Monday, May 31, 2010

Access Internet using Norton DNS Public Beta

It is said that users can have a faster, safer and more reliable internet experience if DNS server is set to Norton DNS Public Beta. Well, Norton is well known for the antivirus product. I suppose safer might be true. The procedure is simple. All you have to do is go to network setting, click on property under TCP/IP and change Preferred/Alternate DNS server to the IP address given by Norton. You may refer to Norton DNS Public Beta website for a detail instruction. It’s not just Norton, you may even try out OpenDNS and Google Public DNS. I can’t really tell if it helps to speed up things because everybody will have a different experience. I suppose this has to do with your location and ISP. Just remember to record down the original DNS before you make any changes. Change back to the original DNS if you’re unable to go online or surfing becomes slow. Just compare and choose the best. It will be better if you can just try out 3 of them. Who knows one of the DNS might actually speed up your surfing.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Create your own Template Fast

Templatr is a website that enables user to create a template fast. It took just couple of minutes to actually create a rough unique template. User just has to follow 4 simple instructions to make it. The first step is to select a layout. Second is up load graphic. Third is used the designer tool to generate the pages. Fourth is downloaded the template and install. There is no programming involve during the whole process. Users are prompt with selective options together with self explanation. Basically users need to select and decide to create a template. I think this template generator is good for those looking to create lots of templates fast. I suppose if you’re always in a move to create sales page to promote your products, this template generator might be helpful.

P/S: This template generator might be handy. In the other hand it also generates lot of low quality templates. That might not be healthy because it might just create template spamming issue.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Clean up your PC using FREE CCleaner

Do you ever clean up your computer? After months of download, install, uninstall, browsing, copy, paste, cut and all the activities that you done using your computer, don’t you think that your computer might be piling up with unwanted tracks, logs and unnecessary information? If you feel that your computer is running slow, perhaps this might be reason. Your computer needs to go through all those unnecessary information before it can proceed with your instruction.

    Here’s a cleaning tools that might helps clean up your PC and speed up your PC. CCleaner is a FREE program from Piriform. As a FREE program, CCleaner is good enough for normal users to clean up simple tracks made by browsers and some third party applications. The first and main feature that CCleaner has is clean up your PC. That means you can clean up all those temp files and save files. If you always try out new programs by install and uninstall, your PC might just has lots of left over files. These files occupied your hard disc and slow down your PC. Besides cleaning the registry, CCleaner helps to repair and back up too. One feature that I like most is enable users to stop programs from auto startup. That means you can stop programs from startup together with your windows. I think you’ll like this feature because you don’t have to wait for a long time for your windows to startup.

P/S: By the way, CCleaner runs fast.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Get your FREE Alcohol 120% 5.5 blu ray version

Alcohol 120% is a product that enables users to duplicate and burn DVDs. It’s a popular product for movie lovers. Here’s a chance for you to get the license for FREE. You may download the software though this link. There are some settings that you need to do before you’re able to use this software. This version of Alcohol 120% is specially made for German market. So you need to read some German language to proceed with the installation and settings. But I think that’s not a problem because you can use Google Translate to help you understand it. This is not the latest version of Alcohol 120% and only supports Windows XP and Vista. Be sure to check if your computer fulfill the basic requirement before continue with the installation.

    Once you’ve download the installation program for Alcohol 120%, run it. Before you can install the program, click on internet which brings you to a registration window that will provides you a FREE license. Just fill up the particulars and send it out. You’ll receive 2 emails. The first email is a confirmation email and the second email will provides you the license key and ID. Once you have successfully gathered this information then you can start the installation.

P/S: You might need to restart your computer during the process of installation. It will be easier if you’re able to read German language. Just use Google Translate to help you get through the installation.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Great deals we seen might not be as good as it says

Great DEALS, FREE unlimited offer, Sales and many other similar slogans are meant for only one purpose. That is to make sales and generate more business opportunities. If you’re not careful and purchase the so call great deal products, you might regret it later. That’s because most of the great deals mention are not as it seen. Well, let’s just say customers are not told the entire story. In most deals there are good side and bad side. In most cases customers will be brief on the good side of the deal and leave the bad side. If customers don’t voice out and question about the bad side, than it will not be mention.

    So it’s up to us the customers to figure out the tricks and intention behind all those so call Great Deals. Here’s an article from Yahoo that I think we all should take a look – 8 Phony ‘Bargains’ and Better Alternative. I have to say, I did fall for some of the bargains mention in the articles. The first bargain is the unlimited long distance calling plan offered by Phone Company. When I was in US studying for my college degree, I used to switch between 2 Phone Companies because of the international calling plan offered by the phone company. As a result I end up with a large amount of phone bills. Why? Most international calling plan offers for only a short period of time.  If you’re not careful and forget about the expired date of the pan, you’ll end up calling in regular high rates of international phone calls.

