee.

  • Orange Juice – guards against heart disease.
  • Chamomile tea – keeps you calm.
  • Cranberry juice – prevent gum disease and urinary tract infections.
  • Chocolate milk – keeps abs flat.
  • Green tea – keeps weight steady.
  • Tomato Juice – lower cancer risk.
  • Black tea – helps fend off skin cancer.

Although I’m not so convincing with the results claim but those are definitely healthy beverages. Besides having just coffee and plain water, we could try to include the above beverages into our daily life. Take me as an example, I drink a cup of plain water immediately right after wake up. That’s to flush off things and cleans up my internals. My second cup of drinks will definitely coffee. That’s to wake me up and starts my engine for work. Once I finish my coffee, I’ll go for a cup of green tea right before lunch. I like the smooth and comfortable feeling of green tea because it keeps me away from coughing. During lunch I will either go for orange juice or another cup of coffee depending on my condition. Well, most of the time I’ll go for coffee if I have lots of work and I’m feeling a bit sleepy or tired. Afternoon tea time definitely will go for a cup of black tea. That’s suitable to prepare myself for any food for dinner. As for dinner, a cup of plain water is always my choice. Right before bed time I might consider a cup of chocolate milk. It helps fill up the gap when I’m having too little during dinner time.

    That’s basically how I enjoy my 7 cups of beverages. Although I did not cover all 7 healthy beverages listed above, but I coved 4 and that’s good enough. Once I’m getting bored with the drinks, I can switch to chamomile tea, cranberry juice and tomato juice. Perhaps not tomato juice as I don’t quite like tomato. What’s your 7 cups of drinks daily like?

Friday, August 27, 2010

A Good Taste of Coffee at The Beach Hospital

Lately I have been running The Beach Hospital in Ipoh frequently because of my parents. Although it's not a big deal as it's just some simple check up and regular observation, but still it really does takes up a lot of time. Sometimes we have to wait for one whole day or more then 8 hours. As there are basically nothing that I can do but wait, I often did my waiting at a small cafe located somewhere around The Beach Hospital.

    The cafe is just a small scale of stall which only sells some coffee and desserts. As you can see in the picture, that's just about everything the cafe have. There aren't many customers because mostly these people did not come for the coffee. Most customers, just like me are here because of other reason. We all have a common goal, just that we are taking a break from waiting. We try to relax and have a cup of coffee. I ordered a regular cup of coffee and a small slice of cheese cake to go along with it. Well, to my surprise the price is a lot lower then I expected. It's definitely a lot cheaper then having coffee from those famous franchise coffee shop. I was served with a cup of black coffee, couple pack of sugar, a small cup of creamer and of cause the small slice of cheese cake. My second surprise starts here. The coffee actually taste good. It's not local Malaysia brew coffee where you have the strong taste and kick. It taste more like foreign coffee similar with those that you get from Starbucks, Coffee Bean or MacDonald. After mixing the black coffee with sugar and creamer, it taste much better. I happened to enjoy the cup of coffee for about half an hour. Although I have a lot of time to enjoy the coffee, unfortunately coffee taste good only when it's hot. I have no choice but to finish the coffee while it still taste good.

    I suppose coffee taste better when you have time to enjoy it. Well, in my situation my intention was to kill time rather then spare my time particularly for the coffee. Perhaps one other ingredient that makes coffee taste better is the waiting.

P/S: Hospitals are well known about bad taste of food. I'm glad that I still manage to find some good coffee while waiting. I don't suppose I can convince you to take a trip specially to The Beach Hospital in Ipoh just to try out the coffee. But if you really need to stop by there, try out the coffee. It might helps to make you feel better.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Google Adsense in Your City Location Boston

Some of the things that come to my mind when I read the word Boston are Larry Bird, Boston legal, The Celtics and Etc. I've been to Boston once during my collage time. Hopefully I get to go back again in future. I'll have to wait until I make enough money with Google Adsense. It's kind of sad that the program Adsense in Your City is only available in US. I hope that one day Google can launch a program call Adsense in Your country. I'll definitely do my best to participate even if it's going to take 4~5 hours of traveling. Just like what is mention at the Boston Adsense In Your City event, the best part of the event is the meet up. It's great to share the experience with people who have the same interest with Google Adsense. Stories of how publishers obtain the life of their choice through the money they make from Google Adsense really give motivation and inspiring. I suppose the one goal that most of us have in common when decided to make a living with money earn from Google Adsene is to spend more time with family. Still I have to say it's not easy to achieve success in this field, especially if you're not staying in the US. It takes a lot more time and effort to actually get to where you wanted. Before you arrive at the position mention by those publishers at the cocktail reception and individual optimization sessions, there is a huge mountain that you need to go over. Never the less the rewards received are far greater than most of the jobs available. And it's not just money that we are referring but also time and freedom of choice.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Free Website Templates at OpenDesign

