Saturday, December 19, 2009

What can we do to help global warming or safe earth?

Global warming seems to be a hot issue lately. Lots of movies with natural disaster and global warming issue are being released. The latest natural disaster movie will be 2012 and lots of people are enjoying it in the theater. It’s ironic because it’s suppose to be a movie that scares people but many coming out form theater laughing, exciting and amazed about the special effects. Perhaps many are still thinking that this super size natural disaster won’t happen, or even if it does happen they won’t be so lucky to be involved. Well, the thing is there might not be any super size natural disaster as what we seen in the movie but the rate of natural disaster happens really does increases. Just run a natural disaster check for the past 10~20 years and you’ll be surprise. Pick a natural disaster like for example typhoon and do some study about it and you’ll notice how serious it is. I suppose the world leaders began to notice the problems and start worried. That is why we can see so many discussion and conference have been carried out. The lasted conference is COP15 Copenhagen – United Nations Climate Change Conference Dec7~Dec18 2009. Although it seems that the conference did not have any clear and effect actions on the climate change solution but at least they know that they have to do something about it. The world leaders are having conference indoor and the people around the world are having peaceful gathering outdoor. I suppose some pressure from the public might push the world leaders to take action faster and seriously. Actions need to be taken but it won’t be an easy task. It’s easy to pollute the world then to clean it up.

Instead of waiting for the world leaders to take action on global warming issue, what can we do to help? Besides, it’s our world or home that we are living. We are suppose to clean out our own house or the one and only place to live. In other words, it’s every human being responsibility to take care of the earth. Ok then, what can we do to help solve global warming issue? Well, for start let’s try to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions. Stop producing carbon dioxide or CO2 by stop open burning unnecessary. Reduce the use of vehicles that emits CO or CO2. Instead of driving your car, you might want to consider riding bicycle or walking. Besides it’s good for your health. Second, save energy or do not waste energy. Simple habits like switch off the lights when you’re not in the room, reduce the use of heater during winter and changing the light bulbs with low power consumption fluorescent can be very helpful. Third, recycle and support ecological products. Keeping the place that we live clean is a must but we can do better by recycle the things that we used. We also need to support by purchasing products that are made from recycled materials. By doing so we basically reduce the amount of rubbish produced. Fourth, try planting trees. Just one tree beside your house is good enough. You might be surprise that you’ll feel much cooler during the summer when the tree is about 12 feet high. Fifth, try using solar energy or wind power energy. Many countries already started to use this method. In fact some houses already start using solar energy, but just in small scale. The best example will be the solar power water heater. Some people even purchase the Do IT Yourself magnetic power generator and make themselves some free energy.

Global warming is a problem that we all are facing. Instead of hoping or waiting for others to do something, it is better to do what you can to reduce global warming. We start by practicing the above ourselves and educate others to do so one by one. When we have more than 50% of world population practicing the same thing, we just need to plant a tree per person and we’ll get 3 billion trees around the world. This is not about who should do more or who should responsible but what each and every one of us can do.


BLog Tactic said...

global worming?

kumowai said...

Thanks. I suppose WORMING doesn't work.

lilyruth said...
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lilyruth said...

Your article is most interesting nd do you know that there are alot of people who still believe that there is no global warming and we have nothing to fear. Such fools!! . IM glad you wrote this and maybe it will make people aware of the earth being destroyed by so many things that man has thrown out into the enviroment. IF we do not start doing something now it will be to late. Just look at what is happening right now at the coldest regions of the globe the ice is melting and the polar bears are dying out because its hard for them to find food to eat because the ice melts away so fast. Yes Im glad you wrote about global warming so people can be made aware, out earth is dying.. I hope you will continue to write about such things.

Sir John said...

Nice article. Thanks for posting
Johnny Ray

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bohzo (hello)

Global warming is real, i can't believe with all the evidence that people still say it's a lie.

Great blog!

Megwetch (Thank You)
David M