Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Coffee Recommender to help choose your flavor of coffee brand

How do you choose your favorite cup of coffee? There are so many different type of coffee in the world. How do you decide which coffee that you like best? Let’s say if you’re able to purchase any coffee from any location in the world, which coffee will you get? It is true that it’s fun and interesting to be able to try out all the coffee in the world, but it will be best to avoid those flavors that you dislike. According to Wikipedia, there are about 68 brands of coffee in the world. That’s just estimation as I’m sure there are other brands of coffee which are not recorded in Wikipedia.
Let’s make this simple. When you’re shopping for coffee, which coffee that you choose? For sure you want to get the coffee that you like but you don’t know that unless you try it out. That is why in some shopping center, customers are allow to test out the coffee before decided to make a purchase. The problem is that how many brands or type of coffee you need to try out before you find the one coffee that you like? Well, here’s a simple test that you try out that can help you solve this question.

Coffee Recommender by Caribou Coffee

I try it out myself and this is my results:
Your Flavor Profile: Smooth & Bold
Your preference in fruit suggests that you like...
Sweet and gentle acidity, not too much, just enough
Your preference in wine suggests that you like...
Big, heavy, robust and spicy. You like to bully your way into the day, proclaiming here I am and I am awake!
Your preference in alcohol suggests that you like...
A smoother, warmer quality of coffee
Your preference in adding things to your coffee suggest that you...
Like coffee, but want to smooth it out, or sweeten it up with a little buffer
Coffees that match your flavor profile – Colombia or Costa Rica

2 comments: said...

i would choose coffee that wouldn't get my heartbeat on the race

madz said...

Hmmm, I already graduated from drinking coffee. It makes me difficult to sleep at night :(