Sunday, January 31, 2016

How about a coffee maker which automatically brews coffee in the morning to wake you up

If you have difficulties on waking up early in the morning, perhaps an automatic coffee maker is what you need. That is if you are a coffee lover and the smell of coffee is attractive enough to move you. But if you really are a coffee lover, it can be difficult to find an automatic coffee maker which produces quality coffee that suits your taste. Check out the blog post title “Innovative Alarm Clock Wakes Users with Friendly Brewed Coffee” from My Modern Met.

Honestly, I don’t know how good this automatic coffee maker can brew coffee and how effective is the coffee maker to start brewing coffee on the time we set. My first impression is that it looks more like the tools in the science lab. Well, if you think about it carefully. It does felt like a science experiment when it comes to brewing quality coffee. You need the right combination, setting, timing and quality ingredients to produce a cup of fine quality coffee. It is actually not an easy job.

So if you ask me if it worth getting this automatic coffee maker, I’ll say it depends. Don’t expect a good quality coffee will come out from this machine. The best you can get is an ordinary cup of coffee, no more no less. If you put it by your bed side just like the pictures shown in the blog post, the smell of the coffee probably is the best enjoyment or wakeup call in the morning. 

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Adding coffee to your food

I love coffee but I don’t like to add coffee into my daily food. I like to have my coffee pure solely in a cup in liquid form. The normal regular black coffee without sugar or cream is the best way to actually taste the original taste of coffee. There are a lot of recipe introduce online which include coffee into other food or dishes. Just Google coffee recipe and you’ll find tons of ways to cook your food with coffee. I don’t hate to have coffee as part of an ingredient in my food but it kind of affect the way I order my food. Take for example if I’m going to have a dessert with coffee flavor or coffee spaghetti, I will order orange juice for my drink instead of coffee. I like to have separate taste for my main dishes, dessert and drink. It is a bit too much to have the same taste of coffee in all of the food.

Adding coffee into any food might not taste as good as we think. It is actually a complicated process which requires a lot of testing in order to makes sure that it tastes right. It is actually a chemical process or mixing that we are talking about. We don’t know how it will taste until we try it. Especially if you are trying to present it to a coffee lover, the standard can be very high. In other words the food has to be at least maintaining the unique taste of coffee without ruined the original taste of the food. It is actually a challenge to find the balance within.

Friday, January 29, 2016

The Coffee Stain Monster

Normally I only pay attention on my coffee before and while I’m having it. I never did think about the stain or left over coffee. When I’m having my coffee, I hate to spill it even just a little bit. When the waitress is bringing my coffee to me, I often pray that the waitress can handle the coffee cup gently and place the coffee cup on the table without spilling it. I suppose I like it perfect before I get to taste my cup of coffee. Thus I usually don’t see much stain of coffee on napkin or a piece of tissue. Check out the blog post title “I turn random coffee stains into monsters” from the real design inspiration. I find the design kind of cute. I suppose we can call it coffee art. The picture below is one of the coffee stain monsters drawn. Check out the blog for other examples. Instead of monster, I think you can basically draw anything out from the coffee stain. All you need is combining imagination and creativity. It does not have to be perfect. It is all about fun and interesting.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Coffee Love Affair Gift Guide from Hiconsumption

If you are thinking of getting a gift for a coffee lover, the first thing that you might think of is coffee. That is pretty obvious and direct way to show your love but might not be interesting. If you are trying to play safe, it is practical just to buy expensive rare coffee bean as a gift. And if you are not the only one who is going to get a gift for this coffee lover, there is a very high chance that you might be getting the same gift like others. Especially if you are trying to get a gift for your boss who is a coffee lover, you might want to think of something special other than just coffee bean. Check out Coffee love affair gift guide from Hiconsumption. You might find something interesting related to coffee. Below is some of the pictures showcase from the site just to get your attention and stir up your curiosity.

P/S: The death wish coffee might not be the suitable gift for your boss unless you are planning to resign in near future.

