Sunday, November 30, 2008

When we dress up for work

When we dress up for work, formal and clean is what we normally considered. That’s for jobs like office work or sales person. When you’re in a service section like engineer, doctors, contractor, fireman or policeman, getting the right gears is a must. That because you’re not dress up just to look nice but to protect yourself. In order to effectively protect a human or reducing the risk of injury to minimum, special gears are used. These gears are design just for the purpose of handling situation like crawling on the floor, climbing rock or going through bushes. These gears will not easily break and able to protect human body from injuries. Take for example the 2008 Olympic opening and closing ceremony in Beijing China. There are hundreds of performers hanging in the air to present a spectacular ceremony evening, making it a historical event in the Olympic sport. I’m sure behind those acrobatic performances, best gears have been used to make sure that it goes well and no injury occurs. In this once in a life time event, a successful performance with no accident and injuries are top consideration. Spending more money on gears and gadgets is a necessary. Best gears normally come with best price and cheap are not within the category. Ever wonder what kind of gears they might be using, or where did they get those gears? Well, you can check out 5.11 Tactical series clothing. There are some special gears for special work condition. There are also a lot of boots specially for working purposes. It’s always nice to know special gears like this as you may never know when you will need them. It will save you a lot of time searching for them. Who knows one day you might take on a job that requires these gears. Especially during this economic down turn, not many jobs are secured.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Pray for the Coffee

As much as I know, I’m more a less depends on my coffee to make it through the day with all the work that I need to do. I’m pretty much as what the picture above explains, in a way. I never did know when I start having coffee but I think it was back in school time. That’s the time when I need coffee to get through the night without sleep just to study for the exam. Those are the time that only 2 drinks that I have, coffee and bear. That’s coffee before the exam and beer after the exam. Now that I’m out working, not much change for this condition. It’s coffee before work and beer after work.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Start Work Coffee Mug

This is what I call the office coffee mug. It’s just simply say that we the coffee drinker will be turn on once we have our coffee. Our brains will start functioning once we are fuel with coffee. If you’re a coffee drinker that has at least a cup of coffee each day for couple of years, try without your coffee for just one day. You’ll definitely get the feeling of being turn off.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Talk About Coffee, all you need to know about coffee

I found this site call Talk About Coffee and it seems to have a lot of information about coffee. The site really looks nice and professional. When I really look into it, the site appears to be new and there isn’t much stuff beside articles. I love the front page as it does get my attention to look into it. Hopefully there will be a lot more info after couple of month.
Why do I write about this site? Well, let’s just say that even if a cup of coffee smells good and looks good in a nice fancy cup, you need to drink it in order to conclude if it’s taste good. A good cup of coffee needs to smell good, looks good and taste good. When all these 3 criteria are met then only we can consider enjoying the cup of coffee. That goes the same as a website.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Wine Taster and Coffee Taster

Some people that are good or shall I say professional in tasting wine can tell the age of the wine just by a slip of it. That is for wine but how about coffee? Can it be taste just like wine and tell the details of where or when it is produced and how it is roast? Well, I haven’t seen that before. There are only a few things that I’ll say about the coffee that I drink. Either they are expensive, cheap, cold, hot, sweet or strong. It’s more like the way of having beer instead of wine. If you’re interested in finding out some method of tasting coffee, check out the wheel below. Here’s the link to a larger picture for a better view – Coffee Taster’s Flavor Wheel.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

How to organize stuff

All of us have been organizing stuff ever since we were kids. I still remember that I used to organize my own school bag and pencil box. I need to make sure that the books and pencils needed tomorrow are ready before going to sleep. It’s a simple task but if you get it done correctly then you’ll have a smooth day in school. That means you might not have a change to call it “a bad day”, “an unlucky day” or “the worst day in my life”. At the end of the day you will feel relieve instead of felling stressful. Organizing your school bag is simple. Once you get older, there are more things that need to organize so that you can have a better life. Organizing stuff really is a big topic that needs to learn from time to time. Here’s a site - How to Organize Stuff, that gives you some tips on organizing several stuff for example your refrigerator, marriage proposal, shopping list, a yard sale and many more. It’s better to have a reference before you start doing it as you might save yourself a lot of time, energy and money.

Monday, November 03, 2008

You really need to start saving money

Lately we can see that economic around the globe is not stable. That can be seen clearly by just looking at the share market. So what can each of us do to help up? We can all start out by cutting down our expenses and stop those unnecessary expenses. A simple and easy step that a family can do is implement energy saving by reducing the use of electricity and water. When comes to shopping and buying those daily products, getting the cheapest deal is a must. Take for an example of eyeglasses. You can simply purchase it online directly from the manufacturer with a price as low as $8. You won’t get a price after it gone through several dealers and reaches an eyeglass shop near your house. That is why a lot of products sold online are cheaper than buying from the shop. Another simple step of money saving is to pay your bills online. Nowadays you can pay your electrical bill, water bill, credit cards or even doing some banking activities online. That can save a lot of time, work and trouble going to each and every payment counter. That too contributes in cutting down the expenses. It may not reflect in your monthly expenses but it does help a lot in reducing the expenses within the community.