Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Gate Café at my Home Town

It’s a hot day today and my house has been experiencing power failure since early morning. I haven’t been able to online after having my breakfast and there is work to be done online. Right after having my lunch and enough waiting for the electricity to resume, I decided to head on to the coffee house near my house.

The Gate Café is the name of the coffee house and the owner of the coffee house is one of my high school friends. It’s a small town. So I pretty much know everybody. Usually I do my online work at home but today I’m force to do it here due to power failure at my house. The Gate Café is a small coffee house where you can get nice decent meals, cakes and coffee. As I went right after lunch hour, there aren’t many customers around. One thing I like about small town coffee house is that when the meal serving peak hour is over, people will normally clear out and you’ll get lots of space. As there are not many customers in the coffee house, you get to specially order the coffee to make it taste better. It’s the same regular coffee. Just that they get to take the time to make the coffee without rushing. That is why sometimes I love to have my coffee when things are slow and easy.

On the right side of the wall after you step into The Gate Café, you’ll see some pictures hanging around unevenly. These are the pictures of all the customers who visited The Gate Café. Some of them are foreigners and famous local people who had a good time at the café. Although The Gate Café is just a simple regular coffee house in a small town, but still some unexpected guests do shows up. Every coffee house has their story. You just have to hang out long enough to dig out the story. Other than the coffee and the story, you also get to see the people who visited the coffee house. You might call it people watching but you’ll get to study the community and the culture within the area.

I normally don’t hang out at The Gate Café to do my online work, but still this is a good experience for me. I get to have my coffee, my online work done and the opportunity to check out things around the café in detail. I guess I gain a lot more than I expected.

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Kcups said...

I think one thing that really makes is a great moment is the atmosphere. There is nothing like sitting there and smelling the great aromatic smells in a coffee shop. Whether it is the just baked bread or the brewing coffee. Once you have taken in all the smells you get to just sit and relax and take in all of your senses. If that entails looking at photos on the wall or observing customers it is just a great experience. If I am in a big hurry I will grab for a kcup. If I have the time there really isn't anything like visiting the local shop.