Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Google Adsense in Your City Location Boston

Some of the things that come to my mind when I read the word Boston are Larry Bird, Boston legal, The Celtics and Etc. I've been to Boston once during my collage time. Hopefully I get to go back again in future. I'll have to wait until I make enough money with Google Adsense. It's kind of sad that the program Adsense in Your City is only available in US. I hope that one day Google can launch a program call Adsense in Your country. I'll definitely do my best to participate even if it's going to take 4~5 hours of traveling. Just like what is mention at the Boston Adsense In Your City event, the best part of the event is the meet up. It's great to share the experience with people who have the same interest with Google Adsense. Stories of how publishers obtain the life of their choice through the money they make from Google Adsense really give motivation and inspiring. I suppose the one goal that most of us have in common when decided to make a living with money earn from Google Adsene is to spend more time with family. Still I have to say it's not easy to achieve success in this field, especially if you're not staying in the US. It takes a lot more time and effort to actually get to where you wanted. Before you arrive at the position mention by those publishers at the cocktail reception and individual optimization sessions, there is a huge mountain that you need to go over. Never the less the rewards received are far greater than most of the jobs available. And it's not just money that we are referring but also time and freedom of choice.

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