Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Cleaning Windows Registry with FREE WinASO RegDefrag Program

There is couple of things that we have to do always in order to keep our computer running smooth and fast. This couple of things is Registry cleaning and Defragment. We can easily perform defragment as there is tool available for free which comes together with Windows operation program. Registry cleaning is the one tool that users don’t get for free. We actually have to purchase the registry cleaning program to do the work. Currently there are lots of free registry cleaning program online but still you have to know how to find them. Here is one FREE program call WinASO RegDefrag which enables users to clean up registry as well as performing defragment.

    WinASO RegDefrag is a FREE program which can compact and defragment your registry by removing the registry holes and optimize the registry structure. It’s a small program with the size about 1.5 MB. The program supports Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7. If you are using your computer for more than a year and haven’t been performing registry cleaning, I strongly suggest that you download the program and do the cleaning. It’s not just you’ll find your computer runs faster after the cleaning. You will also reduce the possibility of operation system crashing.

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John D Carmack said...

There are a few free registry cleaners out there. I have not tried this one.

Having said that, I would be selective in using these. If it removes the wrong entry, your computer may not even start.

Personally, I avoid registry cleaners unless it is obvious that something is really wrong with the registry, I have already tried previous system restore points, and the only other alternative is to reinstall Windows. Short of that, the damage that one of these programs can cause outweighs the benefits, IMO.