Thursday, December 04, 2008

Online Diagramming Software Gliffy

Gliffy is an online diagramming software that I found when surfing.Gliffy enable users to create flowcharts, diagrams, floor plans, technical drawings and more. There are some examples that are done using Gliffy that you can check it out in the site. Gliffy is free to use under basic features but there are limitation. If you like it after trying, you may upgrade it to Gliffy premium for full package. The price is reasonable as it is only $5 per month for individual usage. The thing that I like about this online platform program is that you can use it anywhere in the world as long as you can find a computer with internet feature. That means you don't even have to carry your laptop. It's very convenient. One good idea that you can make full use of this online platform is that you can create a sample work and store it online. You can show the work that you have done during job interview. I'm sure this will add points to your performance and helps you get the job.At this stage I think you still can't do much with online platform but things will become better as technology improves.

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Debi said...

Thanks for your review and compliments of Gliffy! We appreciate it. Let us know if there are items you'd like to see us add to be more robust.

debik at gliffy dot com