    The second bargain is related to bank. If you’re not careful dealing with the deals offered by bank, your money can slip away easily without you noticing. Some of the most obvious and common ways that bank takes you money are when your check bounds back, overdraft, having a low amount of money in a particular account. All the above will result in losing money because bank will impose a penalty which you need to pay.

    If you’re using credit cards, I think most of you experience this before. Late payment, forget to pay up, using cash from credit cards and do not settle all the credit used. All the above are just giving money to credit company. That is why Credit Cards Company earns lots of money despite economic downturn. 

    The extended warranty protection seems to be a new trick from many giant companies. An extension warranty protection cost few hundred dollars. Sounds like a good deal? Well, only if the product breaks down within the warranty period. But think carefully, if the product from such a big company can break down easily, do you think it’s worth buying in the first place. Besides all products are designs not to break within the warranty period but have high chances to break down right after the warranty period. The logic is simple. If company designs product s that can last for long period of time, they’ll run out of business.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Get your FREE Corel MediaOne Standard to edit your photo

If you love to take pictures with your digital camera or phone camera, you might be interested in this FREE Corel MediaOne Standard. This is a FREE software from Corel to let you edit your photo. Core MediaOne Standard is an easy and user friendly software which I think you'll find it useful. If you find this software to be useful and wish to upgrade it to the plus version, you can do that without purchasing it directly. Yes, that means you still can get it FREE fro the plus version. All you need to do is purchase a product from any of TrialPay's premier partners and you can get Corel MediaOne Plus for FREE. Sounds fishy? Well, let me explain it in another way. Basically you can get Corel MediaOne Plus for FREE by just purchasing any one product listed in TrialPay. So if you already have something in mind that you wish to perchase, you can buy it at TrialPay and get your FREE Corel MediaOne Plus. It's just a buy one free one method that is going on here. An example of how things work will be liek this. You purchase some cloths from GAP, which is a TrialPay's premier partners and you'll get your FREE Corel MediaOne plus. You may call this buy one free one deal, but you jsut have to do it the right way to get it.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Listen to FREE Music Online at GrooveShark

Check out GrooveShark if you’re always searching for FREE music online. There are 3 different languages that you can use. Languages available are English, Spanish and Chinese. Still you are able to search for other foreign languages songs. Some of the famous songs are still available if you can spell it in English. No doubt GrooveShark is FREE but that’s just for basic features. If you like GrooveShark very much than you can try upgrade it to VIP member. That’s going to cost you $3 per month or $30 per year. The only reason that I might go for VIP member is the iphone enable feature. You have to be a VIP member to use GrooveShark on iphone. Other than the VIP member fees that you have to pay for using GrooveShark on iphone, I think everything else are interesting to check out. First of all you don’t have to install anything to use GrooveShark. All you have to do is sign up a free account and you can start creating your playlist. You may find it fun to play around with GrooveShark as you search around for your favorite artists and songs.

Friday, May 21, 2010

If You Really do not Defend against Diabetes Now, You’ll Hate Yourself Later

This is a guest post presented by Patricia Harris.

Type 2 diabetes is easily the most common type of diabetes. Many Americans are identified as having diabetes type 2,and many more are unaware they're at high risk. Some groups have a higher risk for developing diabetes type 2 than others.Diabetes type 2 is more common in African Americans, Latinos, Indigenous Americans, and Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians as well as other Pacific Islanders, along with the aged people.

In diabetes type 2, either your body does not produce enough insulin or the cells ignore the insulin. Insulin is required to the body to be able to use glucose for energy. Any time you eat food, the entire body reduces all of the sugars and starches into glucose, which is the basic fuel for the cells in the body. Insulin takes the sugar from the blood to the cells. When glucose increases in your blood rather then going into cells, it can result in diabetes complications.

You could have the power to improve and protect your wellbeing. With proper nutrition and physical exercise and by making good life style choices (like not smoking), you could feel better, stronger, and healthier, and can decrease your risk of diseases like cancer, diabetes, coronary disease and cerebrovascular accident.

What is a Healthy Weight?

There's a good way to learn if your current weight puts you at risk for developing serious diseases. Go to and consider the Body Mass Index (BMI) test. The outcomes will help you decide if you need to give consideration to your weight.

