Friday, December 15, 2006

One day trip to Singapore

Last week I went to Singapore just to open a bank account. I took a bus right after work and departure to Singapore at night. It took the bus about 8 hours to reach Singapore. It was about 5AM in the morning when I reach there. As it was too early, most of the shops are still close. The only place that I can think of is MacDonald. So, I just have my breakfast and hand out there until the bank opens up.

People at Singapore really makes Christmas a very big event. Almost everybody are preparing for Christmas. They are shopping for presents, Christmas decorations and postcards. Conversation about what they going to do in Christmas holidays can be heard as I’m sitting there enjoying my coffee.

After finish my business here with the bank in Singapore, I just don’t have anything else to do. It’s a one day trip, so I didn’t plan to go any where. I still got about 4 hours to go before my trip back home. So I walk into Star Buck after I had my lunch. There are a few things that I notice that makes me feel comfortable and relax here. After the long hour travel and not having enough sleeps, I’m just almost up to my limit. Lucky that I’m able to find this coffee shop. The shop was playing soft Christmas song as I got myself a cappuccino latte. Find a nice spot to sit to check on my e-mails and enjoy my latte. The shop is equipped with the state of the art audio system – BOSE satellite system. Now that’s my choice of the audio system. The coffee is nice as usual, it’ Star Buck you know what I mean. What actually caught my attention is the service that the waitress provided. A worm well come at the entrance and greets with what your mother will say to you when you back home. They even bring me a cup of worm water along with a cookie. Now that’s the thing that they done to be better then all other competitors. There are so many famous coffee chop franchises and it is not easy to maintain the business. Everybody will be given the same thing when you purchase the franchise. That is why to become better then others, you’ll have to work on the services provided.

I’m able to spend my time comfortable in the coffee shop before I get on my bus. Before I walk out of the coffee shop, I was given a small Christmas present from the waitress. With a smile in their face, it’s not “Good Bye”, it’s “Merry Christmas and please come again” that’s accompany me back home.

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