Monday, July 19, 2010

Coffee with Julia Gillard Parody

I suppose one cup of coffee is not enough in this case. Plus the coffee must be good and tasty enough.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

VIttoria Coffee commercial with Al Pacino

AL Pacino says it all. I need my coffee to start blogging. Without coffee I'm not going to feel blogging.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Google Adsense might drop by your house

Google Adsense team is coming to visit you, publishers in a program recently launched call Adsense in Your City. This program allows Google Adsense team to get in touch with publishers directly to hear from them as well as to share best practices, optimization tips and new products. Unfortunately this is all happened in US only. I’ll just have to wait until Google Adsense team drop by my country. For those of you that are staying in US and hoping to get in touch with the Google Adsense team, you have to check out Adsense in Your City and sign up. Spaces are limited and invitations are first come first served basis. So make your move fast in you’re interested.

P/S: Still you have to check and confirm the meet up location of Google Adsense team and its schedule.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Release your Memory Using Free Fresh RAM

Have you ever experience that sometimes your computer seems to slow down, especially when you are running some programs like virus scan, games and other free applications? That is because some of the applications have consumed most of your system memory and did not release it even after closing them. In most cases all we can do is restart our computer so that all system will be reset to default including memory distribution. Sometimes you might wonder if your computer needs an upgrade of memory storage. Before that perhaps you can try using Fresh RAM to optimize memory usage.

    Fresh RAM identifies the biggest memory hogs and free up memory accordingly. You can set it to automatic optimization before launching any programs. Fresh RAM can help boost your computer performance especially when you’re running memory intensive program.  Now you can get Fresh RAM worth $14.99 for free by become a FAN on its Facebook page. Just go to the official website and follow the instruction given. Once you’ve download and install the program, you have 30 days to activate it into full version. The free lifetime activation license key can be obtain after you clicked on like button and become a Facebook FAN of Reohix.

P/S: Fresh RAM is a big help for gamers who often play 3D games. 

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Free Twitter Backgrounds from TwitrBackgrounds

Not long ago we need to pay to get a custom design for Twitter Background. Now we finally have the chance to get free Twitter backgrounds thanks to TwitrBackgrounds. You will find tons of free Twitter backgrounds themes including world cup 2010 event, Toy Story, Shrek, Twilight and many more. If you’re interested in getting your own custom Twitter background, you may contact the website for further information. You may also have the chance to earn some extra money if you’re able to introduce others to purchase a personalized or custom Twitter background. You’ll make 25% of commissions for ever purchase your visitors made. Of cause you have to sign up and get your affiliate code.

Monday, July 12, 2010

What if BP Spills Coffee instead of Oil?

The Deepwater Horizon Oil spill, also known as Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill, also known as Macondo Blowout, also known as BP Oil Disaster, also known as BP Oil Spill can be very well explain with this interesting video call BP Spills Coffee. I think there is one thing this video is missing. The people that having the meeting can just switch to a different room with a clean table. But in the reality, the people and the life forms around the oil spill area cannot just move. They simply have no place else to go as there is only one earth. Speaking of one earth that means the oil spills issue is not just the responsibility of certain people only. It’s the responsibility of all who lives in this planet to clean up the mess. Take for the example of BP Spills coffee video, who is responsible to clean up the mess? If you’re working in the same office next to that meeting room, I suppose the mess will affects you if nobody cleans it up. It’s the responsibility of everybody who works in the same office to make sure that the surrounding is clean to work. We can talk about the blaming topic once the problem is solved and settle.

P/S: Ironically we understand and know what needs to be done for oil spills issue, but still we don’t do it right.

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Write Rhymes or Write Songs

I found a website call Write Rhymes which I think is very useful for songs writers. Basically you just have to type in a word, hold alt key and click on the word to find a rhyme for it. You’ll get one syllable words, two syllable words or maybe three syllable words depending on the word you key in. You can research and study all the words you needed on the website and later print is out. You may even save or copy the words you choose.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Watch TV directly from Google TV Chrome and Firefox TV addon

It seems that watching TV directly from computer online has become popular nowadays. I kind of like the idea of watching TV online because it’s much more convenient. I can basically tune in to the channel I like while doing my work. Well, it’s not just because of the entertainment within but the news and information that I can obtain to help aid my work. Blogging is all about information and I suppose we just have to get the latest information as soon as possible regardless of what channel we use. Another thing that I like about watching TV online is because I have lots of channels and varieties to choose from all around the world. In certain countries the local TV network might not gives us the show that we like to watch. I suppose that’s one of the reasons many people choose to download certain shows, drama and movies.

    I wrote couple of post about watching TV online and they are Watch Internet TV and Live Online Television at Embed TV Web 360 player and Watch TV free online. Lately I found additional information regarding TV online and it seems that even Google and Firefox are getting involved with it. Yes, we have TV Chrome from Google and TV Fox from Firefox add-ons. You’ll find thousands of channels with different categories which are free to watch but not every channel is stable. By the way you might need to install other application like Java and Windows Media Player to watch TV online. Depending on the quality and speed of your internet line, it affects largely if you’re able to watch online TV smoothly.