Wednesday, August 26, 2009

How to lose your job online

Anybody on Facebook or Twitter? If so, are you adding all of your friends into it, including your colleagues? These 2 online community applications are so popular that some of us are enjoying it even during work hour. It’s fun having able to chat and communicate with all our friends all around the world but still you need to be careful on the usage. Cause if you’re not, it might just cost you your job. Consider that Facebook and Twitter is not a place for any topic as some of the things that you talk about might just leak out to the world. Worst of all it might just end up to the person that you least wanted to. So if you want to pick a way to release your stress, unsatisfactory, anger, or misfortune, make a call or go meet up with somebody. Don’t print it online. As these info might just keep on passing from a friend to another friend, and another, and another, any another…until it reach the last person that you want it to land on. Ckeck out the picture below that I stumble on and you’ll know what I mean. ( Got this from Applicant)


Clarrise said...

Yes, I've heard about this somewhere. This is hilarious, and it's amazing how the boss is so calm and how the employee just looked like a retard for her post.

Bogcess said...

Hahaha! That's a sure way to lose a job online. Just make sure that you add your boss in your friends list before posting. LOL!