Better You Eat, Better You experience

Here are a few basic guidelines to help you and your family make healthier food decisions.
* Eat numerous vegetables and fruits.
* Choose whole fiber foods over processed grain products.
* Try brown rice as an alternative to white. Substitute brown bread bread for white.
* Eat fish 2 – 3 times weekly.
* Select leaner cuts of meat like those that end in "loin."
* Remove the skin from chicken and turkey.
* Eat non-fat dairy
* Drink water and calorie-free non-carbonated liquids.
* Use liquid oils for cooking as an alternative to solid fats.
* Lower high calorie snacks like chips, cookies, cakes, and regular frozen goodies.
* Look for baked chips and reduced calorie snacks. Or have a bit of fruit instead.
* Be careful about your serving sizes. Even a lot of "healthy" food could potentially cause extra weight.

* Compare labels of similar foods, then opt for the one with smaller amounts of saturated fats, cholesterol and sodium.
* Adults should consume less than 2400 mg. of sodium everyday. If you have hypertension, it's best to aim for even less.
* Try adding seasonings in your own cooking to replace salt for enhancing flavor.

A bit of Workout Goes far away

Something that gets you up and moving will work for you. Here's what it can do:
* Lower your risk of developing diabetes type 2
* Lower your risk of heart disease and stroke Lower high blood pressure and cholesterol
* Reduce blood glucose (sugar) levels in case you have diabetes, that may decrease your risk of developing diabetes-related complications
* Relieve anxiety * Help you lose weight
* Offer you more energy
* Help you sleep better
* Build stronger bones and muscle mass

You do not need to visit a gym, play sports or use fancy equipment. Of course, you should discuss with a family doctor before starting any exercise program.

For those who have Diabetes.

Eating healthy and staying active are a lot more important when you've got diabetes.
Well-balanced meals may help keep your glucose (sugar) level as near to normal as possible.
Being active likewise helps you decrease your blood glucose. If you increase your physical activity levels, you could probably take less insulin or diabetes pills. In case you are very inactive, have heart disease or a history of foot ulcers, consult your doctor about safe exercise to suit your needs.Check your blood glucose before exercising. If it's under 100 mg/dl, eat some fruit, crackers or drink glass of milk or juice.Check it again after exercising to find out how your blood glucose responds to physical exercise. Bring a snack if you'll be active for a couple hour.

About me -Patricia Harris writes for the sample diabetic menu blog, her personal hobby website focused on tips to eat healthy in order to avoid and manage diabetes.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Occupation health issues occurs when you work more than 60 hours per week

If you often work more than 12 hours on weekdays and often return to work on Saturday and Sunday, perhaps you might need to take a look at the article below. “6 Serious Office Health Risks” is the article that I found lately that discuss about the problems that we might have if we tend to work long hours. Health issues like carpal tunnel syndrome, lower back pain, joint problems, eyestrain, bacteria and stress are some of the common problems that we face. As a blogger myself I do have couple of similar problems too. Due to long hours keeping in touch with my keyboard, I suffered wrist pain cause by ganglion cyst. I never did realize it until I feel a bump on my wrist. It appeared that I have been typing too much and over strain my wrist.

    Let’s discuss about how we work, especially if we are working in an office. Right from the moment that we sit on our chair with our desk and computer, we never stop staring at the monitor with hand on the keyboard. We won’t move our bottom unless we need to go for a meeting, get something to eat or drink, go toilet and go home after work. Imagine if you keep on repeating the same routine activities for years, what will happen? First of all your health might just be at stake. You’ll start to grow a fat tummy and feel tired easily.

    So what’s the best solution? Perhaps the best thing is prevent working for long hours. Practicing a balance between work and life is the best solution. Sadly not all occupation allows us to have that kind of luxury life style. That is why some jobs are highly paid not because of the professional but because of the sacrifices needed. We just have to choose wisely between money, health, family or career.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Check your Facebook privacy using Facebook Privacy Scanner

Previously I post about how easy it was Facebook personal information can be found. Here’s a website that I found enable users to check for their Facebook privacy settings. has a tool that enables users to scan for Facebook privacy settings. The instruction is simple. Just go to the website and there is a step by step instruction which will teach you how to run the checking. The website is trying to promote privacy awareness on Facebook. So you’ll find lots of information regarding the privacy policies on Facebook too.

P/S: Please use the tool at your own risk. I’m not sure if it’s safe or not but since it’s an open source code. It should be fine as it’s transparent.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Take care of your Facebook personal information

I read about 7 things to stop doing now on Facebook and it seems that facebook is not as secure as it seems. Well, if you really don’t want others to get to your personal information, the best way is not to upload it online. Once your information is online, there is no guarantee that the info will not leak out.

