Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Norton Safe Web for Facebook

It’s a surprise to see that Norton appears in Facebook too. There are two things that went through my mind when I discover this. Either Norton is using this method to advertise in Facebook or it’s just not safe to play around Facebook without any protection. Honestly I think there is a little bit of both mention above. No doubt Facebook is not a safe place to click around. If you’re a frequent user of Facebook, I’m sure you’ve seen or even experience the auto post of pages that you can’t delete. Although that’s not a treat to your own PC but it really does disturb the usage of Facebook. As Norton Safe Web is FREE to use, so it’s no harm trying it out. One thing that I’m concern is that we need to grant access for Norton to go through our profile and information. Once you’ve install the application, you can see that Norton Safe Web will go through all the feeds and links posted in your Facebook.

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