Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Contest for Free Coffee for a year

For all coffee lovers, this is your chance to win yourself a year of free coffee. All you need to do is participate and win. Matt’s Wood Roasted Original Coffee is having a contest call Show Us Your Woodpile. Just take a picture of the wood that you’ll be burning and send it to them. By doing so you’ll get a chance to win yourself a year of free coffee from Matt’s Wood Roasted Original Coffee. You can check out the site and see the previous winners. In order to win the contest, you need to stack the woods so that it looks special. If you’re able to stack a castle with the woodpile, I’m sure you’ll have higher chances to win the contest. But that’s going to take a lot of time and some engineering basic so that your castle won’t collapse. Well, that’s just a suggestion. Most important of all, have fun with your family with the contest. For more details of the contest, check out the contest rules and details from the site. One thing that you need to take note is that this contest opens to residents of the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii only. Due date is November 15, 2009. So start planning and cutting those woods now.

P/S: This is the first time that I come by a coffee site with contest. It does seem interesting and fun. 1 year of free coffee, that’s a lot.

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