I just like to introduce a website call OpenDesigns where you can download thousands of free website templates. OpenDesigns basically is a community oriented website where people can share their free website templates design, discuss about the design and promote their services. You may stop by and download free website templates or sign up to participate in the forum. There are lots of free website templates from ecommerce, blog, portal, artistic, business, personal, education, gallery and many more. You may use the search tool provided to look for the free website template of your choice. By the way the free website templates are design using XHTML 1.0 traditional, Strict and XHTML 1.1. If you’re a freelancer who design website template, perhaps you can check out the forum. It’s a good place to promote your design and services. Plus it’s a place to share and get to know other website template designers too.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Cleaning Windows Registry with FREE WinASO RegDefrag Program

There is couple of things that we have to do always in order to keep our computer running smooth and fast. This couple of things is Registry cleaning and Defragment. We can easily perform defragment as there is tool available for free which comes together with Windows operation program. Registry cleaning is the one tool that users don’t get for free. We actually have to purchase the registry cleaning program to do the work. Currently there are lots of free registry cleaning program online but still you have to know how to find them. Here is one FREE program call WinASO RegDefrag which enables users to clean up registry as well as performing defragment.

    WinASO RegDefrag is a FREE program which can compact and defragment your registry by removing the registry holes and optimize the registry structure. It’s a small program with the size about 1.5 MB. The program supports Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7. If you are using your computer for more than a year and haven’t been performing registry cleaning, I strongly suggest that you download the program and do the cleaning. It’s not just you’ll find your computer runs faster after the cleaning. You will also reduce the possibility of operation system crashing.

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Public DNS Server Tool for changing DNS server in your computer fast

Lately there are 3 popular DNS that offers faster, safer and reliable connection. The 3 popular DNS are Norton DNS Public Beta, Google Public DNS and OpenDNS. DNS or global Domain Name System is an important part of the web’s infrastructure. It acts like a phone book. That means if you’re using a good phone book, it will make your search easier. The 3 popular DNS listed above are good but sometimes you just have to switch between those 3 DNS. That’s because due to some other reasons like your online location, some DNS might not work as good as they claim. Thus there is a need to change DNS from time to time. Now here’s the problem with changing DNS. You have to remember the IP address and fill the numbers. It’s an annoying process if you always changing it. Here’s a small utility tool that might make your life easier. Public DNS Server Tool is a small utility design for changing DNS server fast and easy. Currently there is seven preset pair of DNS servers ready for you to choose once install. The seven preset pair of DNS servers is Google Public DNS, OpenDNS, OpenDNS Family Shield, Norton DNS, Comodo Secure DNS, Scrub DNS and DNS Advantage. Yan can also manually set your own group of DNS servers. Once you’ve set the DNS servers all you need to do is choose from the option listed and click on it. All the changes will be done by just a click. By the way Public DNS server tool is compatible with Windows XP, Vista and 7.

Monday, August 02, 2010

FREE SpyDLLRemover to help remove DLL spywares

SpyDLLRemover is a standalone tool that effectively detects and deletes DLL spywares from your computer. You can use this tool even at Microsoft latest operating system Windows 7. The best thing about this tool is that it’s free. Run the tool and check if you have any DLL spywares install in your computer. You might be surprise with the results. Don’t be so sure that your computer is safe as long as you have antivirus installed. Honestly I think that only gives you 50% protection. You need to install an addition spyware removal program just like SpyDLLRemover to give you the other 50% of protection.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Coffee with Julia Gillard Parody

I suppose one cup of coffee is not enough in this case. Plus the coffee must be good and tasty enough.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

VIttoria Coffee commercial with Al Pacino

AL Pacino says it all. I need my coffee to start blogging. Without coffee I'm not going to feel blogging.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Google Adsense might drop by your house

Google Adsense team is coming to visit you, publishers in a program recently launched call Adsense in Your City. This program allows Google Adsense team to get in touch with publishers directly to hear from them as well as to share best practices, optimization tips and new products. Unfortunately this is all happened in US only. I’ll just have to wait until Google Adsense team drop by my country. For those of you that are staying in US and hoping to get in touch with the Google Adsense team, you have to check out Adsense in Your City and sign up. Spaces are limited and invitations are first come first served basis. So make your move fast in you’re interested.

