Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Create your own coffee art at home

Remember the coffee art that we saw on videos? Drawing on your cup of coffee really brings out the early smile in a busy rushing morning. Sadly we can only see the actual coffee art at certain coffee house. Will it be nice if we can do it at home? Well, check out Coffeestencil. You can now have the chance to make your own coffee art. Coffee stencil is just a piece of transparent plastic that crafted with pictures. All you need to do is place the coffee stencil on top of a cup of cappuccino and sprinkle chocolate powder on it. The chocolate powder will drop on the foam through the hole that shapes the picture crafted. Remove the coffee stencil gently and you have yourself a nice cup of cappuccino with coffee art on it.

I think this is really a good idea. Instead of getting a picture coffee stencil, it will be better to get coffee stencil with words. Coffee stencil with words like “I love u, I’m sorry, marry me, I’m pregnant, you will be father, good luck, I do” can be very useful, especially for ladies. You can just make your loves one a cup of cappuccino with a message on it to give him a surprise. Just be prepared as he might drop the cup because some of the words really have big impact.

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Luke Spencer said...

This is cool, I never thought of stenciling my coffee. I will have to try next time I make cappuccinos.
(please forgive my spelling :)