This makes coffee looks like beer

The coffee sure looks tasty. It felt more like beer rather than coffee. The color of the coffee sure seems like a brew from the hands of professional. Beer or coffee I can’t really differentiate it. But again this is a promotional video. Everything is perfect or shall I say must be perfect for viewers. Other than the smell of the coffee, I can smell the word “expensive” too. I am pretty interested in how this coffee machine works. I also like to know how to clean up and take care of this coffee machine. I assume we need to call for special service or maintenance every month. This I suppose won’t be cheap either. The big question is does it worth all the trouble, money and time for this special coffee machine? Well, you decide.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Coffee by Christoph Niemann Abstract Sunday

The first thing that captures my attention is the napkin with coffee stain as art. That is the first thing that I check out before reading the blog post. Honestly I won’t be reading the blog post if not the napkin. The coffee stain art actually brings out the smell and taste of coffee. Try copy only the writings to a notepad and take a look. It becomes a boring blog post instantly. I suppose it is just like a nice cup of coffee where the smell, look and taste matters.

Around the world in 31 coffee

If you are a coffee lover, perhaps you can try going around the world and trying out the local coffee. If you are planning to do so, remember to get a good smartphone and a power bank. Record the details of your journey and upload everything online. I’m sure many people will be interested in watching and reading your experience. If you are planning to try out at least one coffee in every country around the world, it should takes more than a year to complete it. Usually there is more than just one type of coffee sold or brew in each country. It will take at least couple of years to actually try out the coffees around the world. If you really plan to do so, bring along your favorite local coffee. I’m sure the coffee will taste differently in each and every country due to the weather, air and water.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

How drinking coffee before bed affects you

Coffee keeps you awake. That is the first thing that comes into my mind. Initially I drink coffee because I like it. I never did thought about drinking coffee to help me focus and keep me awake while I’m working. But after working for years and continue to drink coffee every day, it strikes me one day when I’m too busy to have my coffee. No doubt that is one of those days I will never forget. I miss my daily morning coffee that day because I was too busy on my work until I forgot all about it. I felt very sleepy right before lunch and after lunch. I can’t barely open my eyes and almost hit my nose on the keyboard. I struggle until dinner and that was the time I figure out perhaps maybe it was because I miss my morning coffee. I had my dinner late that night as I was busy with work. I decided to have a cup of coffee because I still have some work to do right after dinner. It actually helps to keep me awake until I finish my work. But when I reached home and getting ready to bed, I can’t close my eyes because my brain is still working and keeps on thinking about the work I’ve done. The late night coffee kept me awake until 3~4 am in the morning before I actually had my sleep. That is when I discover that coffee keeps me awake if I have it late in the evening. It’s not a good experience but at least I know what to drink if I decided to stay awake for the night.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Six Coffee questions that you are afraid to ask at a coffee shop

Honestly even if I’m not afraid to ask, I still won’t ask these questions at a coffee shop. As long as the coffee shop is able to brew me a nice cup of coffee, I’ll basically settle with any coffee presented to me. Normally a coffee shop which brews good coffee will be very busy. People are lining up for their favorite coffee and I don’t think they have the time or patient to listen to your question. The coffee shop employees will be smiling while listening to you but I’m guessing they are hoping you’ll just place your order, get your coffee and move on. But if you really do ask the questions, those who are waiting for their coffee might be answering your question. I suppose you might make some friends with coffee as similar interest.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Is prank or practical joke good or bad?

We watch a lot of prank and practical jokes on TV and online video. No doubt it is good for a laugh. But if it is the case where the prank is on you, how will you feel? Do you think it is good to prank others? Usually when it comes to choosing your target for prank or practical jokes, we have to be careful because it might back fire. Boss, teacher, headmaster, police or politician might not be the suitable target for prank because you might be getting into trouble for doing so. But for some people, it’s a challenge. So now the question is should we encourage prank? Or should we punish those who love to prank others for fun?

Personally I think prank or practical joke is acceptable if it does not cause any serious physically and mentally damages. In fact I think acceptable level of prank is necessary because it helps to strengthen mentality. A lot of things happen in life unexpectedly without any sign of warning. If you are not mentally prepared, your heart and soul can be damage severely to a level which you are unable to get back to your normal regular life again. This can be seen clearly when disaster or accident happens.

The sense of always be prepare for unexpected prank and the ability to recover back to normal condition after hitting by a prank can help a person overcome and deal with unexpected events in life. Don’t you agree?

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

5 common mistakes when brewing coffee

The one thing that I hate most is not getting the taste of coffee that I’m expected when brewing the coffee myself. Have you ever had such experience before? I love coffee. I prefer to order my cup of coffee straight from the coffee shop. This way I can makes sure that the coffee taste good. This can be confirm by the smell of the coffee, the way the coffee are prepared, the equipment and of cause the number of customers waiting for the coffee they ordered. Although I need to pay a bit extra, wait for my turn and go through all the trouble to get to the coffee shop, it’s definitely worth it.

