Sunday, April 10, 2011

App-Stick Portable Freeware for Your Convenience

Nowadays people are starting to look for simple easy freeware which don’t need installation to use and small enough to fit into a USB thumb drive. In other words these portable freeware can be launched and use without install. Users can run the application right after copy the program. As the storage size of a flash drive has increases rapidly, we are able to copy lots of useful portable freeware and carry it around in our pocket. All we have to do is find and computer, plugin the USB flash drive and start working. It’s very convenient if you’re traveling around with just a backpack. Especially for those who hates to carry lots of stuff which includes mini laptop. Here’s a site call App-Stick which has a collection of portable freeware ready for download any time. All you have to do is add the apps, check the total size and download. Some of the most popular apps include bowsers, video players, song players, database manager, defragment tool, source code editor, image viewer, disc burning programs, file compressor and many more.

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