Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Using MSN, Yahoo Messenger and AIM on a web based

Lately been notice that some of my friends login MSN with this logo. I never did try to find out what it is until my friends ask if they are able to chat through my blog. Then I realize that there should be some ways to login into MSN, Yahoo Messenger and AIM. That is when I found out that this ebuddy.com is able to let users login all these messenger on a web based. You can even do all these on a mobile browser. Check it out…

Sunday, June 24, 2007

How do you love a girl?

What is the definition of love? Well, you can check on the Wikipedia and you will get this:

Love is a constellation of emotions and experiences related to a sense of strong affection or profound oneness.

So, what’s that means? Frankly speaking, I have no idea. Not that I don’t know or understand what love is, just that I can’t really explain what it is. No words or sentence that I can find to truly explain it. Through out years of learning what it is, I basically found that there are 2 ways or 2 methods girls are loved. The first method is takes up the role of a teacher, father and mentor to the girl. Guide her towards as an independent carrier woman. It’s a way to help her stand up by her own. The second method is to fully give her what she wants. She doesn’t have to be independent as she can depend all her life to you. In another words, it’s like being care as a pet. She doesn’t have to worry much because you are always by her side. Either way, both are the loves that most girls wanted. Strange thing is, sometimes life is just not that perfect. When you make a girl to be independent, she might abandon you when she’s no longer needed you. When you make a girl rely too much to you, then it will become a burden. As the burden become heavier, you might start thinking of let go of it. Or she might leave you if she found someone more dependable.

What I’m trying to say is, there is no exact ways or method of winning in love. You’ll just have to go for it Things might turn out good or bad. With a little luck you might just have to go through it once to get the love of your life. If not just try it few more times and you’ll get it soon. Life is too short to be staying at the same spot. No matter what happened, the best thing that we can do is just move on. No matter what method you use to love a girl, as long as she likes it then it’s fine.

Monday, June 18, 2007

How do you choose a product that you have no knowledge about?

When go shopping, what do you really consider? The most common thing of all is low price and good quality. Regardless of the price it’s difficult to choose a good quality product. Most, in fact all company provide warranty and after sales service to counter bad quality issue. To me after sales service comes second because if you get a good product then you won’t need the services. Unless you’re buying the product because of the services meaning that you expect the product to have faulty issue. I’m sure most of us don’t want any problem after buying it and able to use it forever. The sad thing is, things are built not to last long. Well you can’t blame them because if they built a product that last forever then the company will not survive. Things are now built to last 1~5 years so that consumer can keep on purchase things and their business can grow.

Back to the question on how do you choose a good quality product? Normally we will go for branded product. That’s what we all keep on saying, “it’s better to get a branded product because they guarantee the quality”, but how do we define that? First of all, we grade it from the age of the company. The longer the company survives in the business, the better they are. The reputation that the company built through out the years worth billions of dollars and they won’t risk any bad product to bring down it. The second thing is the system use by a company. A company that runs with a good system will eventually produce good product. That is because using system we eliminates lots of human error. One of the famous system is “Six sigma” statistic analysis for solving problems. Companies that practice “Six Sigma” unite all the employees to think and solve problem the same systematic way. Rather then having each individual his or her own way of solving problem.

Companies that run long systematically will produce good quality product. Experience and system keeps a company survive and thus produce a better product. Of cause the price of a good product will definitely higher. So, are you willing to pay more in exchange of the trouble of experiencing the service? I know I won’t…

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Sugar, Milk or Creamer?

When you have your favorite coffee, do you add sugar, milk or creamer? Most of the time I like to have my coffee plain black. I like to taste the original flavor without being influence by sugar, milk or creamer. Of cause different people have their own way of enjoying coffee. That is why we have so much style and flavor to choose from. Expensive coffee does not mean that it is suppose to taste good, and cheap coffee does not mean that it is bad. It’s just depends of what taste suits you. The price might be due to the packaging, careful process and other advertisement. Top by these elements one coffee might just taste better then it is. This reminds me that human also need “packaging”. We all dress up nice to look beautiful and handsome. With a little make over on hair, facial and dress, one can turn from normal looking into a very good-looking man or woman. Anybody can become a price or princess nowadays and all you need is money.

It doesn’t matter how good the packaging is if you don’t love the taste. You won’t buy it. Yes you might be attract by the packing at first glance but once you know the inside taste, you will know if you want to continue. That goes the same as human. Beauty does not last if the inner you are ugly. We might not able to have eternal beauty from the outer look, but we sure can make an everlasting beauty with our personality and soul.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Sites With Free Blogger Templates

During my previous surfing, I found some sites that provide free Blogger templates. At the mean time I downloaded the Coffee Cup HTML Editor to try it out. The software is simple and easy to use, no surprise on that. But if I would want a new template, I think I better get it from somewhere else rather then design it myself. I’m just lazy to design it and it took me too much time on it. Below are some of the sites that I found that provide free Blogger templates. Some of them also provide widgets and tools to modify your blog. So have fun…

I'll keep on update the list and put the list up at the corner of my Blog.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Nice Website Design Tools

I came across this website when I was doing some surfing about coffee. I found this website call CoffeeCup. This website has nothing to do with coffee, instead it has a lot of free software for you to use. It is a software development site, it contains a lot of free tools to design and built website. Their tools are easy to use and won’t take you much time to learn it. They have lots website tools for HTML, flash, image viewer, FTP, WebCam, MP3, photo, calendar and more. So go to CoffeeCup, download and try it out. I think I’m going to try out The HTML Editor.