P/S: Still you have to check and confirm the meet up location of Google Adsense team and its schedule.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Release your Memory Using Free Fresh RAM

Have you ever experience that sometimes your computer seems to slow down, especially when you are running some programs like virus scan, games and other free applications? That is because some of the applications have consumed most of your system memory and did not release it even after closing them. In most cases all we can do is restart our computer so that all system will be reset to default including memory distribution. Sometimes you might wonder if your computer needs an upgrade of memory storage. Before that perhaps you can try using Fresh RAM to optimize memory usage.

    Fresh RAM identifies the biggest memory hogs and free up memory accordingly. You can set it to automatic optimization before launching any programs. Fresh RAM can help boost your computer performance especially when you’re running memory intensive program.  Now you can get Fresh RAM worth $14.99 for free by become a FAN on its Facebook page. Just go to the official website and follow the instruction given. Once you’ve download and install the program, you have 30 days to activate it into full version. The free lifetime activation license key can be obtain after you clicked on like button and become a Facebook FAN of Reohix.

P/S: Fresh RAM is a big help for gamers who often play 3D games. 

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Free Twitter Backgrounds from TwitrBackgrounds

Not long ago we need to pay to get a custom design for Twitter Background. Now we finally have the chance to get free Twitter backgrounds thanks to TwitrBackgrounds. You will find tons of free Twitter backgrounds themes including world cup 2010 event, Toy Story, Shrek, Twilight and many more. If you’re interested in getting your own custom Twitter background, you may contact the website for further information. You may also have the chance to earn some extra money if you’re able to introduce others to purchase a personalized or custom Twitter background. You’ll make 25% of commissions for ever purchase your visitors made. Of cause you have to sign up and get your affiliate code.

Monday, July 12, 2010

What if BP Spills Coffee instead of Oil?

The Deepwater Horizon Oil spill, also known as Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill, also known as Macondo Blowout, also known as BP Oil Disaster, also known as BP Oil Spill can be very well explain with this interesting video call BP Spills Coffee. I think there is one thing this video is missing. The people that having the meeting can just switch to a different room with a clean table. But in the reality, the people and the life forms around the oil spill area cannot just move. They simply have no place else to go as there is only one earth. Speaking of one earth that means the oil spills issue is not just the responsibility of certain people only. It’s the responsibility of all who lives in this planet to clean up the mess. Take for the example of BP Spills coffee video, who is responsible to clean up the mess? If you’re working in the same office next to that meeting room, I suppose the mess will affects you if nobody cleans it up. It’s the responsibility of everybody who works in the same office to make sure that the surrounding is clean to work. We can talk about the blaming topic once the problem is solved and settle.

P/S: Ironically we understand and know what needs to be done for oil spills issue, but still we don’t do it right.

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Write Rhymes or Write Songs

I found a website call Write Rhymes which I think is very useful for songs writers. Basically you just have to type in a word, hold alt key and click on the word to find a rhyme for it. You’ll get one syllable words, two syllable words or maybe three syllable words depending on the word you key in. You can research and study all the words you needed on the website and later print is out. You may even save or copy the words you choose.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Watch TV directly from Google TV Chrome and Firefox TV addon

It seems that watching TV directly from computer online has become popular nowadays. I kind of like the idea of watching TV online because it’s much more convenient. I can basically tune in to the channel I like while doing my work. Well, it’s not just because of the entertainment within but the news and information that I can obtain to help aid my work. Blogging is all about information and I suppose we just have to get the latest information as soon as possible regardless of what channel we use. Another thing that I like about watching TV online is because I have lots of channels and varieties to choose from all around the world. In certain countries the local TV network might not gives us the show that we like to watch. I suppose that’s one of the reasons many people choose to download certain shows, drama and movies.

    I wrote couple of post about watching TV online and they are Watch Internet TV and Live Online Television at Embed TV Web 360 player and Watch TV free online. Lately I found additional information regarding TV online and it seems that even Google and Firefox are getting involved with it. Yes, we have TV Chrome from Google and TV Fox from Firefox add-ons. You’ll find thousands of channels with different categories which are free to watch but not every channel is stable. By the way you might need to install other application like Java and Windows Media Player to watch TV online. Depending on the quality and speed of your internet line, it affects largely if you’re able to watch online TV smoothly.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

More studies that show Coffee is Good for you

    According to an article Coffee's Mysterious Benefits Mount from Yahoo news, it seems that coffee has lot more that we expected. If you're a constant regular coffee drinker that needs at least 2~3 cups of coffee per day, then you should check out the article. Well, I'm not encouraging you to drink more coffee but just like to share this article with you so that you can enjoy your favorite coffee comfortably. First of all you have a 39% decreased risk of head and neck cancer. Coffee can help to prevent the neural degeneration associated with brain disorders and aging. Coffee also reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and lower the risk of stroke. As far as most studies and research shown, drinking coffee might just help prevent some diseases.

