Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Watch TV directly from Google TV Chrome and Firefox TV addon

It seems that watching TV directly from computer online has become popular nowadays. I kind of like the idea of watching TV online because it’s much more convenient. I can basically tune in to the channel I like while doing my work. Well, it’s not just because of the entertainment within but the news and information that I can obtain to help aid my work. Blogging is all about information and I suppose we just have to get the latest information as soon as possible regardless of what channel we use. Another thing that I like about watching TV online is because I have lots of channels and varieties to choose from all around the world. In certain countries the local TV network might not gives us the show that we like to watch. I suppose that’s one of the reasons many people choose to download certain shows, drama and movies.

    I wrote couple of post about watching TV online and they are Watch Internet TV and Live Online Television at Embed TV Web 360 player and Watch TV free online. Lately I found additional information regarding TV online and it seems that even Google and Firefox are getting involved with it. Yes, we have TV Chrome from Google and TV Fox from Firefox add-ons. You’ll find thousands of channels with different categories which are free to watch but not every channel is stable. By the way you might need to install other application like Java and Windows Media Player to watch TV online. Depending on the quality and speed of your internet line, it affects largely if you’re able to watch online TV smoothly.

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