Tuesday, March 08, 2011

This is Why I Never Quit Drinking Coffee

I love coffee. Sometimes when I’m rushing my assignment, I can go until 4~5 cup of coffee a day. I suppose that might be a bit too much coffee for a day but I just can’t stop myself. When I’m busy, I just don’t count how much coffee I had. By the time I realize and start counting, I’m already at my 4thcup of coffee. So whenever I see an article discussing about the benefits of drinking coffee, I’ll read it, repost it and discuss about it. It’s a way to make me feel better for having too much coffee. Here’s a blog post title “5 health reasons to not quit coffee” from Yahoo Shine. Oh I love my coffee.
Below are 5 of the reasons listed:
  1. It protects your heart.
  2. It diverts diabetes.
  3. Your liver loves it.
  4. It boosts your brain power.
  5. It helps your headaches.
Especially for the last two reasons which boosts brain power and reduces headaches, I kind of had lots of experience about it. For the other three reasons, I suppose there is no way to feel it directly. Well, at least I won’t be worry too much for drinking too much coffee.

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