Monday, September 29, 2008

Staying at the Hospital or staying at the hotel

Does anybody ever think of the difference between staying in the hospital and staying in the hotel? If you just look at the picture below, I’m sure you can’t tell the difference. The only difference that I see is there are doctors and nurses to take care of your health. Other than that you’re just getting a bed to spend the night. Just imagine if you’re just going for a normal medical checkup and stays for a night. You’ll be lying there watching TV that hangs on the ceiling. When it’s lunch or dinner time, healthy food that difficult to swallow will send to you. One thing that hospital does is helping you with your toilet matters. Try to compare it with your stay in a normal hotel, and then you’ll understand what I’m trying to say.

2 comments: said...

wao... nice n comfortable room in the hospital. But the thing that i dislike is the regular check up by the nurse, they will come round to check on our temperature, blood pressure every 3 hours, including middle of the nite. other than this, it is prefect environment.

kumowai said...

If you're sharing the room with others, you might have some annoying roommates too. Still it's good to have people around as you won't get too lonely.