Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Smell the coffee

What’s the best part of having your favorite coffee? Is it the smell, the taste or the kick after drinking it? Personally I like the taste of the coffee after having a couple of slip. If you’re into the smell of the coffee right after the hot water hit the coffee powder, then you might be interested in this product. Well, that is if you love only the smell of coffee. It is call the coffee candle. That’s right, light it up and you’ll get the coffee smell all over the room. For those that love to drink more then 1 cup of coffee each day, this might be the thing to help control the consumption of coffee. Instead of drinking lots of coffee the whole day, why not just light a coffee candle continuously. Beside if you try to quit drinking coffee, here’s a good way to do it. Light the coffee candle nonstop for few months in your house day and night. After having the same coffee smell for few months I’m sure either you never going to smell another cup of coffee or you won’t be turn on by the smell of coffee.

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