Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Get a Free Blog at Weblog

Weblog is another free blog hosting service just like Wordpress. I think you’ll find lots of similar features and display just like Wordpress. Everything is free unless you want to use your own domain name or upgrade your hosting services. Some of the attractive key features at Weblog are as below:

  • 2 Gigabytes of file storage
  • Lots of Custom Theme
  • Integrated stats
  • Built in SEO
  • Spam protection
  • Easy importing
  • Link management
  • Cross blog communication support
  • Comments
  • Premium service
  • Pages
  • Plugins and widgets
  • Ping support
  • Multiple authors
  • Privacy
  • Full user registration

If you have experience working at Wordpress, I suppose you have no problem using Weblog. It save you lots of time learning to blog at Weblog as everything is almost the same as Wordpress. You may check out Weblog Alexa ranking and traffic data. Although Weblog might not as popular as Wordpress and Blogger but still Weblog attracts a lot of traffic under the keyword free blog.

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