Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Increase of oil price solves traffic jam issue?

Did you notice or feel that traffic has been smooth right after the announcement of the new oil price? Well, I do feel that less cars on the road and haven’t been experience much traffic jam. Seems like people started to car pool or take public transportation to work to help reduce expenses. This might be the only good news after the increase of oil price. When fuel becomes expensive, people will think twice before starting their engine. When fuels are cheap, everybody that owns a car can just take it for a spin even if just getting a pack of cigarette or a bottle of water. When things become expensive and hard to come by, people will treasure it and use it cautiously. When things are not valuable and easy to come by, people will start wasting it. This goes the same as clean water, food, clean air, electricity, paper and many more.

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Increase Website Traffic said...

Not in Los Angeles it doesnt. Drive somewhere or die trying. Sadly, thats how it is here!

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