Saturday, June 28, 2008

Make, all about DIY

MAKE is one of thousand blogs that interest me a lot. If you like DIY and interested in design then this might be the blog for you. There are a lot of ideas and tricks that you can do it yourself to help save a few bucks daily. Now that the price of oil is increasing rapidly, we all should start the saving habit. Either it is money, energy or time, any action that helps on saving in these areas will eventually reduce your expenses burden. Don’t forget that recycle all your useless junk or rubbish also helps. Let’s get back to MAKE site. Some of the DIY requires some electrical knowledge and skills. Some projects even need a work shop in order to build. Whatever the DIY projects, most of them will make you say “Interesting, why haven’t I thought about that. Looks easy and simple. I might be able to make it too.” If you really want to try it, just make sure that you do it with cautions. You don’t want to cut your finger or hurt yourself doing it.

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