Saturday, July 17, 2010

Google Adsense might drop by your house

Google Adsense team is coming to visit you, publishers in a program recently launched call Adsense in Your City. This program allows Google Adsense team to get in touch with publishers directly to hear from them as well as to share best practices, optimization tips and new products. Unfortunately this is all happened in US only. I’ll just have to wait until Google Adsense team drop by my country. For those of you that are staying in US and hoping to get in touch with the Google Adsense team, you have to check out Adsense in Your City and sign up. Spaces are limited and invitations are first come first served basis. So make your move fast in you’re interested.

P/S: Still you have to check and confirm the meet up location of Google Adsense team and its schedule.

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