Friday, November 12, 2010

Online Checklist to get things done

Have you ever used a checklist to complete your tasks? I still remember I used to do this using the old fashion way. That is to write out all the things I need to do on a piece of paper. It more like a reminder paper than a checklist. But still I think that’s the best method I can think of back then.

    Now I don’t have to write my own checklist as I’ve found one website that has the checklist that I needed. It might not be perfect but at least it’s better than the checklist that I used. The checklist website has a lot of categories. The categories include automotive checklists, business checklists, computer checklists, employment checklists, event checklists, family checklists, finance checklists, health checklists, home checklists, personal checklists, recreation checklists, safety checklists, sports checklists and travel checklists. Those are just the general checklists. You’ll get a more detail checklist if you click on those categories.

    Although the checklist website is a simple tool, it still works the same as the old fashion way. The checklist website is free but you are required to sign up for an account.

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