Friday, February 16, 2007

Changing to a different job that does not relate to your field

Most of us make the first decision on choosing what we like to do right before going to the university. That is because we have to decide what field to study in the coming 4 years or more. Well, most of us did not stay on the same path as our dreams keep on changing. This phenomenon keeps on going even after you graduate and working for few years. As we get older, many factors come in to alter your mind. Some of us able to maintain the same job or work field for their whole life and some of them keep on changing as environment changes. Some people were force to change in order to get a better life.

I too need to make this decision as I have lost interest of what I do. Changing to other job make me feel alive as I’m able to do what I like. Yes, you might say that “You have wasted all those years that you studied, you could have just started work in this field without going to university”. Well I can tell you this; if you knew then you could just buy the lottery and earn the living with that. Nobody can predict what will happen or what you really want to do in the next 5 or 10 years. The most important thing is that you have the courage to make the changes. After all, why do you think that all of us go to school? Does pursuit of happiness sound right to you? You work or job is just a part of it, if you do not feel happy with it then change and move on. Doing things that you hate for years is not good for the health mentally and physically. A high pay job is nothing compare to a low paid but happy life. If you have earn enough to stay alive and have more time for yourself and your family then you already have everything that most people wanted. Of cause different people have different definition of happiness. You’ll just have to ask yourself what you want in order to make you happy.

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'Like what you do and do what you like' maybe sounds simple, but when it come to actual, it may be difficult to execute.

Congratulation to you on ‘do what you like’.