Friday, February 18, 2011

The view from back seat of the car

I’m always the person who drivers the car when it comes to traveling. That’s the faith of having my own car. Unless somebody else offering me a ride, driver’s seat is the only place for me. Occasionally when there is a need to car pool with family members or colleague, than there is a chance I get to experience the joy of sitting at the back of the car with my hands free.

I love travelling. I love to drive my car exploring places. The scenery along the road and the music of my choices is a wonderful way to spend my time driving. I don’t need any company on my road trip because it will spoil my original plan. Well, when you have somebody along with you in the car, conversation definitely occurs. It’s like you’re trap with another person in a small room and both of you have nothing else to do but talk. So the entertainment of choice becomes chit chat instead of enjoying the view and listening to the music. Plus the so call entertainment chit chat might become strange and uncomfortable if you’re company with a person which has a different channel of mind set.

When you’re at the back seat of the car, the view and responsibility are different. You can eat, drink, read a book, enjoy the scene along the road, play with your smart phone and working with your laptop. I suppose that is why some people prefer to hire a driver. But I think they are trying to make the time either for work or rest while they are on the road.

P/S: I still prefer to drive alone instead of having others to drive me around.

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ginger1in said...

travel makes mind refreshed. I used to drive rather than hiring a driver.