Saturday, December 19, 2009

What can we do to help global warming or safe earth?

Global warming seems to be a hot issue lately. Lots of movies with natural disaster and global warming issue are being released. The latest natural disaster movie will be 2012 and lots of people are enjoying it in the theater. It’s ironic because it’s suppose to be a movie that scares people but many coming out form theater laughing, exciting and amazed about the special effects. Perhaps many are still thinking that this super size natural disaster won’t happen, or even if it does happen they won’t be so lucky to be involved. Well, the thing is there might not be any super size natural disaster as what we seen in the movie but the rate of natural disaster happens really does increases. Just run a natural disaster check for the past 10~20 years and you’ll be surprise. Pick a natural disaster like for example typhoon and do some study about it and you’ll notice how serious it is. I suppose the world leaders began to notice the problems and start worried. That is why we can see so many discussion and conference have been carried out. The lasted conference is COP15 Copenhagen – United Nations Climate Change Conference Dec7~Dec18 2009. Although it seems that the conference did not have any clear and effect actions on the climate change solution but at least they know that they have to do something about it. The world leaders are having conference indoor and the people around the world are having peaceful gathering outdoor. I suppose some pressure from the public might push the world leaders to take action faster and seriously. Actions need to be taken but it won’t be an easy task. It’s easy to pollute the world then to clean it up.

Instead of waiting for the world leaders to take action on global warming issue, what can we do to help? Besides, it’s our world or home that we are living. We are suppose to clean out our own house or the one and only place to live. In other words, it’s every human being responsibility to take care of the earth. Ok then, what can we do to help solve global warming issue? Well, for start let’s try to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions. Stop producing carbon dioxide or CO2 by stop open burning unnecessary. Reduce the use of vehicles that emits CO or CO2. Instead of driving your car, you might want to consider riding bicycle or walking. Besides it’s good for your health. Second, save energy or do not waste energy. Simple habits like switch off the lights when you’re not in the room, reduce the use of heater during winter and changing the light bulbs with low power consumption fluorescent can be very helpful. Third, recycle and support ecological products. Keeping the place that we live clean is a must but we can do better by recycle the things that we used. We also need to support by purchasing products that are made from recycled materials. By doing so we basically reduce the amount of rubbish produced. Fourth, try planting trees. Just one tree beside your house is good enough. You might be surprise that you’ll feel much cooler during the summer when the tree is about 12 feet high. Fifth, try using solar energy or wind power energy. Many countries already started to use this method. In fact some houses already start using solar energy, but just in small scale. The best example will be the solar power water heater. Some people even purchase the Do IT Yourself magnetic power generator and make themselves some free energy.

Global warming is a problem that we all are facing. Instead of hoping or waiting for others to do something, it is better to do what you can to reduce global warming. We start by practicing the above ourselves and educate others to do so one by one. When we have more than 50% of world population practicing the same thing, we just need to plant a tree per person and we’ll get 3 billion trees around the world. This is not about who should do more or who should responsible but what each and every one of us can do.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

A walk around Penang Kek Lok Si and the New Temple building

Lately I have a chance to visit Penang Kek Lok Si temple, or shall I say revisit as this is not my first trip. It’s has been a long time since I step foot in Kek Lok Si Temple. I think it’s more than 15 years and I can hardly remember a thing about it. This time I get to drive to Kek Lok Si and park my car in front of the temple. As I went there early in the morning on weekday, there aren’t many visitors. The way to Kek Lok Si temple is simple. All you have to do is search for Kek Lok Si temple using Google Map and you’ll find your way. If you’re coming from Penang Bridge, the best way that you should follow is through Lebuhraya Jelutong -> Jalan Tunku Kudin ->Jalan Masjid Negeri ->Jalan Air Hitam.
Just like any other temple, Kek Lok si temple is a quiet place. A place that people come to pray, wish or searching for a peaceful mind. Kek Lok Si temple is more than 100 years old. You can find lots of old painting, statues and work of art around the temple. Don’t forget to check out the ceilings as that’s the best part of the temple. At the top side of the temple a newly built 16 pillars shelter for the Kuan Yin statue along with some buildings were built. The opening ceremony was carried out just couple of days before I visited the temple. Honestly I have no idea about the ceremony but I did catch up with the evens after the ceremony. There seems to have some presentation and lectures given by the elder monk. I didn’t stay for the lectures. I’m more interested in scouting around the temple. It took me just an hour to check out the whole temple. As Kek Lok Si temple is situated along Penang Hill, you need to walk up hill to reach the newly built temple. Alternately you can try out the mini cable car that connects the old temple and the new temple. It’s a short distance but definitely better for the seniors to ride it. The walk to the upper hill temple is difficult for seniors. It will be better just to take the mini cable car. Plus you can enjoy the scenery from the mini cable car.
There is couple of things that I saw that I don’t like. The first thing is beggars. Don’t be surprise that the money they get might be more than your salary. Another type of beggars or shall I say people that going around asking for donation. These people will play their games offensively rather than defensively like the prior group. Neither one of them is good for the image of tourism. The second thing is the admission fee needed for some area of the temple. I still remember that I was free to go any place in the temple. The admission fee is just preventing people from visiting the area.
If you haven’t been to Kek Lok Si temple for a long time, perhaps this might be a good time to check it out as the new temple has completed. Make sure that you choose the visiting date carefully to avoid the crowd. If not you might spending more time in traffic jam than touring. It’s just a 2 hour tour if you’re able to beat the crowd.

P/S: Make sure your car can go up hill before you try to get to the top new temple. It will be a good idea to just stop at the old temple and take the mini cable car to the new temple.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Create your own coffee art at home

Remember the coffee art that we saw on videos? Drawing on your cup of coffee really brings out the early smile in a busy rushing morning. Sadly we can only see the actual coffee art at certain coffee house. Will it be nice if we can do it at home? Well, check out Coffeestencil. You can now have the chance to make your own coffee art. Coffee stencil is just a piece of transparent plastic that crafted with pictures. All you need to do is place the coffee stencil on top of a cup of cappuccino and sprinkle chocolate powder on it. The chocolate powder will drop on the foam through the hole that shapes the picture crafted. Remove the coffee stencil gently and you have yourself a nice cup of cappuccino with coffee art on it.

I think this is really a good idea. Instead of getting a picture coffee stencil, it will be better to get coffee stencil with words. Coffee stencil with words like “I love u, I’m sorry, marry me, I’m pregnant, you will be father, good luck, I do” can be very useful, especially for ladies. You can just make your loves one a cup of cappuccino with a message on it to give him a surprise. Just be prepared as he might drop the cup because some of the words really have big impact.