    Just how easy others can find your information online? Try doing a search with your name using Google search. If you type in your name exactly the same as you display your name in Facebook, you’ll find that your Facebook profile page will be listed. So if you have a friend that you haven’t contact or see each other for a long time, you might have a higher chance to find him within Facebook. That is if he or she registered an account on Facebook using the actual name.

    Facebook might be the best place to share your life with the people that you know and love, it also a place to leak your information to the world. That is if you are not careful with the information security.

Friday, May 14, 2010

The color combination used for design website and blog

If you’re a blog or website designer, I suppose you always faces the question of what color should I be using for the blog theme or website template. So just exactly how web or blog designer choose the right colors? It’s not just one color but a list of colors that suitable for website or blog. A blog theme or website template uses more than one color. One main color will be chosen and the rest of the colors surrounding the theme or template need to be match. That gives us a series or a range of colors. So the question is how do we get the best color combination? I suppose this has to do with finding the best color combination to make the blog theme or website template attractive and interesting. In other words, it’s more a less painting the scenery with the right colors.

    Here’s a website call Color Combos where you can find the best color combination for your website template or blog theme design. There are lots of color combination available to choose in this site. If you’re not so convincing or satisfied with the color combination listed, there are 2 other tools that you can use to check it out. You can use the Combo Tester available which allows user to see different color combination and how the colors work together on the screen. If you’re not satisfied with the color combination listed, perhaps you can check out the Combo library too. There are hundreds of color swatches along with color hex values.

    I think this website is good for those trying to get a list or combination of colors for their website template or blog theme design. Finding the right combination of color is not an easy work. It really does take time to try out each and every combination available to find the best comfortable acceptable display.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Your Online Portfolio at Carbonmade

If you’re an illustrator or designer that plays around images, pictures or videos than you should check out Carbonmade. Carbonmade is created to keep your images or videos and presents it in an attractive way. You can manage your online portfolio with a variety of tools to display your work. As I’m writing about Carbonmade, the site has 226476 portfolios with 515738 projects and 3586125 images. That’s a lot of users with similar interest gather around to display their work. You may check out the examples and try out the demo before you sign up. Sign up is free for Meh version. The free Meh version allows 5 projects with 35 images and everything needed to build an online portfolio. Well, you may start out with the free Meh version at the beginning and move on to advanced version later. The Whoo version requires $12 per month which allows 50 projects with 500 images and 10 videos. The paid Whoo version also includes domain binding, video & flash projects, ads free, project hiding and tech support.

    Well, as far as I know Carbonmade is a good place to showcase your portfolio and triggers your inspiration. That’s because you get to check out other images and videos which can also considered as the work of your competitor. That’s actually a good way to push and motivate a person to create better design and work.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Grand Barista Championship

It should be interesting to witness the Grand Barista Championship. I just wanted to get a taste of those coffees. Perhaps the only way to do that is to become one of the judges. Well, I’m particularly into the skill to make a fine tasty cup of coffee, a plain simple back coffee.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Coffee with Imagination

Most of us start our day with a nice cup of coffee. A cup of coffee works as well as the key to start our ignition to get us start working hard for the rest of the day. When we feel tired or sleepy in between, than a second cup of coffee will give the energy to keep on going. For most of us, I think coffee really makes our day. It stimulates our brain and triggers our brain from sleeping mode to start functioning. I suppose imagination starts when coffee kicks in.

    As for me I think I started to blog when I’m having my favorite cup of coffee. What did you do when you’re having your favorite cup of coffee?

Friday, May 07, 2010

Lack of Sleep linked to early death, really?

I just saw an article from Yahoo title Lack of sleep linked to early death: study. According to the article, people who get less than six hours sleep per night have an increase risk of dying prematurely. People who sleep more than nine hours per night also considered not healthy. Just which is better? Sleep more or sleep less? I suppose enough sleep is the best. The question is how much sleep is considered enough. If base on what is mention above, it should be around six to nine hours per day. Ideally that should be the amount of time that we should be sleeping per day. Still the world does not work that way. Sometimes we work a lot, sometimes we get sick and sometimes we don’t get to sleep because of some other reasons. I suppose the best way to decide how much we need to sleep is just listen to our body. That is why we get tired and sleepy. That is the sign or signals that out body trying to tell us that it’s time to sleep.  If we listen to our body and sleep accordingly, we get enough sleep and rest accordingly. That should keep us from early death I think.

    I think we shouldn’t be worry so much about sleeping less may cause early death. There are tons of things that can cause early death and having to sleep less might just be the lowest in the rank. We just have to live the best we can while we still can.