Tuesday, December 26, 2006

This is the crew of the coffee house Toast & Egg. Some of the members have left and some are still remains here. People come and go and that’s how life is. Each of us tries to look for the path that leads to our future.

The pay as a waitress is not very high, that is why when they are offered a better job they just leave. To be honest, when you are paid less, you don’t feel much pressure working. That is because you do not carry much responsibility and the expectation is not high. But if you have a high paid, then lots of responsibility and high expectation will be on your shoulder. This really affects the life style of a person. When you have the chance, try to compare the face of a CEO or MD of a company and a waitress in a coffee shop. Witness the way they smile and how much they smile. Which one do you like to see? I think the answer is very much obvious…

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