Monday, November 03, 2008

You really need to start saving money

Lately we can see that economic around the globe is not stable. That can be seen clearly by just looking at the share market. So what can each of us do to help up? We can all start out by cutting down our expenses and stop those unnecessary expenses. A simple and easy step that a family can do is implement energy saving by reducing the use of electricity and water. When comes to shopping and buying those daily products, getting the cheapest deal is a must. Take for an example of eyeglasses. You can simply purchase it online directly from the manufacturer with a price as low as $8. You won’t get a price after it gone through several dealers and reaches an eyeglass shop near your house. That is why a lot of products sold online are cheaper than buying from the shop. Another simple step of money saving is to pay your bills online. Nowadays you can pay your electrical bill, water bill, credit cards or even doing some banking activities online. That can save a lot of time, work and trouble going to each and every payment counter. That too contributes in cutting down the expenses. It may not reflect in your monthly expenses but it does help a lot in reducing the expenses within the community.


Paul said...

Very good post. That is a great point on how time really is money. You can save many hours out of your month if you use the technology that we are given.

kumowai said...

Saving is a habit too. As long as we keep on practicing it, eventually we'll save a lot in long term.