Saturday, June 28, 2008

Make, all about DIY

MAKE is one of thousand blogs that interest me a lot. If you like DIY and interested in design then this might be the blog for you. There are a lot of ideas and tricks that you can do it yourself to help save a few bucks daily. Now that the price of oil is increasing rapidly, we all should start the saving habit. Either it is money, energy or time, any action that helps on saving in these areas will eventually reduce your expenses burden. Don’t forget that recycle all your useless junk or rubbish also helps. Let’s get back to MAKE site. Some of the DIY requires some electrical knowledge and skills. Some projects even need a work shop in order to build. Whatever the DIY projects, most of them will make you say “Interesting, why haven’t I thought about that. Looks easy and simple. I might be able to make it too.” If you really want to try it, just make sure that you do it with cautions. You don’t want to cut your finger or hurt yourself doing it.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Making copies of your PC

Macrium Reflect is a free software that allows you to make disk imaging. This type of software is mostly use by IT people where he has hundreds or thousands of PC to prepare. Instead of installing each and every PC one by one, it’s much faster and easier to just make copies. That is if all the PC are identical. Here are some of the features available for this software.
  • Create a disk image whilst running Windows using Microsoft Volume Shadow copy Service (VSS).
  • Image to Network, USB, FireWire drives and DVD.
  • Built in scheduler.
  • 32 bit and native 64 bit versions.
  • Industry leading compression levels and speed.
  • Linux based Rescue CD with Network access and full GUI. Only 6.5MB in size!
  • Built in CD/DVD packet writing engine. Supports packet writing to DVD DL media with Windows Vista.
  • HTML log files.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Coffee cuffs, anybody?

This is really something for coffee drinkers that always order to go coffee - Coffee cuffs. When you’re not using it, you can just wear it on your wrist. These coffee cuffs also helps identified which coffee cup is actually yours. Especially when you’re having a meeting and everybody is ordering the same type of coffee from the same coffee shop. Unless you put a mark on the cup or holding it until you finish it, there’s a big chance that you might sharing the same cup with others. Well, this is sure a cool way of having your coffee.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

More Good news for Coffee Drinker

You may check out the latest articles from Yahoo Health. The article is by Will Dunham with title No Higher Death Risk in Long-term Coffee Drinking. Basically coffee drinkers don’t have to hold back on having their favorite drink. Below are few of the points that I can summarize from the article.

  1. Drinking coffee up to six cups a day was not relate to increase of death among the middle-ages. Women experience a small decline in death rates from heart disease.
  2. There is no association between coffee consumption and cancer deaths. So far most of the test and reports are showing positive in coffee drinking.

Until there is a solid prove that shows coffee drinking is bad for health, I think I’m going to stick with it. Any way I think even if there are prove that coffee drinking kills, I don’t think people will stop drinking coffee. Take for example alcohol and tobacco. People rather die than stop having them.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Some Thought About Writing

I've been writing blogs for quite some time now. I can say that it's really a fun and interesting experience. Particular in the writing section. The only time that I ever write something is back in university. Back then writing an essay for my English 101 lesson is hard work. An essay will took me about 2 weeks to really squeeze it out from my brain. Now you can imagine how things are when I started to write again. Lucky for me there aren't any rules on how you can write your article. Even so, it took me about 5 days to actually write something out. It's not that I can't write it out, just that I need to check and recheck several times so that I feels it's alright to release it on my blog. I think that's what we call confidence. That's what I went through in the initial stage of my blogging. Now I'm able to write at most 3 articles per day without catching my breath. Things get easy after a lot of practices.
In the beginning, moving a solid rock is extremely difficult. After getting the rock to start rolling, the next steps is to try controlling it. That means I need to fine tune the way I write, the content quality and the topic that I should be focusing. Pretty much getting the rock rolling the way I want and the direction I want. The question right now is where is the right direction and which is the right method. My final destination is simple. That is to earn sufficient money online so that I can have a better life. That is the goal but the process of working towards it is the most enjoyable part. There is nothing better then doing what you enjoy and reaching your goals.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

This is one R2-D2 that I got to have

Talking about gadgets of star wars and R2-D2, this is really a must have for the fans. I think almost everybody will love to own one of this. This is something that you can show off to every guest of your house.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Get in touch with your website visitors

Having a website to help promote business is not a new thing. Almost any business form small scale companies to big companies are able to make full use of the internet. In most cases email is the only method used for communication between customers and business providers. Business still can be done but sometimes emails might be confusing and misunderstanding. It will be much better to discuss business out loud directly to avoid misleading and mistakes. That is why most of the big business discussion is held directly face to face in a meeting room. Instead of using emails, calling customers directly might be a good idea. ProCallBack by Mercia Networks is a product that allows website visitors to leave their phone number and send it to you directly. The info will be send to you immediately using SMS text messages. You may then call back you customers for further discussion. It is a good feature as customers don’t have to spend any money on it. A lot of the website that we seen have a contact number for customers to call in. Most of the calls charges are bare by customers. That way some business opportunities might be lost because some customers don’t feel like paying for it just to ask couple of questions. Taking these expenses away from customers might just happen to increase your sales. This can be considered as a type of customer service that most people like.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Download Free Ebooks

Part of saving the trees and forest is to reduce the usage of papers. It’s what we call saving the environment. It is one of the methods to slow down global warming. Green forest is the air conditioner for the world that we live in. Reducing the usage of trees, woods and papers is the best method to reduce cutting down the forest. That means reducing the production of books. One way of doing this is to digitalize the books. Saving and selling it in a form of ebook. As long as information can be kept and transferred then it should be fine. Country like Japan is transferring hardcopy books into softcopy where people can read it through laptops, palm or cellphone. Here are couples of sites that I found giving out free ebook. Check it out, you might just find some information that benefits.

Etext Center
Online Book Catalog

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Free Product Samples Site

The Free Site is the place for you to grab some free product samples. The site will try to keep things up to date so that you won’t miss the samples. Unfortunately free stuffs come and go pretty fast, so you need to act as soon as it is available. The offers in this site are mostly for US. That’s a bit disappointed but there’s nothing much we can do about it. All we can do is to keep on searching free stuffs that are available in our country. There is nothing personal about this but business. All of the free samples listed in this site are absolutely free. There are no postage fees, shopping fees, stamping fees or handling fees. All you need to do is to sign up forms.