Monday, September 28, 2009

Surprising Jobs that Pay $25 an hour? Perhaps only in America

According to an article posted at Yahoo hot jobs title Surprising Jobs that Pay $25 an Hour, below is the list of Jobs:

  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering Technician
  • Human Resources Recruiter
  • Paralegal or Legal Assistant
  • Respiratory Therapist
  • Police Officer
  • Advertising Sales Agent
  • Interior Designer

It is true that you don’t necessary need a post graduate to qualify for the jobs above, but it’s a different story if you’re thinking of making at least $25 per hour. It might be true if you’re staying in the US but things might be different if you’re staying in other countries. It’s all about the demand of the profession versus the numbers of profession available. Depending on which country that you stay, for example China or India, the value of profession is very much different. A lot of foreign students graduated in the US decided not to return home to pursuit their career mainly because lack of demand of their profession in their country. Certain profession receive more paid and respect in US than other countries. That is why we see so many different faces and colors in Silicon Valley. Most of these foreign profession plans to work in US for few years and return back to their home country after their bank account have enough money. After few years of working in US, most of them already familiar with the working culture in the states. When they return back to their home country, most of them find it difficult to blend into the work culture of their country. Thus most of them decided to return to the state and make it a permanent job. Plus, the pay is way better in the state.

P/S: Just take an example of the salary of a Technician. Compare it with few other countries and you’ll see the big difference.

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