Sunday, April 05, 2009

International students, go to YouTube Edu and have a look at the US college that you plan to study.

YouTube Edu is a great place for international students to check out the US colleges. International students have the chance to see how the condition of the college they plan to go and at least have some idea what problems they may face. It’s really difficult to understand the situation and environment just by listening to others experience or looking at pictures and descriptions form brochures. A short video clips explains better then thousand words. Based on the video clips, international students can prepare themselves before getting on the plane and fly thousands of miles across the sea to an unfamiliar place for further studies. Seriously, it’s not just the study part that international students might face problems, it’s everything. Even little things like the air that they use to breathe in also might be a problem, things that they didn’t notice their existence but important suddenly becomes their enemy. In other words, international students might face some cultural shock issue.

Those of you that like to learn or maybe attend classes from your home can also check out YouTube Edu. There are several video clips with more than an hour of lectures available from varies topics. Perhaps if you miss a class of your course, you might be able to find it here. For those that interested in learning at home and don’t want to go to college, YouTube Edu might just be right for you. Best of all, it’s free.


maxiVelasco said...

hello! nice post. my friend who now lives in the US has checked this YouTube Edu and she likes it so much.

have a great day! first time to drop by your site here. love it!

maxi of and

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Thanks for dropping by.