Thursday, July 28, 2011

Coffee or Beer after midnight

I love to work at night. Especially when it’s after midnight, the environment is just nice for my brain to function and focus properly. There are less distraction and things around are much quiet compare to day time. The only thing which I need to fight to keep this golden moment up a bit longer is sleepiness. Obviously coffee is the best choice but still beer is very seducing at night. If there is a lot of work to be done, than coffee is my choice. If there isn’t much work, than beer it is.

Having coffee in the middle on the night really can boost my focus and concentration. But then I might have problem with sleep later. It’s kind of difficult to control the amount of coffee consume just enough to complete my work. But still when it comes to work that requires calculation, serious thoughts and management. I still have to risk staying awake for the whole night.

Having beer at night makes me feel like partying. It opens up my mind and let me write anything that goes through my mind easily. This is the best time for me to express my feelings and printed them out online. Couple of beers right at the edge of getting drunk is just perfect. It’s like having a short period of buff to boost my thoughts and writing. This let me write something different from ordinary. I won’t be spilling out secrets or greetings others’ ancestors but I’ll be able to write something deep in my heart. I suppose I can call it the moment of truth.

P/S: I wonder if this is the reason why authors and writers always have stimulation beverage when they are writing.

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