    Well, let's just say nothing is perfect. When there is a good side, there is a bad side. We have to know the bad side of drinking coffee so that we can manage it. The one thing that we all worries about drinking too much coffee is the amount of caffeine consume. Having too much caffeine can lead to headaches, jitters and a racing heartbeat. So no matter how much we love our coffee, it's wise to control between 2~3 cups per day.

P/S: I prefer to have a cup of coffee in the morning during breakfast. If the kick is not enough, I might have another cup after lunch and that's it. I won't try to get another cup of coffee after sun down. That's my way of having my cup of favorite coffee without over dose.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Protect your Smartphone During World Cup Event FREE

The group matches for the World Cup 2010 event almost at the end. Next will be the play off and that’s where the real excitement of World Cup begins. During this period, those of you that are in South Africa watching and having fun with the World Cup event for the entire month, here’s a FREE security protection for your Smartphone from Kaspersky Mobile Security. You may download Kaspersky Mobile Security 9 and get your FREE supporter’s code for FREE.

    It’s not just a simple mobile antivirus program. Kaspersky Mobile Security helps to protect and recover your Smartphone if it’s stolen. One of the functions is remotely block your phone if it is stolen or lost. All you have to do is just send a SMS to your phone and the software will block your device to stop others from accessing the content. You can even locate your Smartphone using GPS Find. Finally if the thief tries to replace the SIM card within, a function call SIM Watch will immediately block the device and send you and email with the new number. Once you have the new phone number, it will be easy for you to track down the phone.

    I think it’s very important to have an antivirus program install in a Smartphone. In fact antivirus program is very much needed for a Smartphone then a notebook. Other than worry about your Smartphone stolen and having programs that can help you recover it, you should be worry about the potential of having the content of your Smartphone stolen. The reason is that information can be easily stolen when it is using WIFI connection without setting any password. In other words if you’re connecting online using WIFI without any password protection, all the activities and information that you carry out are expose. Others can easily obtain all the information by using a simple hacking program. That includes your account number, user login id, password that you use to access your bank account online. Sounds dangerous? Yes, it is. Here are a few simple actions that you can do to prevent your information stolen online with your Smartphone.

  • Disable all your wireless connection when not in use. That includes WIFI and Bluetooth.
  • Try not to use any WIFI connection without any password protection. Still if you have to use it, don’t perform any activities involve banking, credit card, money and other important information. Make sure there’s nothing important in your Smartphone too.
  • Always update your Smartphone application, browsers and security programs.

P/S: That goes the same when accessing internet using your notebook WIFI.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

A simple, easy, safe way to become wealthy holding a low pay job

Yes, you can be wealthy even holding a low paying job. Anything is possible. You just have to know the right method to do it. I saw the article title A Simple Way to Become Wealthy at Yahoo Finance and actually agreed with the method explained. According to the article we just have to treat saving and investing like a bill and setup an automatic allotment from out paycheck. I think it’s basically a simple trick to change your mind set to make it a must instead of “do it when have extra money”. Once you’re committed to make certain percentage of your paycheck for investment, you’ll do it no matter what. It might be difficult at the beginning but once you get use to it after a few months, it just feels like taking a lower pay. If you set your salary to transfer a percentage of funds for investing automatically right after you get pay, you might not even realize the difference. All you have to sacrifice is just a couple of party beers and drive a less expensive car that’s all. If you’re able to maintain and keep on the habit of investing for more than 10 years, you’ll be rewarded.

    As for investment, you may choose mutual funds or other automatic investment. Some people even treat purchasing insurance, property or transport as a way of investment. From one point of view, it is said purchasing the above items makes you trap in a rat race of being slave by the bank. That means you borrow lots of money from the bank and the bank owns you. For some people, they just think of it as owning stuff now rather than 10 years later. Well, it’s not own by them but able to use it right now. I did ask the question why and this is what I get in return. “I’m just paying more for the banks to take care of my investment. If I don’t make it as I must pay up or I’ll risk losing everything, then I might spend all the money I earn.” I suppose this is call taking up a pressure or a risk to make a person hold on to the responsibility effectively.