Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The one thing that we do every day is calculation

We calculate, the moment that we wake up we start calculate how much time we have for breakfast without getting later for work. We calculate how many days left before holiday and we calculate how much we earn. Furthermore we even calculate how much we have to earn in order to buy a house, a car, getting married, have kids, education, medication, vacation and most of all retirement. Seriously you might be able to get all the calculation done nicely or perfectly but the thing is it’s a never ending calculation. The equation changes as life goes on. Life is unpredictable and everything changes, the only thing that you can be sure about your calculation is right now at this moment. At the end of the day or after you wake up next day in the morning, the answer you calculated expires. New day new calculation, thus we keep on doing the math of our life.

Here’s an online converter that might be helpful if you’re always doing the calculation. It might not be that perfect but we can go for the best that we can get. The more calculation has been done the lower the risk or the safer the path.


grace said...

i always hate making calculations but i guess this is how life is. :) sigh

kumowai said...

Same here. I wonder how the world will be without any calculation. Mmmmm...It won't be good, I think.