Thursday, December 23, 2010

Having creamer for your Coffee

I’m not a fan of coffee creamer because most of the time I just enjoy having plain simple black coffee. A simple black coffee without sugar or creamer allows me to taste the original flavor of the coffee. For some of you coffee lovers, who like to include sugar and creamer, make sure that you’re consuming them right and in a small range. Having too much sugar or creamer might not be good to our health. Especially when you’re purchasing creamer from the stores, you might want to check out the ingredients of the creamer before using them.

If you’re a coffee lover that goes with coffee creamer, perhaps you might want to make your own coffee creamer. Homemade coffee creamer will definitely taste better and healthier. Check out the post title “Homemade Coffee Creamer” from Deliciously Organic and you’ll find some recipe for homemade coffee creamer. I think this is just a basic recipe. But for a start it’s good enough to get you create your own coffee creamer. You may use this recipe as a basic to start create your own flavors of coffee creamer. Having a list of homemade coffee creamer to serve your guest and yourself will be nice.

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