Monday, October 30, 2006

Grill Fish for My Dinner

This is my dinner for tonight. Grill fish with vegetables and fries. I can tell you that this is the best dishes that they serve here. Trust me, I’ve been having dinner here almost every weekday and tested almost all their dishes. Well of cause I’m not having the same dishes everyday even if it’s the best dishes they have here. But definitely I’ll order it once a week. So far I never seen any other coffee shop offered this grill fish. The most common menu they have is filet fish. I never did like filet fish because most of them have a very “fishy” smell. That goes the same to the famous franchise fast food restaurant “M”.

As you can see from the picture, it’s just 2 pieces of fish well grill until brown in color. The first thing you’ll smell is the smoke BBQ of the fish just like a BBQ chicken. But the best is that it taste tender and sweet without the strong smell of the fish. For filet fish you need mayonnaise to cover up the smell. Well that’s how I ate filet fish. For this you can just have it plain without any dressing.

So, what do I have for the rest of four days? Well, Toast & Egg serve curry mee, spaghetti, grill chicken and lots of simple toast. Some times I have all my dinner here 5 days straight when I’m lazy to go to other restaurant. When I really get bored with the food, then only I’ll go somewhere else for dinner. But for the coffee, definitely need to order a cup everyday.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Spending Half of Her Time Here

This is Rose. She's been working here for about 5 month. She Likes to read and surfing internet. But what makes her getting a job here is because she likes to meet people, lots and lots of different people. She makes a lot of friends here and she is happy about it.

How many people really like their job? I believe most of us will not go back to our work place other then working time. We spend most of our time in our work place, almost half of our life there. In that case, then we should make it like our home so that there is a sense of belonging. If not how are we supposed to force ourselves being here.

Well, many of us dislike it during the first few days of our job. But then when we think of the pay that we needed, we then force ourselves to get through it. As day goes by, good things happen and started to feel "Not too bad at all". We started to get use to the condition and eventually fit in to the job or even started to like it.

We have a choice to choose what and where we want to work, but some of the times we just give up the rights to do it. We can control life or just let life take over up. As for Rose, she likes it here right from the beginning.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The Bridge That I Cross Everyday - Penang Bridge

Another reason that I hang out here almost everyday is because of the traffic condition. Whenever there is a traffic jam and if you are caught right in the middle of it, then it will be at least 1 hour slow moving. Plus this jam happens right before crossing the bridge. Everybody is rushing to that 2-lane entrance. Everybody wants to go home quick and almost everybody get off work at the same time. Of cause there will be a lot of cars out there, and this is too much for the bridge to handle.

When you have a lot of cars on the road, then surely you will expect accident to happen more offend. When there is an accident, you will expect to see a long Q. That's not all of it. There are a lot of reason that will cause massive traffic jam to the bridge. When it's raining, jam. When there is a festival going on, jam. Friday night, jam. New year, jam. Christmas, jam. So check out our Jam Bridge.

Friday, October 13, 2006

A good Taste of Coffee in Toast & Egg

Nothing better then a good cup of coffee with a very reasonable price. That's the coffee that you will get in Toast & Egg. With just 1 US Dollar you are able to enjoy a fine cup of coffee from Italy. You might want to try it yourself if you come to this coffee brand. I will say that it's one of the product that attract most customer back for more. I know because I'm one of them. You can check out this coffee from this link -- illy.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The Picture of Toast & Egg and Me

This will be me......any way, it just fits the nick name kumo. I'll put my details little by little as time goes by.

I use this picture because I like clouds. I actually draw it myself. Everyday when you look up to the sky, the first thing that you'll see is the clouds. It never appear the same at any time. It changes everytime you look up. It has a lot of shape and colour but white is the favorite. It just like a person's feelings, sometimes good, sometimes bad. When feeling good and happy, it is a blue sky with white clouds. When feeling dull and sad, it is a dark gray cloud going to rain. That is why I like it, sometimes I just look up to the sky and watch the clouds move slowly.

Next is the coffee shop that I come almost everyday after work. Nothing special about it, just that it is very close to the company I work. It's a clean shop with WIFI internet facility. In fact, it's because I'm able to access internet using my notebook that draws me here. Plus the coffee is good. They have a imported coffee name "illy" that taste good. I think the coffee is from Europe. I have become their customer for almost a year. It's a second work place for me to do my internet business.

Monday, October 09, 2006

My first Blog

I have been thinking for a long time to start writing blogs but just could not decide where to start. There are so many website that I can choose from and most of them are free. I suppose it doesn't matter because I'm still new at this area and there are a lot of things that I need to learn. So I decided to choose this one because the bridge of my country is blogging here.