Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Healthy Beverage other then Coffee

Coffee is my favorite, especially black coffee. As we all need to drink lots of water every day, coffee might not always my only choice. Having 1~2 cups of coffee per day is just nice. 6~7 cups of coffee per day is just too much. As we need to drink at least 6~7 cups of water per day, we can try other beverage besides coffee or just plain water. According to an article from Yahoo Health Title: Tired of Water? Read This!, 7 healthy beverages are introduce other then coffee.

  • Orange Juice – guards against heart disease.
  • Chamomile tea – keeps you calm.
  • Cranberry juice – prevent gum disease and urinary tract infections.
  • Chocolate milk – keeps abs flat.
  • Green tea – keeps weight steady.
  • Tomato Juice – lower cancer risk.
  • Black tea – helps fend off skin cancer.

Although I’m not so convincing with the results claim but those are definitely healthy beverages. Besides having just coffee and plain water, we could try to include the above beverages into our daily life. Take me as an example, I drink a cup of plain water immediately right after wake up. That’s to flush off things and cleans up my internals. My second cup of drinks will definitely coffee. That’s to wake me up and starts my engine for work. Once I finish my coffee, I’ll go for a cup of green tea right before lunch. I like the smooth and comfortable feeling of green tea because it keeps me away from coughing. During lunch I will either go for orange juice or another cup of coffee depending on my condition. Well, most of the time I’ll go for coffee if I have lots of work and I’m feeling a bit sleepy or tired. Afternoon tea time definitely will go for a cup of black tea. That’s suitable to prepare myself for any food for dinner. As for dinner, a cup of plain water is always my choice. Right before bed time I might consider a cup of chocolate milk. It helps fill up the gap when I’m having too little during dinner time.

    That’s basically how I enjoy my 7 cups of beverages. Although I did not cover all 7 healthy beverages listed above, but I coved 4 and that’s good enough. Once I’m getting bored with the drinks, I can switch to chamomile tea, cranberry juice and tomato juice. Perhaps not tomato juice as I don’t quite like tomato. What’s your 7 cups of drinks daily like?

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