When I felt like brewing my own coffee at home, I tend to spend a lot of time choosing the coffee bean carefully. I try to brew the best cup of coffee from the comfort of my home but it usually never ends well. I suppose this is the exciting part. The challenge of brewing a nice cup of coffee at home can be very attractive and interesting. Unfortunately it is not as easy as it seems. This is why I seldom try it out especially when I’m busy with my work. It can be frustrating having to taste a bad cup of coffee. Check out the infographic below if you are trying to brew your coffee. Perhaps you might be able to get the taste of coffee you are expecting by avoiding these mistakes.

Coffee is the greatest addiction ever?

Is coffee the greatest addiction ever? Honestly I don’t know. I usually have a cup of coffee in the morning but still I don’t find it addictive. Well, at least I don’t feel like the urge to have another cup of coffee. I like the smell and the taste of the coffee but never have problem going for months without coffee. Other drinks for example tea, coke or fruit juice makes my day too.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Expensive coffee might not taste good n Cheap coffee might not taste bad

Have you ever heard people complaining about the bad coffee sold in popular coffee franchise such as Coffee Bean or Starbucks? Have you ever heard your neighbors talking about the unique taste of coffee sold just right around the street? Well I’m sure most of us do. Does this prove that the price of coffee does not directly reflect the good quality taste of coffee?

I think this depends on individual as what kind of taste or coffee they like. It is the same like the food that we ate. Some people like western food and some people like Chinese food. So why expensive coffee might taste bad and cheap coffee might taste good? Remember the expensive coffee Luwak? A lot of people who went to Indonesia manage to purchase some of the coffee just to try it out. The world most expensive coffee shouldn’t taste bad. That’s what most of my friends thought. Unfortunately not one of them said the coffee taste good. My guess is that they brew the coffee themselves at home. As they are not coffee lovers, they don’t actually know the right way to brew a nice up of coffee. All they did was pour hot water into the pot together with coffee Luwak, filter it and drink. It is a normal process which most of us make for our morning coffee. And the taste is not as good as they expected. They even said that the coffee sold right around the corner of the street taste much better. I did ask if they tested the coffee before purchasing the coffee bean. They told me that it taste good in the shop when serve by the waitress and that is the reason why they bought it in the first place. My guess is they bought the good expensive coffee but did not consult about the correct method to brew the coffee. I suppose that is one of the reasons that the coffee did not taste as good as expected.

The next question is why the simple local coffee sold around the corner of the street taste good. My guess is the coffee has been sold for decades since we were young. The taste of the coffee already installed and planted into our memory. It is more like a taste of childhood memory which brings back the sense of old times. Plus the coffee has been brew and sold for millions of cups after so many years. Obviously a lot of tuning and improvement has been made. Little by little, day by day the coffee is brew towards perfection. Even the poorest quality of coffee can taste good if the right formula and combination is applied.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Returning to my first original blog

This is my first blog. Everything I did online started out from this initial blog. I tried lots of things and tested thousands of stuff. It is fun although most of my attempts are not successful. I get to know lots of interesting stuff which I never learn and experience before. Honestly I never study or research this much online for my blogs compare to my homework during my academic life. But my education from school did provide the foundation requires to research and study information and knowledge in order to explore the online world easily. I suppose you’ll never know the usefulness of things that you’ve learned until you needed them.

I stop posting in this blog for at least couple of years. I suppose I was getting bored and running out of ideas what to write or blog. I began to try out other things online and left this blog unattended for some time. I totally forgot about this blog until I felt the urge to blog again. Well, a place to voice out my opinion or thought is much more appropriate. Actually I never did stop blogging. I own and manage other blogs too but those are not the platform I choose to voice out the things that are running freely in my mind. This is the only blog that I choose to throw in all the rubbish created in my mind. Other blogs that I created have specific topic and purpose. I try not to mix them all up together.

Why I decided to write again in this blog? Well, I suppose I need a place which I can express myself freely. It feels great to do so. I felt like holding my breath when I don’t have a place to write what I think. Previously I set a lot of rules and style on how I should post in this blog. From now on I will just blog freely as I like. I suppose this blog will become a place for me to release my tension, pressure and ease my mind.